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For over 15 years, APMEX has provided customers with an easy shopping experience they can trust. We pride ourselves on transparency and consider every customer review to be valuable feedback. Check out some of these reviews below and see why we have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

By the way, you guys have been the best web site/store I have ever had to deal with! Thanks a bunch! Mike F.

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Great service... My order was delivered very quickly and packaged appropriately. It was like Christmas!


Just recieved my order today, 1st time buyer, well packaged. Will be buying more again, thank you so much for your excellent service.


I enjoy the simplicity of ordering on-line with APMEX. No minimum and free shipping for orders over $100. Sent bank check and order was shipped immediately upon receipt.


The excellent customer service, discreet packaging, and prompt delivery has kept me coming back for more!


I am a repeat customer. I have never been disappointed


Have ordered over 50 ounces of coins & bars from APMEX and only quality coins have they delivered. Their website is 5 STAR and very nicely laid out. Thier service excellent. APMEX you know how to do it correctly; If only the rest of the online vendors knew how to provide this kind of service. As far as I am concerned you have set the bar (pun intended) high for you the rest of online suppliers! Thanks!


I received my order in 2 days in an indestructible package. APMEX does everything right from sale to delivery.


APMEX - 100% satisfaction in their service. They are now my exclusive go to PM supplier.


The delivery was very speedy and APMEX always packages my orders great. Nobody will know what you're ordering so it's safe. Great Job APMEX!


These guys,(APMEX),are simply exceptional. Fast delivery, fast processing....everything is fast and just perfect with these guys


APMEX is great, started investing a few weeks ago in bullion. Literally stumbled upon APMEX on a search engine, having no knowledge of any sources of bullion. Found APMEX first and decided to purchase two 1 Oz. Silver Eagles and let me say, APMEX has exceptional customer service as well as products. They really put care into handing the precious metals and insuring it makes it to your door the correct way. 100% satisfied so far, believe I'm up to 5 separate purchases now and will continue to stay loyal to APMEX if they continue to carry out their business in this high quality fashion. At the end of the day it’s bullion, but it's very important to make sure you know the people you're buying it from, as demonstrated in a local coin and collectible shop but that's a story for another time. In conclusion, go APMEX, you rock.


Wonderful customer service. APMEX customer service is nice. I want to return and spend more. They kept me informed at all levels and more importantly no surprises. They get an A+.


APMEX has proven itself to me time after time with prompt delivery and their interest in satisfying me as a consumer. I am certain I come in toward the bottom of the list of spending, but even for 1 one gram silver bar, APMEX provides he best in service, including phone support.


Quick delivery item arrived in good condition and was exactly as described!


Delivery with APMEX is so fast and so it should be when you’re dealing with precious metals, I usually receive my order @my door in two days and I love the free shipping on orders of $100's or more. I can't speak on customer service because I have yet to have a bad experience with APMEX but if it's anything like their delivery and quality of product then I have nothing to fear, I'm in good hands.


APMEX offers unique items along with very competitive pricing on the standard rounds and bars. All products arrive well packed and in excellent condition. They even included a free guide to precious metal investments. I enjoy checking out the assortment of metals and paper currency they have to offer. APMEX is much more than a "click and buy" store.


Turnaround time from date of order until delivery was exceptionally quick. Package labeling was private, and packaging was excellent, all items are well secured and safe for transport.


I am always happy with APMEX quick shipping excellent service and the products always show up discreet and carefully packaged. I just placed another order tonight can't wait for it to show up. Thanks again.


My delivery was just like they said on the website. Coins come in a discreet, very tightly sealed package by UPS. I track all my shipments from the time it leaves APMEX to my city. Every time my package is scanned, I receive a message.

Mr. Norris

I paid by check so they need 5-10 days to clear it. On the sixth day I received an email notifying me my package had been shipped. Three days later it's at my door (standard shipping). My items were packaged well and the box received no damage at all. You can tell this is a quality company that aims for 100 percent satisfaction. Bravo APMEX.


As always exceptional packaging. The USPS managed to take forever to deliver these (misdirecting this package twice on the way), but when I contacted APMEX customer service about the problem, they were extremely polite and helpful.


APMEX customer service and shipping are outstanding. Each time I place an order the next day it is ready to ship. A few hours later the tracking info comes over to my email and takes about 3 days until I receive the product. All products arrive in perfect condition each sealed in plastic bag. Great Job APMEX! I will continue to buy only from this seller.


Came a day early! Very quick shipping and with the free shipping option I never have seen before APMEX’s delivery was amazing!


As always, delivery was prompt, and secure and discreet & in excellent condition. The way APMEX packages their parcels ensures safe delivery. I don't worry when I order from APMEX.


Prompt shipping arrived exactly when they said it would (and we live in a remote area where we're used to delays.) Very nice box, packing, papers, etc. compared to other sellers that cost more.


As always APMEX shipped the coins in a virtually indestructible package. The coins were placed in individual plastic flips. Then APMEX placed the coins in a bubble-wrap bag - securely sealed shut. Then, with what must be the strongest glue on Earth, the bag itself is glued to the inside of the package so it doesn't thrash and crash around inside the package. The packaging is totally discrete, and it always arrives on time or even quicker. I don't worry when it comes to ordering from APMEX.


I have ordered over six times through APMEX. Always delivered on time, this website and the people behind it can be trusted.


Just wanted to call and let you know how much I appreciate all your help. I got my refund and decided to go to [a competitor] not for any other reason than they were a little cheaper. I was sooo disappointed with how I was treated, there was no customer service. Wish now I'd never ordered from them.


I just want to say that I have dealt with very few companies that pack and ship as well as your company does…….Thank you very much and keep up the great service.


I recently purchased a few items for my IRA, my IRA rep was very professional and made the transaction painless. She is very much an asset to your company. Great employees make great companies.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Everything is great thanks to your efforts…...


Thank you for excellent service. I will use APMEX for future sales and purchases…


Merry Christmas and Thank you for making doing business with you pleasureable!!


Thank you very much for your help, super efficient and prompt….


Top notch product and variety. You guys to me are the very best in the industry. Have more sales!


Just wanted to let you kow I have received my order and I'm 100% satisfied!


I just want to praise you on your packaging of the coins I recently bought…..I ordered other American Eagles Silver Dollars and they were not individually separated and wrapped like your company does them. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Yelp Review

For three months, I've been looking to begin investing in basic precious metals as an inflation hedge. I've spent considerable time comparing the most visible online brokers, including other well-respected, long-established businesses. APMEX won.


Thank you for outstanding service during these past 3-4 years. You have made it possible for me to deliver product at low fees, in a timely manner and be a trusted source.


Yes, in my opinion this is the best company I have tried so far.


Little details of a Christmas box and adding padding impressed me for my first purchase from APMEX. Speedy processing and delivery before Thanksgiving was great. Will definitely look to APMEX for further purchases.


First time I ordered from APMEX and was very satisfied with the service.


My experience with APMEX was my first in purchasing precious metals and we will be doing this again soon. Thank you.


You made it easy for a first time buyer, second order processed even faster.


You really outdid yourself this time. The selection you sent as a replacement was outstanding and the speed with which you sent it back was awesome. Can't tell you how very much I appreciate your attention to service and the speed with whicfh you processed my return. I have rarely had to use your return policy but when I need to I love the way you handle it. Thanks so much.


Wonderful product wonderful fast delivery.


I am very pleased at how fast I received my order. I am also pleased at the quality and service that I received. I am a new customer to APMEX but rest assure I will recommend APMEX to anyone looking to invest and or collect precious metals…Thanks APMEX


I am very satisfied with my buying experience from APMEX and will use this source again.


Thank you all very much on how you do your jobs. From the person that took my order to the people that package and shipped all of you work as a very good team. Thank you all for your outstanding work.


I'm very satisfied with my order. It looks very good and the quality is superb. I wish I started investing with APMEX long time ago.


Look forward to a continued good relationship I see no reason to go anywhere else for the service you provide.


My wife loved her silver for the 25th anniversary gift. Thanks for making it all happen like it was supposed to.


For the last 16 uears I have been giving my grandchildren a silver dollar for Christmas. I now have 9 of them and your service has by far been the most satisfying from any other supplier. This is the third year in a row I have used APMEX.


I was very pleased with my purchase and my buying experience. If you have what I'm looking for and the price is right you can expect more of my business.


Yes. Perfect items. A company I can trust, seriously great.


APMEX is very convenient way to purchase precious metals. The pricing on the metals is very fair. I lookforward to purchasing from APMEX in the future.


I really like how you package items.


I enjoyed buying from you all! Great, fast service.


Looking forward to the next investment.


Your packaging and shipping department is to be highly commended for their excellent work. I am impressed by the fast turn around on in stock items. Good job everyone.


I plan on purchasing again from you. Thank you.


Was packed super nice. I was very happy and I will order from APMEX again soon, thans so much.


I was very pleased with the overall experience buying APMEX. This was my first purchase.


Best service I have used. Low shipping cost a big plus. Also, you don't annoy me with phone calls- thats a huge plus.


Great service and products. Thank you.


Very gratifying experience! Keep up the good work!


APMEX is the only one I deal with now. No worries. Great service & prices.


You guys are great.


I am 100% satisfied with APMEX products, prices, and services. I state this after having conducted several transactuons over several years. Keep up the top notch work.


Why buy anywhere else when you can buy from APMEX, fast delivery. Thank you.


The people who work at APMEX are always very helpful, patient and they feel like family.


Your employees gave outstanding service and information… far better than any other supplier I have used… over the immediately-past four years.


I had an excelledt experience with APMEX and will use them for all future bullion purchases.


What ever product you use to glue the package together is outstanding. I was not strong enough to pull the package open and ended up cutting through the glue. I wish I had glue like that laying around.


Yes, I have already recommended your firm to an investing friend. I am very pleased with my recent modest purchase and am planning the next one. I also appreciated the professional approach of your agent, and have him in my book as the go-to-guy for any future transactions involving precious metals. Keep up the fine work!


For years I wondered about buying gold-where to go, how to pay for it, how would it be handled, etc. I can't believe how quick and easy it was to odeal with APMEX. Thank you.


I am starting a new silver coin collection, I had one years ago. So I love APMEX's variety of coins and plan on buying a few every month until I reach my planned goals. Next up Canadian Maples and maybe Kookaburras. Keep up the good work.


You folks impressed me greatly. I will be back again.


I am very pleased with the service I have received from APMEX over the years.


Dear Laadies and Gentleman, Thank you very much for your fast and correct delivery. Best wishes!


Great Service


Very satisfied. Keep up the good work!


You have all my business in the future, I was contacted by a company called goldline no thanks… APMEX is where my business goes period. Thank you.


Excellent coins. Very pleased with the whole transaction.


As a first time customer I was very impressed with your services.


I was surprised and pleased at your prompt and efficient service. I'll definitely think of APMEX next time I buy.


Great service. Great products. Competitive prices and fast delivery.


You are always so responsive and great to work with……I don’t know who your boss is, but you are a big part of the reason I continue to use APMEX exclusively.


Your customer service is the best! Thank You.


I don’t know who picked these coins, BUT I want him to personally pick my coins from now on, Absolutely, Outrageous, Stupendous coins!!!!! I am very serious I want to personally thank him or her for having such a great EYE for this job.


I was used to waiting almost 30 days for (competitor) to fulfill my bullion orders. I was astonished that APMEX had the metals in my hands the same week that I placed the order!


Compared to other sources I have used, APMEX order handling and delivery was far superior…..Other sources I will not use again state “in-stock” but when the order is confirmed they are back ordered. Thanks for your customer service.


I had previously purchased my silver bullion from another company but this time I decided to try APMEX. What a pleasant surprise to receive my order in less than a week. Thanks for the outstanding service (and the ability to purchase directly on line without having to endure a sales pitch over the phone).


Thank you for your quick response! You guys have always been the best!! One time I ordered a coins with you and it was in my hand 2 days later! Thanks again.


Thank you so much for your understanding and your help in this matter. This is yet another example of the great customer service provided by APMEX.


Realistically, the nature of the business is that all dealers are going to be within a few pennies of each other. But the level of service I received from you and APMEX is night and day! Nobody even comes close to your level of service. As I mentioned, my first struggle was just to find a company that would let me get past the 800 number agent and speak with somebody with authority. The only place I was able to do that without a real fight was APMEX.


just wanted to tell you that the phone order I placed with you just a few minutes ago was the most amazing experience! You were so efficient and helpful.


You guys are the real deal………..I am a very loyal type person and have been with you for a long time. You can expect me to be with you for a long time more. You are my only PM (precious metals) dealer. I like it like this.


I appreciate your help and I enjoy the service I get from APMEX. People like you make the company great. Thanks again.


Very impressed with secondary market, requested poured bar and that’s exactly what I got. You know they don’t have to go the extra mile but that is what makes me a frequent customer.


APMEX does what it says it does so that’s why you have my loyalty.


I just assumed that APMEX was in partnership with Jimmy Johns and that’s how you guys get your shipping done so fast.


Thank you so much. You really care about your customers.


APMEX is the most honorable company I have had the honor to deal with, the business world could and should follow your lead, it is impeccable. Thank you for the great service and yes I trust APMEX and will only buy from your company!!!


Once again thank you for your excellent assistance and upholding the outstanding reputation APMEX is known for throughout the numismatic community.


I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, but if you would, please share my comments with your staff ~ they are simply the most responsive and timely group I’ve dealt with in the online ordering aspect of consumer business. Thank you very much and I look forward to continuing my affiliation with APMEX in the future…..


Just wanted to reach out and say a huge THANK YOU!! for your help in our employee award presentation. We presented our four 25 year(+) employees with their gold bars on Wednesday of this week and they were absolutely taken aback. It was so fun to be able to do this for them, and I could not have done it without you and your guidance. So, thanks again!! I’ll send you a picture once I get one!!

Sandi and Mike

Please tell your people in order processing and shipping that their extra efforts (selecting product for them that was in “excellent” condition) are very much appreciated. Jennifer’s note for them to send your best was noted and appreciated. We realize that your people always ship the best, it’s just nice knowing that someone is being extra careful…..


This was my first purchase in precious metals and because of your help I am now a life long APMEX customer and I plan on making more purchases in the future.


Very easy to use system to order coins. VERY FAST SHIPMENT TIME. Prices are fair comparing to other coin sites. VERY SATISFIED WITH APMEX.


You are head and shoulders above other dealers of precious metals, on prices, service and keeping your customers informed of order status. It is truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Dwight and Connie

APMEX is our ONLY Company we will go to for our metal purchases.


When I received prompt response from you with assurance of the refund and free shipping on my next order I was impressed, but still on the fence regarding your company. However, when I received your hand written note and gift by surprise in the mail I came off that fence. You impressed me and allowed me the opinion that your company is indeed well ran, honest and customer oriented. You have guaranteed my business in the future and I will no doubt suggest APMEX to my friends and family for their own PM (precious metals) purchases.


…..I am 65 years old and may God be my witness, APMEX is the finest company I have ever dealt with. I really mean that! The level of trust I have in you all is on line with trust in a really good friend. Honesty, caring people, trust and many other virtues are embedded in APMEX. I am so fortunate to have found APMEX. You have a lifelong customer. I have had no problems with any aspect of my association with APMEX-------none!!! Again thank you for all you do and as I always say “I love me some APMEX!”


I had a great business experience with APMEX. I am more impressed by your staff courteousness, thoughtfulness, kind attitude and went extra mile to help me. She is knowledgeable, efficiently about her work. I am very thankful and greatly appreciated for her diligence, professionalism and drive toward excellence on helping customers.


….this is amazing. I placed the order this morning and now it’s already in the mail. This kind of service is one of the biggest factors for my customer satisfaction. I am very pleased. Thank you and to the Team for all your hard work. Great job. I’m a loyal APMEX customer and I send all my friends to your website.


Your company APMEX is really superb. I'm glad we found it. Your business is first class…


I and already a customer, and had a couple of questions regarding larger purchases. I just wanted to say thank you because you answered my questions and didn't pressure me to buy anything right now. customer service like that is why I ONLY buy metal from you guys.


Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!!!


The order arrived 1 day earlier than expected, extremely well packaged, and a beautiful coin. Thanks for an easy and pleasant transaction and I will be contacting you again soon for additional items.


As much as I enjoy shopping at APMEX and think the service is outstanding, along with the items I’ve received, I’m not much for writing reviews. Just know I sincerely think you all for helping me with my coin collection.


Thanks for getting back to me and the reassurance, it is really appreciated. Please pass along that I will only purchase from APMEX as I have been extremely pleased with every order I have placed with APMEX which would totals five.


Thank you for your help on this, it is very much appreciated and highlights the APMEX deserved reputation for excellent customer service.


Thank You , other then a few smoothies with unreadable dates and a coin short in the quarters and 3 dimes which were speedily replaced .I was pleased with your fast and courteous service . I will be a repeat customer . A pleasure doing business with you.


Shipment received, fast and quick service, thank you. I love the 10gram that I ordered. Very beautiful. Looking forward to order every month. Thank you again


I have placed three orders with your company in the last few weeks, all of my orders have been received with in three days. Apmex has good selection of products. Both times i have called your company, my phone calls where answered in a timely manor and the staff was very helpful. And i love the fact that the web site shows all my orders and the current value.


You Guys do an outstanding Job. Thank you.


Just a short note, I've been dealing with you for several years your products are excellent customer service top shelf, packaging delivery top notch, and a easy fun website to look at.


It took myself, 2 neighbours and a crowbar to open the parcel!! SUPERB AND SAFE package. My sincere thanks for your very prompt delivery and the care you take with coins. Plan on seeing me again soon and OFTEN.




Everything arrived in perfect order!!!! Thank you so much for the prompt delivery in time for my trip for the Holidays…I look forward to additional investment purchases after the first of the year!!!!


Thank you for your service, I believe I received my silver purchase 3 days after I ordered them, possibly 2 days. Unbelievable!. I have never received an order so quickly. Most companies take 3 to 4 weeks. I will purchase only from your company in the future. You have proven to be second to none!


I want to commend you on running a world-class operation. Each person to whom I have spoken about my orders has been professional, knowledgable and helpful.


Thank you for the great service. The coins were shipped and arrived quickly! I will definitely do business with your firm again.


You guys are great. Nobody compares and nobody ships as fast!!!


I am VERY satisfied with the product and the super fast shipping! My first purchase from APMEX was an extremely great one! Thank you.


Your packaging seems to improve every shipment. Thanks


Thanks for you easy and quick service. APMEX always has the items I'm looking for. I'll be back for another order soon !


Product arrived - excellent. APMEX did a wonderful job....


Was so happy with my first purchase from APMEX that I could not resist a second (and likely a third and a fourth to come).


I just wanted to say thanks so much for finally streamlining your purchasing procedures! Your acceptance of AMEX, instant approval and lighting fast shipping has made this buying experience head and shoulders above past experiences. No more waiting 5 weeks for my gold! Thank you so much,


Just got to say, love you guys. Fast service & helping me store my wealth through precious metals one pay check at a time. Peace to you all.


All purchases exceeded my expectations, I will be shopping with Apmex in the future. Thank you for being such a good investment supporter of precious metals.


I have dealt with APMEX for several years. I find their services competitive & completely trustworthy. I'm drawn more & more to their prompt shipping & accuracy of the descriptions listed, for those units that I buy. It's an uncommon set of traits in a 'common market'. Continue with the great work.


The BEST experience I have ever had buying coins on the Internet in fact BEST experience buying through the Internet. From start to the delivery was .99999. Thank you all for making this a transaction I trusted in.


I have been completely satisfied with my purchases from APMEX. The Gold Eagles were a great addition to my collection as were the West Point Silver Eagles. I will shop with them again. Shipping was prompt and the payment by check was accepted without a hitch.


Very good product. Very excellent service.


These was my fourth purchase never had any problems but this time the package was lost in the mail !! When called customer service was on top the problem right away with. In week ther order was re shipped after I signed 2 document s !! Thanks to Ashley kurien and the customer service team were promptly and courteous Best place to buy precious metals!!


I have searched many different precious metal dealers and I keep coming back to APMEX because there are no surprises. It is what they say it is. Speedy, honest and reliable.


Very pleased with my most recent order! The coins were perfect and the delivery speed was unbelievable! You have me locked in as a customer!


Fast shipping & great selection thank you!


Thank you, my order arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks for a flawless shipment - # 34 in a row without a problem. Keep up the great work.


VERY fast shipping!


Too good and wish I had ordered two coins. I will be ordering more in the future. Everything promised was delivered. Thanks


I am very pleased with the purchase, service, and quality of the merchandise.


I just received my order and I would like to thank APMEX for delivering such beautiful coins. I also appreciate the fast service. You guys will definitely be hearing from me very soon. Thank you APMEX.

Eric S.

Your newly designed website and its features are absolutely amazing! Your website makes searching and browsing simple and easy with a click of the mouse. You are able to magnify the smallest of items and look at them close up as if you were right in the showroom! Now I can track all my purchases with an exact breakdown for each precious metal and their market values in one convenient place. This is an absolutely amazing tool to say the least! You did a phenomenal job to your website..Keep up the great work APMEX! Looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come!


Honest seller and fast shipments. Will buy from again. Highly recommend.


Great site - easy to use. Great customer service and I've always received my orders fast!


I have made several purchases from APMEX and I always receive fast service along with product that is second to no other. I highly recommend APMEX to anyone that appreciates only the best in service and product. I also appreciate that my product is sent with insurance, and my signature is required at time of delivery. THANKS APMEX!

Pamela W.

Just placed my order for the 1st 2013 America The Beautiful coin. I especially like this one as my sister and I went on vacation there and stayed at the White Mountain Inn.

Alan A.

Received my order today. Everything was outstanding!

Steve K.


Bernadette P.

I just received my order of Kookaburra coin and am very pleased. I like birds and am glad you offered them for sale. The bird is very lovely. Thank you. Sincerely A happy customer.

Jordan J.

I purchased some silver Eagles from you guys, and they arrived quickly, and were beautiful as well. The service was top-notch. I plan to buy more precious metals from APMEX in the future!

Mark S.

Your service has been incredible.  I recently tried another company because their prices were a little better but found that their service was lacking.  Although money was immediately wired to them, they waited weeks to ship as compared to your company which on my last order shipped the next day.  Also the materials were well packed and of a quality that has consistently exceeded my expectations.  Expect another order from me soon.  Possibly this weekend.

Jeff D.

I have an account and I've made several purchases. I am fairly new to the coin collecting hobby. There are many people and other websites out there that are always looking to rip people off, not APMEX. APMEX is the only place I trust and the absolute only place I make purchases from. Thank you for the great customer service and honesty, I appreciate it. Last week I thought I was speaking to the US Mint, however being new to this I didn't realize I was actually speaking to a salesman from a competitor of yours. The salesman tried to sell me a set of Chinese Pandas (first Strikes) for over $10,000. Luckily I caught on and cancelled it quickly, and then purchased myself one Gold Panda from APMEX. Thanks again for the great service.

Cade G.

Got an order in from y'all last night thanks for the great service hands down the best there is out there

James C.

Great web site for purchasing precious metals

Joshua Y.

APMEX is hands down the best precious metal dealer I have ever purchased from. Your international division especially is just full of amazing agents, so helpful and friendly.

Jeff S.

Order from them often and I have never been disappointed, great service and product.

Chris Z.

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service. I haven't had any problems with any orders. Also, my orders have been delivered in a very short time. Thank you. Thought the company would like to hear some positive feedback.

Ben J.

While my orders might be smaller than some you have always gave me great service and the products are always great. I am anxious to receive my next order of the Morgan 1oz bars. You are my one and only source I will use. Thanks to all the APMEX team. Sincerely Ben J.

John P

I have been an APMEX customer for almost a year.  At the age of 21 I plan on purchasing metals my entire life as long as it is available.  A shipment got lost and my silver wasn't delivered by USPS.  Your rep Lisa Capistrano handled the situation with great professionalism, and went above and beyond to help with my situation.  She personally kept me updated and was responsive at all times to my requests.  I am now a lifelong customer thanks to her work.       

Johnny S.

Received my order. Thank you for the fast shipping and good product. We will be buying a lot more. Again thank you. Keep up the good work.

Will A.

Wow, I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery. Fantastic. Thank you. I wish I had more money. I would buy much more. Carry on.

Zachary S.

Great place I've been buying from here for a couple of years now!!!!

Kent W.

Yes, I was impressed with your efficiency, regarding my last purchase. Looking forward to our next transaction soon.

M. S. G.

I recently tried another company to compare their service against yours.  Although the prices were marginally better, they held my money for a crazy amount of time before shipping.

James F.

This company rocks! The best company I have dealt with in a long time: the best price and great reliability. Keep it up! I’ll never shop anywhere else.

Thomas R.

Great company, looking forward to more smooth transactions. Thanks!

Faye T.

I have been very pleased with the items I have purchased from APMEX. They were even more than I had expected. The prices were great also and delivery very prompt.

James L.

I just received the 2012 NIUE silver Dragon in Egg Case and also the 2013 NIUE silver Snake in Egg Case. Beautiful examples of the quality of the New Zealand mint. I gave them as gifts. Perfect for Easter since they came in an EGG case. Great collectibles from APMEX!


My order arrived today as promised. As usual excellent service as has been for a number of years and a lot of coins. Both to purchase and sell.

Lynette C.

I loved everything that I received from you! And the personal care I received was also great I will be ordering again soon.

Mark F.

I received my order 1 day early and in excellent condition. Thank you for your prompt delivery. I'm looking forward to ordering from you again.

Anthony W.

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service. It’s hard to come by these days, and I really appreciate the service and speedy completion of my order. Keep it up!

John L.

Just received the latest of the two dozen or so transactions I've conducted with APMEX during the last few years. As expected, what I ordered arrive on time, and in perfect order. It seems no matter how large or small an order is, each one is treated the same way: professionally and efficiently. You guys establish the bar with regards to excellence and customer service. Thanks.

James L.

I just received my American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins. I trust APMEX more than my local coin dealer who I know personally. Only APMEX shows great care in shipping and quality customer trusted service.

Danny M.

Just had to let you guys know I received my 2013 MS70 Silver Eagles, and I was blown away. They look amazing, better than the image online. I've purchased other items from you guys in the past and I'll keep coming back for more. Thanks.

Robert Z.

I stumbled into your site a couple weeks ago. I didn't know you existed. Great site, everything is up front. I got my order in a third of the time as the "left coast guys" and in perfect shape. Wish I could say as much for them. They're history. Thanks again.

Robert L.

APMEX is the best trader of precious metals I have ever seen. I have recommended APMEX to four friends.

Carlos A.

This to let you know...excellent service....thanks

Jeffrey G.

This was my first time buying precious metals. I bought two 1oz 0.999 silver bars just to start out with. I plan on increasing my purchases and expand into other precious metals such as Gold. It was easy to buy/order and it was shipped quickly. They arrived in a generic box so it's not obvious what's inside. They were encased in a clear plastic sheath which I liked because it keeps them in mint condition. I am very satisfied and plan on this simply being the start of a nice portfolio of precious metals for my retirement or if the American market crashes.

David H.

I received my 1st order today! Words cannot describe how impressed I am with your company! The feeling of purchasing something that will appreciate in value over time, is a great feeling I rarely have the privilege of experiencing. I am truly grateful that companies like APMEX exist today, and perform exceptional customer service to their customers. Thank you APMEX! I am very excited about future orders from your company.

Joseph F.

I was very satisfied with my purchase. I placed an order on Sunday, paid for my item on Monday with a Bank wire and received it on Thursday. I was very impressed on the fact that I didn't have to wait for 30 days to receive my Gold. Your company provides an excellent service! I will continue my business here at APMEX. Happy Holidays!

Jack M.

I just received my first order from APMEX: Creating Christmas ornaments for grandchildren. The shipment arrived quickly, well packaged, and the coins far surpassed my quality expectations. I will definitely buy more American Eagles from you in the future. Thank You!

Gregory G.

I'm concerned about the American economy so I decided to purchase precious metals as a hedge against inflation and the potential collapse of the dollar. My first order was easy and delightful. All my bars and coins were brand new and it took only 4 days to receive them after I sent the bank wire. Thank you for being polite and efficient.

Tom C. S.

APMEX has proven to be the most professional, efficient, and caring of any precious metals firm that I have had dealings with in Gold and Silver. This is from a platinum member of many years who professionally writes for major coin publications since 1978 and regularly invests in metals. One cannot go wrong with APMEX. Bravo!

Chelly G.

Being my first time buying precious metals and the finality once I placed my order, I was quite nervous. Everything went smoothly and I am very pleased with the transaction and coins I received. I have come to understand why the ordering process is more involved than with everyday products, and why cancellation involves extra charges based on the market. I am eager to buy coins here again in the future.

C. B. E.

Fast, polite and accurate service without pressure. Very customer oriented, and their web pages are easy to read, with prices up front. We will be back!

Bob H.

I was very satisfied and will order from APMEX again and again.

Richard A. D.

Just want to thank the APMEX team for once again making another purchase worry free. Being a customer for two years has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you to all that work so hard to care for every customer regardless of the size of their purchases. From my first small order to my recent silver eagle monster box acquisition, I have been treated as the most important client in the world.

H. P.

Wow! You folks will have all my business from now on. The last company I purchased Precious Metals from made me wait 9 weeks for delivery. The delay made me nervous. With APMEX my Maple Leafs were in my hand in less than a week. What a great service. Thanks.

Barbel S.

Thank you for the efficiency of your service.

I Ford.

What makes a special and unique seller of precious investment metals is that they inform the customer about their commodities and list the prices of all of them. That is so beneficial to the buyer who needs to know. So far, our research has determined that has the best combination information, prices and services which stated in writing and upfront on their website.

Robert C.

I want to thank you very much for the coins that you guys sent me. If you guys had a feedback page I would gladly say that you are the best coin sellers of all. Your service is fast and efficient.

James C.

I received my first order today. I am very satisfied with the quality service. Excellent communications throughout the delivery.

Rollin H.

I want to thank all the employees that were involved in my order. You people are 1st class. APMEX has never failed to deliver large and small orders.

Kevin A.

I received my order today. Right on time, accurate quantities, and very well packaged. I have used other metal dealers in the past. APMEX is where I will stay from now on.

Ryan P.

I have placed a few orders in the past months and I am extremely satisfied with APMEX. I shopped a few online stores and found your selection, support, and shipping to be the best. Thank you for being a trusted shop for years to come.


I am very pleased! No issues, no problems, just fast smooth service. The coins were just as advertised if not better. Consider me a VERY satisfied customer!

Paul T.

Thank you again for the assistance and quality products. I merely wanted the Management Team at APMEX to know that they have a knowledgeable and dedicated individuals in their ranks. We look forward to doing more business in the future.

Linda D.

I received my first order in gold and silver a couple days ago. I am very impressed with the condition and quality of the coins and bars. This was a first time purchase and I am very pleased with the advisor who helped us. He answered our questions without any pressure to buy. I have since made additional purchases and will continue to use APMEX for our precious metals purchases.

Edward P.

Your service and products are absolutely SUPERB! Thanks very much!

Walter R.

This is my first order and I will recommend APMEX for future orders! Very pleased!


Your prompt service and high quality products are very impressive! I shall be ordering from you again, and I thank you as a very satisfied customer!

Dan G.

Thank you again for fast and great service.

Harold C.

Thank you for your service and prompt and professional service. Coins were beautiful.

Brian K.

I recently received one item that was damaged during shipping. After a few days, I received a replacement for the damaged item. APMEX communicated well with me and made this a smooth process. Thank You!

Tim J.

I received my first orders from APMEX and I was very pleased! The orders arrived on time and were well packaged. I will buy from you again because you are very customer friendly. This is how every business should be run!!!

Barry D.

Thank YOU! Received my coin today! All told it took 6 days from order to receipt.

Markus K.

Thank you very much APMEX. Wow! Your customer service is excellent. I received everything that I ordered. Also the precious metals were beautiful and in superb condition, just like on your website. I will be doing more business with you in the near future.

Ross G.

I've made several purchases through APMEX and they delivered on time every time. I haven't found a better more trustworthy dealer to buy from.

Chris V.

I just bought 10oz of silver about 10 days ago i first looked at all your information a the website then called to ask a few question and the man that helped me knew his stuff and never once said let me see or make sure he knew what the answer was so i put a small order in only 10oz and you kept me informed by via e-mail the whole time where my order was rite up to the day i had it in my hand i will be making a lot more orders thank you again

Terry D.

I just wanted to write and let you know that I got my third shipment in from APMEX and I am very pleased with the service and commitment your company has shown me so far. I have used other suppliers before, which has been ok, but you have gone the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my purchase. APMEX will be my #1 source for all my needs for now on. Keep up the great work and again thanks for your service.

Arturo L.

Your web page is very user friendly. I was able to find the gold coin I was looking for. The purchase process was very fast and easy. I will look forward to receive your news about the shipment.

Jerry J.

I am very pleased with the professional way you conduct business. All of your employees are courteous and professional.

Spiro C.

I received my delivery today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. My order arrived very well packaged and the items were perfect. Thank you for your great customer service.

Dennis D.

I would like to mention the excellent customer service I've received throughout my IRA metals purchases. I'm new to PM IRA's and needed a little bit of hand holding through the process. I really appreciate the help and have told others of my experience. Thank you.

Randy P.

I have just received my order from APMEX and continue to be very pleased with the price and service of your company. Whether I'm looking for gifts, collectables or investment precious metals, your company continues to supply me with what I want at a price I am satisfied to pay. Thank you.

Juan T.

Thank you. Beautiful service and quality

Robert M.

APMEX totally rocks! You have a very user friendly site and a great menu of items to choose from.

Bill a.

I just wanted to tell you that you are the best place for the small investor. I can't afford to buy a lot of metal at one time, but you make buying small amounts very easy. Every working person should buy a little when they can, and they should buy from you. No one else makes it as easy as you.

Ray N.

I just placed my first order ever with APMEX. My order was placed on Monday and I received my coin on Friday. Fast shipping and friendly service. Thank you APMEX employees.

John V.

I recently purchased a gold buffalo from APMEX. The deal was part trade and part cash. It has been such a pleasure making this deal with APMEX. Not my 1st experience dealing with APMEX and I look forward to more in the future .They are VERY professional and of have the best prices I have found. Thanks APMEX.

Claude S.

I would like to thank the people at APMEX for doing a outstanding job sent just what I ask for thank you. I will be doing all my coin buying from APMEX.

Mark F.

I am simply amazed with your speed of delivery. I ordered a few gift items on a Friday and received them the following Monday. Absolutely incredible!

James L.

I just received my five 1 troy oz silver APMEX bars. They are beautiful and were packed and shipped with care. Even arrived faster than expected (I paid by check). Thx.

Andrew N.

As a first time investor, I was unsure of where to go. I then found APMEX, where the selection is phenomenal!

Danny M.

Just received the two 1991 American Eagles I ordered from you guy's and they're amazing. This was my first order ever, and I plan on ordering more in the near future. Thanks for the excellent coins.

Bob A.

As a first time customer, I was, as you might understand, nervous about dealing with a company I was not familiar with. After placing my order, I received great communication and follow-up from APMEX. My order was delivered exactly when promised, exactly as ordered. It was securely packaged and delivered. There will no doubt be future orders for me. Thank you.

Paul M.

I have received my third shipment from APMEX. APMEX has proven itself to be reliable and efficient as a dealer in excellent quality precious metals. Thank you so much for your diligence and professional standards!

Anthony C.

I just wanted to say I think everyone there is doing a great job. I have not been ordering very long or very large amounts. I asked if they could put the coins in the coin holders for me and they do every time. Great Service. This is the only place I have ever ordered from and with this service the only one I will ever order from. Thanks again.

Gary J.

I just wanted to take a moment of you time to thank you for the fantastic service that you have shown to me. I am new to the precious metals game. Your site and you staff are very kind and helpful. Your web site is very easy to use and super informative. I will be buying more real soon. Thank you all.

Chris M.

I've only been dealing with you guys for a few months now and just want to say you are awesome. You have outstanding customer service and have been nothing but helpful and all transactions have been fast, simple, and easy.Thank You!

Thomas R.

Received my order. It was very well packaged and I was able to track the order so I knew when it was coming. Will use APMEX next time I order silver or gold.

John G.

I received my second order from you yesterday. Once again it was packed well and arrived quickly. Thank you for the consistency in delivering quality products with outstanding customer service!

Gary A.

I want to let you know how pleased I am with your product and customer service. Not only you provide great product for amazing price, but you also do it in a very professional manner with outstanding customer service.

Matt B.

When it comes to metals shopping, there is nowhere to go other than APMEX! With fast, convenient access to the best selection you will get anywhere, you would have to be crazy to shop anywhere else. Thanks, APMEX, for being a top of the line metals dealer!

David A.

When you compare APMEX vs other Precious Metals companies, There is no comparison. At APMEX I am always treated like I'm the only customer, my orders are always delivered in way less than 10 days and are top grade items. Thanks.

Paul M.

I just received my first order from APMEX. The process from ordering, shipping and receiving was quick, easy and faultless. The quality of APMEX products is VERY acceptable. I look forward to placing future orders!

John M.

I'm very happy with my first experience with APMEX. My purchase arrived in a timely manner, was packed professionally and the quality of the product superb. My transaction was simple and easy. I would purchase again. Thanks APMEX for your 5-STAR service.

Ryan W.

Best service I’ve ever had, I received the coin 2 days after it shipped. I had messed up the address on my order and APMEX worked with me and made it work, the service was great and the product was even better. I am very happy with everything. Thanks APMEX!

Jeremy D.

I just wanted to send over a quick thank you for my recent order. I've made purchases of varying sizes for years, and have been impressed with your customer service. But in this case, when purchasing a small quantity of random year coins, your staff went above and beyond to provide me with a variety of types of coins, per my request. Thank you!!!

Gary T.

Just want to express how very satisfied I am with APMEX, their service and large inventory. I have ordered from other places and the other places have taken over a month to get my merchandise with me. Great job APMEX.

David S.

Over the past year I have ordered a few times from AMPEX. Some orders were small some were not. Always received excellent service and products were as advertised.

John S.

I am always quick to send a note to companies that provide bad service but at the same time I try to complement companies/employees that provide good service. After all it is the compliments not complaints that help companies improve. I recently ordered a few Israel coins because your prices were the best that I could find, even cheaper than ordering from the source. Also, the shipment was very fast, under a week. Thanks!

Gary G.

I would like to thank you all at APMEX. Your service has been outstanding as a purveyor in metal and collectables. Your prices have always made my purchase a great investment and your customer service is par none. I have been a buyer for many years and I can always count on your company to deliver a real and certified coin or metal that has value. Thanks much.

Alan H.

Just received my most recent order. Ordered some generic silver. Know it can be a grab-bag, but I asked for a specific and got EXACTLY what I requested. Another perfect order. Thanks again, APMEX!


Thanks a lot for being a safe place in a world full of scams.

Efrem C.

I just picked up my package today, Silver 1 troy ounce .999 fine silver, WOW! These bars are beautiful, and they feel great in your hands.

Chris F.

Just received my first order from you guys today. Came extremely fast given that I ordered my items 6 days before Christmas, and I have them in hand on the 23rd. Great products, great customer service, and super fast shipping means you now have a customer for life. Thanks APMEX!

Tony L.

Got my 2011 1oz Gold Mountie. Just wanted to say really nice coin. GREAT PRICE,GREAT SERVICE!! FAST DELIVERY!!!Have done business before and look forward to doing it again.

John B.

In my experience, APMEX is a quality company and I will continue to deal with them for the foreseeable future.

Rick T.

Just want to say I just start ordering precious metals to enhance my portfolio and your site is so fast and easy, it was mailed super fast great products and I have already placed two more orders within two weeks after the first. Look forward to a long relationship.

Thomas S.

I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on your business practices. You have the wisdom to know that I know what I want. I have never had anyone there try to "up-sell" me, or re-direct my order to another product. I get flawless and timely order processing and delivery from you. -Thank you!

Jake B.

You guys do great work. Your website is clean, clear and well organized. Your prices are fair for what you do and you deliver on time. I love the clean, crisp, fair, timely and professional way you operate.

Michael W.

I purchase many coins, bullion products and currency on the internet and in person. I can honestly say that in the 8 years that I have been purchasing these types of items, I have never received better products and service than I have from APMEX. My hat is off to you folks "doing it right"! Thank you all.

John V.

Apmex isn't just the best place to shop, it's the ONLY place to shop. Besides great service and shipping, it's the only place that cares about the "little guy". That goes a long ways. Not everyone has an extra $10k laying around, and being able to buy a few coins/bars at a time, is the only way some folks get a chance to invest. For that, we thank you.

Matt F.

Thank you for your time and attention with my order. I appreciate your professional attitude and how you instilled confidence in me during this buying process. I know that a $5000 purchase is not a big sell compared to some orders but you treated me wonderfully. You made me feel my money was being spent at a secure place which instills confidence for future purchases.

Ron F.

Thanks for my first order. The package was excellent. I am now awaiting two more orders. Great Company you are running.

Ty P.

Just received my very first order and I am INCREDIBLY PLEASED!!! I am not a huge purchaser, just a private collector and I was treated like I would spend thousands and thousands of dollars!! THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME TRANSACTION!!!!

Hadlock T.

Bought my first 3 1/2 oz. of silver from APMEX. Never had a desire to do anything like this until the recent economic concerns. After much research, I decided to spend a little and see what happens. One order was shipped on Monday and arrived on Wednesday. Another order was shipped Tuesday and arrived Thursday. Beautiful silver. Feels good to have something so tangible and precious. Have already turned 2 people onto APMEX and will be ordering more in the future!

Mike Z.

I just wanted to thank you all for your fast service, and working with me on my requests. I have been a customer of yours for the past 2 and a half years and am very satisfied with your promptness, and working with my account, which happens to be large and I order frequently. Again, thank you for your great business practices.

Joe B.

Received our America the Beautiful 5 silver coin set yesterday, ahead of expected schedule. I was impressed with the discreet labeling of the shipping box as well as the excellent packing array inside. The coins were individually cased and placed in custom fitted foam slots inside a very nicely labeled box designed for these 5 ounce coins. I was very pleased with the quality of the coins as well as the entire package and look forward to doing business again with you.

Steven W.

I just wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with the 2010 ATB pcgs Bullion set I received from your company. 2 of the 5 coins graded MS69 DMPL and the other 3 graded out MS69 PL. I also sent an email to the editor of Coin World magazine also raving about what great service I have received from APMEX and the quality of your customer service representatives. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Steve D.

Several years ago I decided to begin investing in precious metals. I researched as many sources as I could find, then set out to perform due diligence on the companies on my short list. One of the things I did was to have my personal banker check the bona fides of each candidate. APMEX came out on top and I've never had a regret. From their outstanding selection to their competitive pricing, everything always is exactly what it seems. Transactions are near-effortless. I've bought and sold often and highly recommend APMEX services!

Dan S.

I just received my order and all I can say is WOW! Beautiful product! I will shop through APMEX again in the near future when my finances allow me. Thank you!

James D.

I was waiting for my order since it was mailed out on the 22 April 2011 and my wife and I were saying "I cannot wait to get it!" So when we got the package the anticipation was even higher because we had to cut into the box just to see the items (smile)! And all I can say is WOW! Thank you very much and I will be doing business with you again and again. -

Your fast, courteous and friendly service is a great plus, of course, but what I really like most is your complete honesty. Several years back I sent a very large consignment of both bullion and numismatics via armored car to you. I got an e-mail from you a few days later telling me that I had made a mistake with my inventory list. YOU told ME that I failed to list one extra PCGS MS-63 St. Gaudens $20 on my list although I had included it in the shipment and asked if I would like it sent back or the extra money instead! I would never have known my error had it not been for your honest staff and would have suffered an expensive mistake! Now that's worth a lot in today's business world

I have always thought most testimonials were fairly worthless because they are after all intended to make a business look good - not bad. BUT...for the first time in my 62 years I find myself giving one happily and gratefully to a company, yeah, you - APMEX.

Larry B.

I have been buying from APMEX for several years starting when you were in Edmond. I have never been able to find a better price, more secure shipping, nicer people, or better quality product. I appreciate you all so much.

Brandon W.

I wanted to say that I am very happy with the speedy shipping and quality of the products I have purchased. thank you and I am looking forward to doing business in the future with AMEX for all my precious metals needs.

Jeremy G.

I just ordered several different years of American silver eagles and they are all excellent. I've ordered these coins from other so called dealers and no one can compare to the quality of eagles I received from you. All years are in incredible condition and look like they just came out of the mint tube. I have also order other products from you with the same results. Everyone at APMEX is doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work and looking forward to my next purchase. You are my go to people and no one can match your quality and service. Thank you so much for everything. It's obvious you care

Ismet P.

Wow! You guys have really made me happy! I have just received my first purchase. It was wrapped great, in great condition, no corners cut over there! Even though I didn't spend a large amount of money (because I don't have it lol) you took care of me, I will continue to spend a little at a time. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Diane K.

I just received my fourth order, and just wanted to let you know I could NOT be happier. I've just recently ventured into investing in silver and gold, and can't imagine anyone else giving better service. APMEX, you have me for life!Thank you all so very much for wonderful products, fair pricing, and the fastest service around!

Jon E.

Top-notch customer service is some of the best in the world in any market period. I had all my questions answered, and I felt confident enough to make a considerably large order. I've made my third just today! I can go on and on about how great this company is!

Anthony C.

Just wanted to write I received my shipment. Very well done!! I am very happy about the purchase. Best of all, the Palladium Maples are still sealed in its original mint wrap!! Five Stars. Will do business with you again.

Philip F.

I have made many purchases over the last few years and have never had any problems with the quality of my order, the timeliness of its arrival, or the friendliness of the service I received while placing my orders. I'm not a million dollar buyer, but I have always been treated like one. Thanks!

Mark D.

I am a new customer about a month ago. I purchased 2 100 oz. bars of Silver. It was just the ease and follow up emails from your company that makes a difference. Reading the previous comments from past customers helped me to buy from APMEX. Shipping was also great and on time. Have a great holiday week.

George M.

It is rare to find a truly competent, competitive company these days. Your company is one of those rare exceptions. Thank You.

Barbara G.

I just wanted you to know that since discovering your terrific website and ease of buying bullion, that I have shared this information with a few of my immediate family members. They, in turn, have made substantial purchases from you. I tell you this because they were previously buying from another online site, but now are exclusively purchasing from you. We all enjoy your method of operation.

Bill B.

I received my check today and I do want to express my thanks for your assistance. You guys have always done a good job by me, and some of my friends. I am looking forward to buying and selling with you. Again, I appreciate the professional manner in which you conduct business. Best Regards & Happy Holidays to YOU and YOURS.

Joanna C.

I just would like to thank you and APMEX for the care you took in packaging the America the Beautiful 5 oz coins. You went above an beyond what I expected. The coins are just beautiful and I love them. I'm sure the rest of the people who will receive their coin in the next day or so will feel the same way.

Rick C.

It was a pleasure to conduct business with a company that embraces the attributes of honesty, integrity, and reliability. I would not hesitate to do business with your company again. Thank you.

Mark D.

I just wanted to say thank you for the tin of popcorn and Christmas card. Even though we were doing business over the internet, it made me feel like we were just a handshake away. It was a pleasure buying from you this year and I look forward to doing business with you again next year.

Gary M.

I Returned home from holiday travel to find you had shipped my set of 5oz America The Beautiful Silver Coins. I was astounded to find that the price had dropped and a refund check was enclosed. You guys are awesome! I wish you had called me as I would have purchased additional product in lieu of the refund... In fact I will place another order soon and I will also place an order to fund my Precious Metals IRA for this year. Thank You for your outstanding service and you can be sure I'll tell my friends and family too!

Rhett H.

Just wanted to say, I see lots of testimonials about great purchase experiences, of which I have had more than one, but I recently sold some of my bullion for the first time ever, and I was a little nervous about it. I would like to say I was very satisfied with the process and the check came forthwith at the exact quoted amount. It makes me much more comfortable making metal part of my portfolio. Thank you.

DAngelo G.

This is the first time I bought silver and shopping with APMEX was wonderful, thanks you for the quick shipments and excellent quality products, will be buying again! Thanks!

John W.

Dear APMEX, I have made a few purchases and must say your service is outstanding and product is always better than expected when received. Purchasing is a breeze, consider me a loyal customer from here on!

Jason R.

Dear sir or madam, I'm just mailing you to let you know that I have managed to refer two people to you over the past month or so. I try to refer people to you because I believe that you are providing an amazing service to your customers. Not only is your service outstanding, but you offer a special opportunity for people to improve their lives and protect their hard-earned income. I don't expect any kind of "reward" for referring people, I just wanted you to know how strongly I feel about your company, and I look forward to doing more business with you. I will continue to work to refer people to you.

Douglas E.

Thank you APMEX, my yearly order of gold and silver has arrived. The order was handled precisely and with exceptional speed. I am proud to say I have been a customer of APMEX since 2007. My order with APMEX was packed perfectly and contained the business cards from Mike and Matt, who personally checked my shipment. I was kept informed as to the status of my order, from placing the order to delivery. It is so nice to know that APMEX has taken the anxiety out of ordering precious metals.

Levi S.

I ordered Silvertowne 5 troy ounces & 10 ounces AMPEX (I.R.A) silver bars. Came very securely packaged. I am very happy with my investments. Thank you. You will be hearing from me soon.

Anthony A.

I've been a loyal APMEX customer for a year now. I recently placed an order for a coin that was a wedding gift. I needed the coin delivered ASAP and in great shape or else I'd risk the wrath of my girlfriend. As always, APMEX came through and everyone was happy! Thank you! You have a customer for life.


Thank you. I am thankful to have APMEX to deal with. I can"t say enough good things about your company.

You folks do an exceptional job for your customers and when we have completed the trade (receipt of items etc.) I would like to write a review on you and the staff as well as the products. I don't know if folks know how good APMEX really is compared to many dealers out there. You and the other folks I have dealt with at APMEX are very helpful, give the best buy prices and offer more products than many big time dealers in the country. In these times everyone needs to know a dealer they can turn to who offers the seller a very competitive price and excellent service.

Stan C.

I would like to tell you, I am completely satisfied with your service, and I will most probably do business with you in the future. I will also recommend you to friends and family.

Lance S.

I just wanted to say what a great company APMEX is. I ordered some gold and silver coins, slightly weary at first of buying online, but they came to my door in 3 days!!! I also love how they send step by step emails, it really adds a personal touch. I'm extremely happy with this company, and I will continue to buy from them, in fact, I'm thinking of buying some more right now.

Mac S.

Just a quick thanks, the order arrived as expected...1st class service ... thanks again until next buy.

Robert H.

APMEX works with the customer and makes you feel comfortable with the trade, whether buying or selling. And your delivery is quite exceptional. There is nothing more satisfying than when a person purchases an item from a dealer and receives it in a very short time. Just a very good overall experience.

Ann C.

Just wanted to let you know I received the check for the coins. Thank you so much for your patience and handling. You and APMEX are very professional and efficient and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Jon S.

I am looking at the latest addition to my modern gold collection, the 2009 UHR NGC MS70 PL. It arrived late yesterday afternoon and I must say it is everything you represented, and everything I expected. I can't say it enough that I do appreciate you taking the time to make this trade/purchase happen. I fully realize you trade in far larger amounts on a daily basis, but for me regardless of price, when purchasing coins sight unseen, it is always a pleasure to deal with knowledgeable, professional, honest people such as you. I look forward to my next purchase

John F.

APMEX is great!! I am very happy with the products and the service. Everything is secure and I can track my orders easily. I always get my products early and there are no problems with my shipments.

Eric S.

Another satisfied customer – Eric was very professional and informative . Keep it up and you have added another steady customer! Thanks

Rich A.

Thanks I just received my order with no problems as your reps stated that I would-I was a little apprehensive at first but you have my trust and I am ready to order more silver- Thanks

Simon R.

I received my first order from APMEX today, [the 17th]. The Canadian wolves are beautiful and I am well pleased. I'll certainly be ordering again and thank you for the great service that you provide.

Rory R.

You guys ROCK!!! Ordered my first coin just to check it out. Happy as a clam. Will buy more from you. Me and the wife will be solid customers from this day forward

William F

You people impress the heck out of me. Your customer service is above first rate. Last month I purchased a 200 count of Kennedy halves. I put them away and didn't take them out to look at them until last week. I found 9 coins that were not as advertised and sent an email 5 days ago to inform you of my find. This afternoon the mail carrier delivered a box from you containing 9 1964 replacements. That was totally unexpected but very appreciated. Thank you. Your company and its people are first rate.

Russell S.

I recently received my first order from you and I was VERY impressed! The packing was excellent and the quality of the NGC silver maple leaves left me very pleased. You have another loyal customer!

Michael J.

Received my coins yesterday. Thank you! Great price on some great coins! I'll be back soon.

Scott O.

I was pleased to receive shipment confirmation today on my recent order. One of the reasons I chose APMEX was your record on previous orders. As I'm sure you're well aware there are many competitors in the gold sales business. I've tried out a few and want you to know I chose APMEX for my biggest purchase to date because of my previous experience with your company. Keep up the great customer service.

Michael B.

Thanks Guys you are A++++ in my book

Wayne R.

I just want to say that APMEX is a great place to obtain gold, silver or other precious metals. My order was easy and quick. Their prices are very affordable (best that I have found) and they have made me feel comfortable and secure doing business with them. I highly recommend APMEX for all your precious metals needs.

Jim N.

You guys are great. I've tried other companies, but none compare to you. Ultra-fast shipping, quality rounds, great packaging...I'll be coming to you exclusively from now on. Keep up the good work!

Robert B.

Received my first order today. I am impressed with the service(3 days from order to delivery). Price and condition of materials is excellent. I was apprehensive before placing my order. Couldn't be more pleased with everything. Will be ordering again. GREAT JOB!!

Brian B.

APMEX is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. The order process is simple, the prices fair they and will continue to be my source for bullion and a real currency.

Steven S.

I have made two purchases from your site and am absolutely pleased with the quality of the site and the products. Also, your turn-around time from order to delivery is the best in the business, in my humble opinion. I will definitely always shop APMEX first to find a coin that I want.

Ruth G.

Your service is excellent. My orders all arrive in good shape and when you say they will.

Robert V.

I wish I'd known of you folks sooner! Very good service, very good prices, and super fast delivery! (with the help of the USPS)

James N.

First time buyer and was leary of placing a large order online. The US Mint listed APMEX as one of their distributors and one of the few with an A+ rating from the BBB. Your prices are the lowest (even lower than buying direct from a mint) and you have the best website of any that I've seen. Very easy to navigate, get info and place an order. Shipping was very fast and secure. Thank you.

Walter S.

This was the 1st time I've purchased a pre-1933 gold coin and I'm very pleased with the $5 Indian coin that was checked by Mike. I purchased the AU grade, and the coin shipped to me had detail lines on the headdress feathers. Very nice specimen. I'll be thinking of more pre-1933 coins from APMEX.

Alan D.

What's not to like? Placed my order on Sunday; paid by bank wire on Monday; received the goods the following Monday!!!!!!!! Saying I'm a satisfied customer is putting it mildly.

Alexander H.

I recently closed out my precious metals sub-account in my Roth IRA, requesting a transfer of all my precious metal units I had purchased from APMEX over the past five years. I was very impressed when I received the shipment from the depository to which APMEX had shipped my purchases over that period of time, as each and every item was exactly as had been described by your sales personnel at the time of purchase in terms of quality and variety. Your company needs to be informed of the high regard I have for its demonstrated integrity, honesty, and professionalism. I will continue to do business with APMEX in the future, as well as recommend its services to anyone in need of a precious metals purveyor. Thank you so much!

Kevin F.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Every time I order from you the items arrive very quickly and very neatly, discreetly, and securely packaged. The efforts put in by your staff really show. I should mention that most of my purchases have been APMEX branded items and they're all of top quality; In line with or better than any other brands out there. Please post this with pride and keep up the good work!

Bill B.

I received my order yesterday. I want to thank you for sending what you represented. I am very pleased and will be ordering again in the near future. It's great to work with such a great company. Thanks.

Elton R.

Thank you APMEX. Without your services I would not have been able to keep my collections up to date. I have at least one of every 24K Gold Buffalo in a 70 grade. Thanks again.

Matt C.

I appreciate the ease of buying online and the thorough follow-up with confirmation and delivery. I have recommended APMEX to a number of friends and colleagues.


Thanks APMEX! I just signed for my package. You guys are fast. APMEX is a first-class operation! Thanks again!

Carol D.

I just opened an account online and when I called with a couple questions, Margaret was very helpful and extremely pleasant. I look forward to doing business with your company. Keep up the good work!

Lou A.

Very happy with everything: coins, description, value, packing and transaction. Thanks!

Chris F.

Just want to let you know that I received my latest order very rapidly and well packaged. You guys are terrific!

Thomas G.

Why do I keep ordering from APMEX? This is why: super fast shipping and great coins. What’s not to like? Thanks again! I'll be back.

Don D.

I really appreciate your efficient website and overall business system. It makes the process quite easy and allows me to concentrate on making the best trading decision. Of course, one day in the future I may elect to sell some of my holdings back to you, and I expect the same efficient process. Thanks again for your follow-up note.

Dan M.

Top of the line service. Thanks again.

Frank S.

Your organization was highly rated by members of an email discussion group that I belong to.  You have excellent Better Business Bureau ratings.  Your markups were among the lowest that I found.  Your salesman took my order without trying to talk me into some other purchase.  My purchase arrived promptly. What's not to like?

Andre F.

Thanks a lot. You guys are the greatest! I asked for expedited payment, but did not expect one-day turnaround. What a nice surprise! Thanks again for your great service.

Shawn R.

Thank you for the note. I recommend APMEX whenever someone asks me about precious metals, and I have been a satisfied customer. You are my first choice.

Monique G.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed and happy I am with your company. I am just getting started buying silver coins and I made a small test order from another company. It took four weeks after having to make numerous calls complaining. I cannot believe how quick you sent my order out. Good job.

Charlie D.

Thank you for your professional services. I started out purchasing precious metals with APMEX some time ago and will continue to utilize your excellent services in the future. I highly recommend your firm to anyone who is considering diversification of their retirement portfolio.

Paul T.

Just completed the delivery survey for my most recent order. APMEX actually read, paid attention to, and fulfilled my special request. I had made a minor request of another dealer some time ago. Despite their acknowledgment, and my reminder sent with payment, they didn't come through. So I was doubtful that my special note would be heeded by APMEX. But to your commendation, it was! Thank you for going above and beyond.

Jack G.

Another order received from you with your usual excellent service, as always. The two gold Buffalos are beautiful. Thanks.

Ed S.

APMEX, tell me how you do it? My trader friend and I really try to stay abreast of the precious metals dealers who provide quality service at great prices. As usual, my order arrived promptly. It was a terrific on-sale item and I am very pleased. Keep up the outstanding work, folks. You truly are appreciated.

Steve S.

Whenever I call up customer service and ask for a favor, your people get the job done! APMEX is a first class operation! Thanks.

Shawn D.

Can't wait for my order to arrive. I'll place more orders in the near future, just watching the prices to buy as low as I can. With such a quick turnaround, I'll be buying with APMEX! Kind regards and thanks.

Randall W.

I have made several orders and each and every time the products are well wrapped and arrive in a timely manner. I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you.

Daniel H.

Let’s look at the facts after seven orders: 1) My payment was processed on average within 1.7 days. 2) Five out of seven orders were shipped before the estimated ship date, one on time; and one order one day late. 3) All seven orders were exact as far as count, product type and product quality. 4) The one time I encountered a problem with an order, a five-minute phone call took care of everything. 5) APMEX service rocks and they will continue to receive all of my business and referrals.

Jon L.

I have been collecting, buying and selling since grade school. I have bought and sold to APMEX over many years now. APMEX can be trusted whether you’re buying or selling small or writing a check for tens of thousands of dollars. APMEX comes through. Even when an error is made, APMEX will stand by their word and make it right! APMEX is a name you can trust. Thank you again.

Jian Z.

My first order received within four days after my credit card was charged. The quality of the silver coins delivered is perfect and the packaging is very professional. It seems that I just found a good vendor for my future metal coin purchases. Thank you and keep up the good work!

David W.

The postman just brought my silver Buffalos, Koala, and Panda about five minutes ago. They are absolutely beautiful. I'm ready to order more. Thanks.

Jeff G.

I am looking forward to working with you guys. I did much research on many companies and decided to use you for all my precious metals investments. Very easy.

Steven W.

Wow! I sent in a 'suggestion' yesterday about your web site. Today I received a nice note back that the web page will be updated. Since when does a company really listen to a customer? Nice. I've been a customer for a couple of years. I appreciate your business and employees!

Scott M.

WOW! I placed my very first order with you on Saturday, April 17th. It was processed on Sunday, shipped on Monday, April 19th, and I received it today, April 21st! In the package with my silver were two cards from order checkers thanking me for my business. It is so refreshing to see some companies still practice great customer service! Thank you so much!

Frank R.

I live out in the boonies. I was apprehensive about ordering silver bars over the Internet, but your fine service and true representation have changed my mind - totally. You are my main source, now. Great doing business with you. Fair prices without the usual haggling. Thanks again!

Rob W.

Just wanted to thank you guys for being so professional with customer service and keeping quality as a priority. I have only been a customer for a couple of months, but you now have a customer for life! Thank you again!

Jeff S.

It is always nice to deal with people who take their business and reputation so seriously. I look forward to future transactions.

Dane M.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and the professionalism of your staff and company. I have dealt with a few others and you folks have my business from now on!

Fred G.

Received my order with no problems. Excellent job as usual. You guys are the only ones I trust.

Steve J.

I placed my first order for silver and it was shipped promptly via certified delivery. I was not home when the package arrived so the courier left a delivery slip that I never found. I went to the courier and asked about the package and they had made a mistake: it was scheduled to be shipped back to the sender. I called APMEX about it and told them to look for the package. Less than five minutes later I received a call back from APMEX. They told me that they spoke to the courier and had arranged for me to pick up my package at the courier. Now that is fantastic service! Thank you!

Randa L.

Thank you for the note. I really do appreciate it. So far I have been very pleased with the quality and service you have given me and look forward to doing more business with you.

Janie S.

I have been doing business with you for many years and have always been very happy with your service and fast delivery. I recommend you to all my friends who want to invest in precious metals. Thanks!

Daniel C.

Wow it is hard to believe I actually got a personal thank you from a large business like yours. I am glad you take the time to do that for your customers. I have ordered from you before and you guys do a great job. I have already recommended your business to others I know. Thank you and have a great day.

Gary B.

I've been ordering from APMEX since mid 2007 and I can say with great confidence that there is no better precious metals dealer. APMEX offers a product that is capable of helping secure your future. The value, service and security offered by APMEX have certainly made me feel more confident about my future. I sincerely appreciate how, even when i've been a little unsure, your group has always shown patience and understanding. That means so much to me since I know that I can sometimes be a difficult customer. I will continue to purchase precious metals from your company.

Bert D.

I want to report on my experience with APMEX. I am skeptical, so I was naturally hesitant on my first purchase with this website. But, I am happy to say I am very impressed with the customer service and the professional efficiency of this company. My order was processed quickly, I got exactly what I ordered, and it arrived in a damn-near indestructible box (tamper-proof). It was discreetly packaged (obscure security) and I had to show ID when signing for shipment. Thanks APMEX for taking my business with you seriously and protecting my shipment all the way from you to my hands. I just made my next order!

Kirk S.

Wow! This was my first encounter with you and I couldn't be happier. The order arrived perfectly packed and was exactly like the description. I would recommend APMEX for sure. Thanks!

Dan H.

I'm a first-time customer and want to thank you for an easy transaction, prompt service and quick delivery.

Ryan P.

Your product is always delivered on time. You have a great inventory of bullion, great packaging, and I love the easy website for ordering! Thank you. I refer all my friends to APMEX for service.

Todd D.

This was my first venture into metals as an investment. I was referred to APMEX by a friend. While I did have my initial reservations, the company reviews and the feel of the site sealed the deal for me. Your customer service staff was very helpful and reassuring. My product arrived just as described and in a timely manner. I will definitely be back and will recommend APMEX to others. I can't wait for the popcorn!

Alex B.

Wow! Just wanted to let you know that I received my very first order with you guys and i'm thoroughly impressed. Got it in just two days after the shipment confirmation. I started to dabble with precious metals as a New Year's resolution so I got to it the very first week of January. I have to say without any doubt that APMEX is top notch. No hassle, no deception, no pressure, the site is very easy to navigate, information is very clear and the shipment of metals is professionally packed and delivered with impressive speed. Thank you for your professionalism. It is much appreciated and comforting especially during these uncertain times. I’m anxious to start my next order and look forward to doing business with you from now on. I will not hesitate in recommending APMEX to my friends and family. Take care and God bless.

Karen M.

My order arrived today, and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would like to thank you and hope to buy more coins from you in the future.

Ruth M.

I have just received my second order from APMEX, and it is even better than the first. Your company has earned a lifetime customer of me. I have already placed my third order, and i'm sure it will be just as great as the first two. Thank you!

Valerie W.

I received my shipment as promised and the shipping company was very reliable. I received the email from you and the shipping company which made me feel that my order had your full attention.

Jeffrey S.

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with my Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins. The spot price is reasonable on silver and the face value is the highest per value of any coin.

Joshua L.

I just wanted to say that I will use you from now on for my silver bullion needs. The bullion I received was in excellent condition and came to my house quicker than I expected. Thanks again.

Steve W.

This was our second order with your company. You have come very highly recommend by a friend who has done a lot of business with you. I look forward to many more purchases in 2010, and building a long relationship with APMEX.

David L.

Every order has been perfect. You seem to treat each order, no matter if it's big or small, as if it was your most important one. Thanks for the professionalism, I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Ruth M.

I bought a roll of Good or Better Barber Dimes from APMEX, and wow was I surprised by what I received (within a week and a half of ordering, even when I ordered during the holidays). These dimes are wonderful! I have purchased from other sites, and APMEX has definitely been the best. Signing up for an account is very easy, ordering coins is easy and APMEX kept me informed about the status of my order, which I really appreciate! I have placed my second order, and I’m sure it will be just as wonderful as the first. Thank you.

Ches C.

You are the best around. Always the best in pricing. I use APMEX as my guide for fair pricing all over the Internet. No one around can touch your quality or pricing. I love APMEX!

Gene R.

Thank you for being such an easy and outstanding company to work with. Looking forward to getting an app for my BlackBerry.

Brian E.

This was my first time buying bullion online. As you might imagine, I was very skeptical, and chose APMEX only after reading several blogs in an attempt to find the most reputable dealer with the lowest premium and best service. I was pleasantly surprised by APMEX! My purchase arrived quickly, and I was able to track its status online. The product was exactly what I expected. Beautiful! Thanks again!

Dale W.

Your team has earned my trust. I no longer pursue any other bullion dealer. I look forward to future transactions with APMEX and the peace of mind I have doing business with you.

Francis C.

I received my shipment on time as always, I ordered silver coins and bars of several different types and weights. The quality was elite. Even the packaging was hand wrapped! I have so much to comment on I can't fit it all in here. Happy New Year APMEX!

Kirk W,

Seasons Greetings! Just wanted you to know that this afternoon I received a surprise gift from APMEX via UPS. It was a large metal tub of 3 flavors of popcorn. What a pleasant surprise. i've been doing business with you for the past two years and have always received great service and product. Thank you and a pleasant holiday season to all of you at APMEX.

Tom O.

I have been a serious collector since January 1967 when silver was $1.29 an ounce. Today at almost $18.50, I am very happy with my decision. APMEX is an excellent dealer and service provider with exceptionally low markups. Congrats on great public service.

Frank A.

I have been buying precious metals (gold proofs, bullion, silver, etc.) from APMEX for several months now and each time my transaction was professionally handled. Most importantly, my items were of excellent quality and were exactly as I had expected. For anyone that is hesitant about buying precious metals over the internet, you can rest assured that APMEX is an excellent seller and I highly recommend their store.

Joe M.

Thank you for the gift of canned flavored popcorn. Unfortunately I was away on business when it arrived and my wife found it and I did not get a single piece. But she did say how good it was.

Clifford S.

Just received the order I placed last week, as usual in perfect order. Best prices online for bullion - keep up the good work! Very, very satisfied. Thanks again.

Timothy S.

Thanks so much for the popcorn. My two kids loved it; my 8 year-old daughter insisted I write and thank you!

Alex P.

I've trusted APMEX with over $15,000 of my money and I am very pleased with both the service, easy ordering process, punctuality of delivery, and the unexpected Christmas gift that I recently received from APMEX. You have class and it is a pleasure to do business with you. I encourage all of my extended family and friends to purchase through your company. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Robert S.

Just wanted to say thank you for the tin of popcorn. You guys are great. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Gary P.

I received your Christmas gift today. Thank you very much! This is the first year that I purchased metals and I am very glad that I selected you for my dealer. Your service has been great. I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. Thanks again.

Pete L.

In an age where customer service driven corporations are dwindling, and profit mongering 'too big to fail' 800-pound gorillas are thriving, APMEX is a refreshing gold nugget in the rough! Your CSRs deserve a huge 'atta-boy (girl)' pat on the back and are the sole reason I will be doing 100% of my purchasing through you! Thank you very much!


I have been buying coins, mostly numismatics and ETFs since 1993, after I concluded that the US fiscal and monetary policies were a train wreck waiting to happen. Right now I am in the process of converting some ETFs into the physical metal. I have to tell you that of all the major players APMEX has the best pricing. That is not the only reason that I choose to purchase from APMEX however. I have found prices to be up to date almost by the minute, the ordering process to be extremely simple and most importantly, completely reliable.

Jason R.

I just received your holiday gift and wanted to say thank you. I have never had a company send me something like this before. It was a wonderful surprise.

Thomas C.

I just received a Christmas card and a gift of a popcorn tin from you. That was very kind. Thank you. In fact, it is a family tradition in our house to enjoy one of these popcorn tins during the holidays. So when I opened the box, my kids were pretty excited. A perfect gift! Thanks again.

Joe S.

Without question, it was a big decision to protect my family's future and I did my homework to determine which companies were most reputable and offered the best customer service. APMEX came out as one of the top companies. I look forward to doing continued business with you.

Lydia S.

I have purchased from several gold sellers online and I have been happiest with your service and speedy delivery. Some held my money and did not send my order for four months. I felt they were making money on my money before delivery and I was not happy. Your's is the best company I have done business with online. Thank you for your service.

Richard M.

I am very happy with the service I retain from APMEX, and I probably won't go anywhere else. I appreciate the daily email and only wish I could do more business with you. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

Ken S.

Just thought that I would let you know: I opened my online account with APMEX on 11/17, placed my first order the next day 11/18, cut the Bank Wire on 11/19, received appropriate emails regarding shipment, etc., and to my great surprise, I took delivery of my order this morning 11/23! What an amazing, delightful experience! I would like to deeply thank APMEX and all of its fine staff for providing such great, professional, and prompt service on my recent order - my first with APMEX, but be assured, it will not be my last! I shall look forward for the opportunity to do business with APMEX again!

Purvesh K.

Excellent service and product. You guys rock! I have purchased four times from you and all the time I am extremely happy with the service!

Matt S.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. My package arrived within the estimated time frame and was well packaged and I could tell it was packed with care. Even the extra space in the shipping box had ample cushioning so that the coins did not gyrate while en route. Everything was accounted for and in pristine condition.

Ron S.

I have been dealing with APMEX in the buying and selling of gold and silver coins for several years now with great satisfaction. Thanks for answering all questions with professional knowledge and shipping every order promptly and accurately. I plan on continuing to do business with your company in the future.

Kerry F.

I am an avid 'serious' coin collector/investor and quality is of the utmost importance. I ordered a small platinum 1/10 oz. bullion-related coin, among other items, and sent this coin to NGC for grading never expecting a grade north of MS-68. When I received my group of coins back from the grading company, I was shocked to see that this coin was deemed an MS-70 (a perfect coin). This particular transaction with you seems to be the 'rule' rather than the 'exception' as this was not my first dealings with you and I can honestly say, it will not be my last. Keep up the excellent quality and service.

Michael B.

Got my shipment today ahead of schedule! They look awesome! i'm going to go roll around in them like Scrooge McDuck

Nancy P.

After multiple orders, your company has yet to fail me! Thank you for your consistent and prompt service. This is the only place I would order from and recommend to others.

Narendra S.

I just received my fifth order which I requested to be expedited. I would like to thank the management for the excellent quality and commendable services. Thanks again.

Robert H.

You continue to surpass your efforts in delivering products to the customer! I ordered a kilo bar and while I was out of state, it was delivered to my home before your email got to me! While I thought the post office slip was for another item on Saturday, it was actually the bar I ordered on Thursday! Just great to see a company that does not hold the items we buy, but goes out of their way to make sure the customer gets their items as promptly as possible. Outstanding!

Kerry M.

My twelfth purchase arrived 10/16 and as always it came earlier than expected, very discreet and well packaged. The coins are beautiful and far exceeded my expectations. Your customer service is excellent. I am eagerly awaiting my next order to arrive. Thank you so very much.

Jasmin S.

I used this site for my first gold purchase. It was extremely easy to locate what I needed and everything came packaged just as described on the site. I also got my package the day after it shipped. i'm very happy with the entire experience. I will definitely use this company again for future purchases and have highly recommended it to all my friends and family.

Mitch F.

I'd like you to know that I could not be more pleased with the service and products that I have recently purchased from you! There is more to service than just a less expensive commodity, although, APMEX has had the lowest prices that I have seen anywhere on the internet. Even when purchasing with a credit card and paying the extra percentage, you're still lower! The prompt expedited shipping is just 'icing on the cake.' I just wish I had started purchasing precious metals a long time ago, but I look forward to purchasing more from APMEX! Thank you very much!

Bernard M.

I just wanted to say that APMEX is the best on the web for precious metals - hands down. I have bought precious metals from a number of dealers and none can compare to APMEX. Accurate orders, prompt secure delivery, and great customer service keeps me coming back every time. I love these guys and will only shop APMEX!

Mitchell H.

Just received my APMEX silver bullion bars today. This is my second order in 40 days from APMEX. I appreciate the care you take in packaging my jingle mail packages as with other companies. Also, your site is the best in ease of ordering and your FAQ's leave nothing unanswered. APMEX will continue to be my go-to company for all my precious metals. Great job!

Justin S.

I have placed a few orders with APMEX recently. I just wanted to say that it is a real pleasure to deal with you guys and I couldn't be happier with the speed and efficiency of your operation. I just wanted to say a big thank you!


Your professionalism is awesome, your staff very helpful, and shipping is fast. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I ordered on a Tuesday and received on a Friday. That is record time. Thank you all so very much and a big Aloha.

Dan M.

I've been with you guys for five years now. Best prices, best service, Oklahoma hospitality, and you buy when I need to sell. Hope to visit your store again soon. My sons now buy from you too. Thanks.


Your shipping department rocks! I am very happy with all of my orders from start to finish! You carry items the other sites don't. Please keep it up and I will continue to shop APMEX and recommend others do the same! Thank you!

Richard B.

I just wanted to say how impressed and pleased with your service I am. I ordered some Silver Eagles on Monday; they arrived today, Thursday.

Chuck Q.

My first Silver order with APMEX and i'm very pleased. Coins are as described and ingots are beautiful and clearly marked .999 Fine Silver. This is my place to buy silver. Thanks.

Rusty S.

What a great company you run. i've purchased numerous orders over the last couple years - always with satisfactory results. Now i've even received a beautiful 1 oz. silver art round of your own manufacture, which I won in your Coin Giveaway. Many thanks again!

Charles O.

APMEX, You guys are tops! ALL of my orders have arrived within five days of ordering and in good shape! Your shipping department and prices are the best! I will be back many, many times! Thanks for the great service.

James D.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your customer service, the fast shipping, and the great looking coins! What I like the most is your wide selection of coins. Everyone keep up the great work! i'll keep passing on your name when asked where the safest place to buy coins is. I always say APMEX.COM

Jon J.

I received my shipment last week. Nicely packaged, quickly delivered and reasonably priced. Happy to do business with you and will refer friends.

Clarence H.

APMEX is a great company to do business with. Great customer service whether buying or selling and super fast shipping. A wide variety of products at reasonable prices. Thanks to your whole organization for handling my orders!

Jake K.

Wow! I was referred to you and you came highly recommended. Super fast shipping, great products at fair prices and excellent customer service. A customer for life.

Stephen S.

I just received my coins and I wanted to thank you guys for making the entire process fun and enjoyable. APMEX has certainly earned my trust and respect through continuous professionalism and superior service. Thanks again!

Steven F.

Received my first order from you yesterday. I couldn't be more pleased with the smoothness and professionalism with which my order was handled. There is a good reason why you have an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau. I will be making all my future purchases through you. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jennie W.

I am writing to thank you for your great service and reasonable prices. I have done extensive research on various coin dealers via the Internet and have compared your prices with the rest; yours are almost always better. I am a gold and silver 'bug' who buys in small quantities, and your service has been outstanding and incredibly reliable. I just received a shipment today and am amazed with how well you package things. As well, your web site is very user friendly. Thank you!


I have been ordering from APMEX for the past few months and I am very pleased with the merchandise I receive. I can only afford a little each month but I love what I get and the prices are very reasonable. Thanks for the great service.

Joseph P.

I was very satisfied with the product I recently purchased, it arrived in perfect condition. Your shipping is also the best i've used.

James Y.

After nearly three years as a customer I just want to say thanks to the fine people at APMEX who have helped educate and guide me in my precious metals investments.

David K.

I received my first order but certainly not my last from APMEX today. I wanted to inform you that all of the coins, except one, were exactly as described and the order processed much faster than expected. The coin that was not as described was the 1948-D MS-63 Full Bell Lines (.50). The coin received was the rare 1948-D no D variety. Fortunately I needed that one too. Just wanted you to know for your inventory purposes. I am very happy with my order and will be a repeat customer.

Sidney H.

My order arrived today and all was better than expected. You kept me informed and delivery was fast. Thank you. Hope to buy from you again.

Greg B.

APMEX, thanks! I have ordered from three different web sites and you are, by far, the easiest. My order arrived before scheduled and in perfect condition. Not to mention your prices and premiums beat anyone online. Thanks.

Dennis S.

I have made several purchases from APMEX and I am extremely satisfied with each transaction. The web site is easy to navigate. Orders are very easy to place and orders were processed very quickly. APMEX has made silver easily available to the small investor. I do not think better service could be found elsewhere.

Jeff S.

I guess I should let you know that the package arrived Friday. Very nice! I’m very happy with this transaction and look forward to more in the future.

William R.

I only started collecting coins a year ago. Reviewing other web sites, their policies, pictures, info, quality, service, online help, and security are factors I consider. Thanks for having all of these, it sure helps shopping online headache free.

Ralph H.

Awesome first order - You did what you said you would do and then some. Excellent product, service and speedy delivery.

Craig W.

Thanks to you, APMEX, for your great and friendly service and not to mention the APMEX rounds are a wonderful value and look great! I ordered on a Saturday night through the web site. It was my first order with APMEX and by 10:00 a.m. Monday morning I received an email saying my order was being processed. I was to leave for vacation next week so I called to ask how long the shipping would take. I was treated with kindness and professionalism by your customer service professional and she told me my order would be right out...and she wasn't kidding. On Tuesday I received an email saying my order was shipped and on Wednesday I had my new shiny APMEX rounds in my hand. A very satisfying and peaceful transaction with APMEX...and very quick shipping. I will recommend APMEX for quality silver, professionalism, easy to contact and quick shipping. I look forward to making my next order! Thank you.

John M.

I would like to thank APMEX for their business. They make it so easy to do business. The packaging is great, prompt and you get exactly what you pay for! Thanks again!

Jan J.

I've dealt with APMEX for several years buying online but just completed my first sell transaction. Staff was helpful and very knowledgeable with my questions. The first transaction process was fast, check in the mail the next day. That is excellent service!

Carl M.

Again, you have done an excellent job for me. This is my fourth purchase, and it went like the others, fault free and the best. Thanks!

John J.

Thank you for a site that is easy to use. i'm also pleased that I can see most coins I am interested in purchasing. Thanks again.

Patrick M.

I just picked up three orders at the post office and was very pleased with all the product. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

William M.

I've been using your service since last summer, and I have had nothing but good experiences.

Karl H.

Just wanted to let you know that my 1/4th oz. Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin arrived safely today, and it looks absolutely great. I appreciate the rather fast shipping as well. This was my very first gold coin purchase, but it won't be my last. i'll be back! I would like to be able to afford to purchase a larger coin next time, such as a 1/2 oz., or maybe a 1 oz. coin. But for now, this 1/4 oz. coin will do just fine. You have made my very first gold coin purchase a memorable event. Thanks very much.

Bernie T.

I received my Gold and Platinum Maple Leaf shipment from you on Friday and want to thank you for the prompt shipping and extremely helpful customer service. I use APMEX because you consistently have the earliest availability of new Royal Canadian Mint products and some of the best prices i've found. i've been very satisfied with each of my purchases from you and will continue to use your service in the future.

Arun K.

My first foray into gold purchases. Great experience with APMEX. I received my consignment within four days and two of them were the weekend! Very satisfied with the entire experience and look forward to more purchases.

Mark G.

Thank you so much. I am very impressed with APMEX and their employees. All three transactions I have made have been a pleasure. Have a great day.

Brian E.

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. I am very happy doing business with this impeccable company.

Murrell H.

I just received my product and am pleased that you take pride in your customers regardless of the amount paid for the product. I was leery at first as i've never heard of your company but now it's first on my list! Thank you so much. Keep this up and i'll be a lifetime buyer.


I went directly to the post office on Saturday and they did have my package. Everything looks great. Thank you for the great service.

Gary B.

While traveling overseas, my eldest got into one of my orders from APMEX and told me the $10 gold Liberties were beautiful. You folks are always sending good product and on time and you recently helped me when the postal service was sitting on my package. So after my son's raving reviews of the last order that was received I could not help myself but send in another order today. Thank you for being such a good supplier.

Mark F.

Just received my order earlier than expected. Thank you for your prompt delivery. The coins are in very nice condition and you can look forward to my future orders. Once again, thanks.

Ernie C.

I am very satisfied with the professionalism of your company. You never over charge and I would not be surprised if you were the leading bullion seller in the world. You have made me want to be a customer for decades to come and I tell everyone I know interested in obtaining precious metals to go through you. Thank you for your straightforward dealing and know I will be a customer for life!

Mike P.

Received my order and am very pleased. Looking forward to my next purchase. Thanks!

Bob V.

As always, I appreciate your courtesy and competitive prices.  By the way, I received my previous order today, and I am very pleased with the coins.

D. Elkins

I just received my first order from your company. Talk about lightning-fast delivery! I will certainly look forward to future purchases

Joseph S.

Thank you for your professionalism and careful attitude in which our order was handled. This is our second order we placed and if we do any more ordering, it will be with APMEX. We congratulate you on a business that maintains its truth in not only what it advertises but also in what it backs up. Its word.


Received my order today. Thanks for the very fast service.

Andrew M.

Just a note to say it is always a pleasure to do business with you. i've been very happy with the service and turnaround i've gotten doing business with APMEX.

Pamela M.

APMEX: I just wanted to comment on the efficiency, dependability, and experience of your company. I am 110% satisfied with the service and quality that I have received. I truly applaud your company and all those who work there. Thank you for the excellent service.

Cliff M.

I just received my first order within 84 hours. Packaging excellent and great customer service! I will be ordering again shortly just mouse clicks away. Have a great day. Thank you Team APMEX.

Mark H.

APMEX is far superior to Processing/shipping and receipt time is 75% better. Get my order in days vs. weeks. Will buy from APMEX every time. Thanks.

Cindy K.

We want to thank you APMEX for a very fast shipment. We will be purchasing from you in the future. Thank you!

Wayne R.

Thank you. Your service is by far the best overall of any I deal with. Keep up the good work.

Peter M.

First time customer, your 99 cent over spot on silver was too good to pass up. I purchased your 1 oz. APMEX silver rounds and APMEX 10 oz. bars. The air tight packaging is a great idea. Shipping was fast and these products are excellent! Whoever does your minting is to be highly commended. Thanks so much for a great transaction and I will be ordering much more from you in the near future.

Ursula A.

I received your Engelhard Prospector coins today. They're beautiful. Thank you for your prompt service. I am anticipating my next order with your company. Can't stop looking at your web site. Thanks.

Eric R.

Hello, I ordered silver ingots as my first ever purchase of fine metal. I am very pleased with the competitive pricing and no hassle ordering. Also, I got my order quickly with professional communication. The expert care of the products for shipping and the product quality overall is outstanding. I will continue to use AMPEX in the future. Thank you,

Joseph S.

I want to thank you for shipping my order to me promptly and proficiently. The coins are beautiful and my wife and I are grateful for your service. God bless APMEX.

Judy G.

Thank you so much for your very high level of professionalism on my fairly recent order.

Brian D.

I want to thank you for the exceptional service in orders I have made in the past. Whether it be $50.00 or $2,000.00, my orders have been handled quickly and accurately

Matt C.

Alert Me! What a great idea! I suggested that a while ago, and there it is. Thanks APMEX!

Andy P.

I really like you guys. Ordering stuff from you is easy, and most of all trustable/dependable/reliable. That is hard to find in your line of work, in my experience(especially nowadays). You guys rock so keep up the good work!

Gary B.

Over the past year my wife and I have been purchasing from you. We have been very satisfied. I recently put in two large orders (large by our standards) but prior to doing that I used GATT to check on other dealers. After scanning their web sites and seeing their prices and delivery times, I ran right back to your web site to place these two orders. You folks have the best prices and the best delivery and what I already knew is that you ship what you advertise. Can not ask for more then that. So you will see future orders coming from either myself or my wife Virginia. Keep up the good work.

Mike P.

Received my order on 4/29/09. I am extremely pleased with my entire transaction and am looking forward to more of the same! Thank you!

Victor T.

My orders have come on time every time. You guys have it together and thanks for the container for my gold bars. You have my business and trust. Thanks again.

Samuel M.

I just received my order and it was here quickly and accurately. Thanks for such a quality product and great service!

Kelly R.

Hello, I wanted to compliment you on the fast, courteous service I received this week. My order was perfect! I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future, and have already passed your site on to other interested friends, one who placed his order the same day I did. Thanks again!

Tod D.

Got my order today. Good packaging. You guys are on the ball. Thanks.

Vester S.

Outstanding service. All aspects of the transaction were first class. No reason to search out another dealer. 100% satisfied.

Hendricks E.

Received my shipment today, and everything was great. I appreciate the good service. I plan to order again soon.

Karl T.

Hi guys. Received my order. Thanks! Great service!

Dan M.

Been buying from you guys for at least five years. Absolutely the best, most service oriented, and best priced bullion company I have ever found. I tell everybody about you and remain a loyal customer! Moved from Tulsa, OK to Tampa, FL and now spread the word about you down here. Thanks again.

Thomas G.

You have made me a very happy man. Thanks.

David P.

I received my APMEX silver bar order today - my third order in the month of April. I think the APMEX bar design is the finest of the bars i've recently purchased. Please don't ever change the 'proof' quality of your name brand bars. Buyers like them shiny!

Bob V.

Received three shipments from you today. Thank you for your timely shipping and for the high quality of the coins you sent.

Stephen P.

Great. You guys have the best customer service.

Scott S.

After several purchases, I am very pleased and impressed. Fast, accurate grading and a great price! Many thanks.

Waylen B.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the check for our transaction the other day. Thank you for another smooth transaction - this time on the buying side. You guys are great, I will choose you again when I next buy precious metals. Thanks so much.

Milan N.

Beyond expectations. You shipped 'Express Mail' for next day by noon and paid more then I paid for shipping to you. Much appreciated. i've been dealing with you now for four years and referred a few friends. We have started comparing best APMEX experiences. I wish my place of employment ran this efficient. Thanks again!

Joe R.

Received my first two orders from APMEX today. You folks rate 5 Stars! Quality coins, accurate descriptions, careful packaging and speedy delivery. You'll see me back again.

Robert C.

Got my coin yesterday in the mail. Really a nice looking coin. Thank you for your fast service. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks again.

John K.

Received my order. Very happy with entire transaction. Plan to buy more silver soon. Thanks.

Jason A.

I received my coins yesterday. I am very pleased with the excellent process that APMEX uses. It is quick, efficient and very dependable. I hope to do a lot of business with APMEX in the future. Thank you.

Robert H.

Just wanted to let you know that the check did come and I am very pleased with the coins I traded with you. Excellent. Looking forward to doing more business in the future.

Ron F.

I recently received my order from you. You guys did a great job! I am very pleased with your service. I will continue to use your services and recommend you to anyone I 'CONVERT' to precious metals. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Thomas G.

Once again and for the 13th time (and not the last) you are are the best! One can buy gold/silver almost anywhere, but one cannot get the service you provide, except at APMEX. Looking forward to my next order. Thanks again

Luke W.

Thank you for the timely response. I guess I just needed a little reassurance on this matter. You guys have the best reputation of all the online dealers. Everyone I know who has purchased from you has nothing but positive things to say. I have referred your company to a few people and will continue to do so if given the opportunity. Thanks again and take care.

Mario S.

Received my order today, ordered 3/10 and received 3/14. I am a first time buyer and my experience was wonderful and easy! I will be doing business with you again soon! Thanks,

Robert P.

You guys are great!  I received my order within five calendar days!  After two months I still have at least two more months of waiting for delivery from one of your competitors.  Wish I had found you first! P.S. I just placed another order with you.

Jon O.

I cannot find the little feedback link anymore, but I am compelled to tell you that I am very happy with my experience with APMEX. Not only were my 15 purchases perfect, but also my four sales to APMEX were great as well! Two-way trading is important to me! i'll be around for more!

Steve M.

Thanks so much. You folks are always awesome to deal with!

Wendy H.

Dear APMEX Staff: Thank you for your prompt service in wiring the money to my account. You guys are great -- this is why I continue doing business with APMEX!

Mike B.

Very pleased with the silver bars I received as an exchange for other bars that I was not happy with. Brandon in customer service was very helpful and took care of the whole exchange quickly and satisfactorily. Thanks!

Dave H.

I am well pleased with the service that I have received in my purchase of the 1880 cc gsa (ngc 64) silver dollar. Thank you for the wonderful coin and the excellent service provided. If the price of the 1890 and/or 1891 cc gsa silver dollars come down a bit, I will definitely be considering APMEX for my purchases. Thanks.

Ward B.

My last purchase (from another company) resulted in constant calls from the company. This time, I searched a number of companies and blogs and read complaint after complaint. The name APMEX turned up twice with compliments next to complaints about the other company. So, I decided to give APMEX a try. My wire transfer order was placed late on a Wednesday afternoon. I was totally amazed come Friday morning (less than 48 hours later) to find that my order processed in Oklahoma had made its way to Pennsylvania. I have never had any type of order delivered at this rate of speed. The package was very nicely assembled. One would not suspect what it contained judging by the size. I have already been telling others about APMEX. Thank you, APMEX!

Brandon S.

Just wanted to let APMEX know that I have received the bars and shipping reimbursement. I have to say that APMEX customer service is top notch. Thank you.

Rob E.

Thank you!  Great customer service!

Jon S.

You folks do a great job of fulfilling orders! Timely, professional and efficient! I wish the U.S. Mint could be as good on its shipment of the Ultra High Relief St. Gaudens -- which have been delayed and delayed and delayed! Hope you get some of the original St. Gaudens in stock soon.

Jordan K.

You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Bruce M.

I am a new silver investor and recently received my first order. Your company is great and my transaction was perfect. You're never quite sure when you send your hard earned money off to the unknown but I was very pleased and have already submitted my second order. Thank you for the great service!

Charles M.

Dear APMEX, this is the best service one could ask for. I placed a small order on 2/26, a Thursday, credit card cleared on Friday and today, Monday 3/02, my order was here. Thanks for all the little guys. Just hope that this year is a lot better so the orders can increase again. Thanks again for the great service and I will surely be back in the near future.

Howard M.

Just wanted to say that you guys are the best. Everything I have ordered was delivered in perfect condition and your turnaround time is awesome. Just wanted to give you guys some well earned compliments! Thank you!

Steve G.

I just received the order shipping notice this morning - awesome turnaround! For someone like myself who runs a business where timing and public sentiment is paramount, quick decisions about products and inventory are the norm. APMEX is helping me meet those demands and continue to be responsive to customer's needs in a chaotic economy. Kudos! Thanks for making a difference!

Michael R.

Item receivied! Thank you very much! I appreciate a business that follows through and meets expectations!

Mark G.

I just received my first order from you today. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great care in which my order was shipped. The professional packaging my fine silver investment was placed in was flawless! I am new to the world of fine metal and coin investments. I look forward to future orders and the chance to learn more on investing from you. This was a fun and exciting start for me. Thank you all.

Luke W.

Thank you for the timely response. I guess I just needed a little reassurance on this matter. You guys have the best reputation of all the online dealers. Everyone I know who has purchased from you has nothing but positive things to say. I have referred your company to a few people and will continue to do so if given the opportunity. Thanks again and take care.

Charles H.

Thank you for your prompt shipment. Great experience for a first-time buyer.

Chris J.

Just wanted to confirm this order was received today. Much thanks. Can't wait to buy more!

Mike N.

APMEX employees and staff, as always, my recent purchase arrived safely, exact to description and on time. I wish more companies operated as yours does! Keep up the good work! Thank you.

Dan R.

I need to tell you that my experience with APMEX was no less than perfect. From start to finish my transaction was handled very professionally and efficiently. Please pass my thanks and gratitude on to all that were involved.

John A.

I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your service. Very prompt and the coins are beautiful. I will be placing my next order very soon. Thank you.

Russell A.

Wow! First time customer. I placed my order last week and my shipment arrived today. I used to say if the rest of the world ran like Southwest Airlines and UPS it would be a better place. Now I can add APMEX to that list of great customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again.


I received my order of three 10 oz. silver bars three days before the planned shipping date. As usual, good service and good price. It's the reason I keep coming back to do business with APMEX. Keep up the good work.

Glenn B.

Thanks again for the great customer service. Fast, friendly and professional service from a great group of people. I love the layout of the web page. The ladies in customer service are exceptional!

Matt W.

Just wanted to say thank you. You all at APMEX are very professional and do a wonderful job. I have dealt with other bullion dealers and you all are the nicest and most helpful, as well as prompt with your service. You will continue to have my business. Keep up the good work. Thank you and God bless.

James B.

Thanks for selling and for being around. The service I have received has been perfect. Extra fast shipping to Alaska! Your prices are very comparable. I used to buy from E-bay, now I purchase from your group. You're more trusted and better prices, and no hidden fees. Thanks again.

Gene L.

I wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful staff I talked with and your fast and dependable shipping department. I received all my sliver proof coins in excellent shape in January 2009. Thanks for being number one in the metal exchange department.

Jeffrey S.

Dear APMEX Customer Service: Thank you again for the timeliness of your shipment of this order.

Chase H.

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that i'm very satisfied with the turnaround time on getting my delivery out! I just got my confirmation email of my order and appreciate the initiative on beating the expectant date! Thanks!

Joe S.

Thanks for the email. I just thought I would give some positive feedback on the latest order. My father and I more or less share an account here after I made my initial metals purchase. I suggested my father go through APMEX simply because you guys have much better pricing than other dealers. After my first order, I had no issues recommending you as a dealer to my father.</br>I do plan on making a small order for myself soon to supplement what I have thus far. Regardless, the order was shipped in a more or less secure manner, and we're quite pleased with the product itself. You're one of the few vendors that deals in Credit Suisse pamps. You have better pricing for these things, and I defy anyone to find a better buy price. I have seen other dealers that won't even give you spot unless it's in an allocated pool in which you don't physically hold the commodity in your hand.</br>In the meantime, I await my funding for my next order and will be watching the markets accordingly. I do plan on doing business again with you, and my father just might also. Thanks. </br>

David Y.

I am extremely impressed at your overall service. I have ordered with APMEX quite a few times and every time I get my items just the way APMEX advertises. I had a small request today and spoke to Jana. Without hesitation she was willing to find a solution. I want to make sure that a manager or your owner realizes that your company does a great job in terms of its customer service.

Rich R.

Hi. Just a note to let you guys (and gals too!) know that I received my order today (Sat. 2-7-09) and the coin looks great. It's my first VAM Morgan. i'll pick out something else later.

Paul D.

Received my order today. It's great to deal with a company such as yours. My order arrived promptly and the items were shipped securely. i'm sure we will be doing more business in the future. Thank you!

Jeffrey S.

Thank you. Based upon your timeliness of the shipping of my first order, and I have two more in the queue, I will be doing a lot of business with APMEX in the future. It is a pleasure having the feeling of knowing i'm dealing with a reputable precious metal dealer. There are many dealers out there who are questionable which made me leery, at first, to do precious metal business via the internet. But it looks like APMEX has stepped up to plate and has hit a home run with me. I hope the other two orders go off smoothly as indicated in my order status, and APMEX can look forward to additional business from me. Thanks guys.

Bob N.

I just received my shipment of coins! This was my first time ever to buy gold or silver, anywhere. Your site was recommended by a friend who buys and sells a lot. I was a little nervous about the whole process, but you made it easy, provided email notification as the process played out, and I am most pleased with the coins, packaging and service! I only regret that a couple of days after first ordering, I did not order again with the Valentine's Day special on silver. By the time I decided to order, the 10 oz. Silvertowne silver bars I wanted to buy for my kids and sweetheart were all sold out! :-( Thanks for the good service.

Edward V.

I received the item Friday, January 30, 2009. Very beautiful. Thank you so much for the outstanding service, quality product, and great price! I look forward to doing business with APMEX in the future.

Kilshore B.

Thank you for the orders. Of all the sites that sell precious metals, I was most comfortable with APMEX. In these times, trust is the most important. And customer service, prices and delivery certainly stand out at APMEX. I wouldn't buy from anyone else.

Michael M.

I have been doing business with APMEX for two years and after many shipments, I have to say that i've never had one problem or issue. That's a darn good track record, in my opinion! I just want you to know that I appreciate your great customer service, inventory and pricing. You make investing in precious metals easy for the average investor. Keep up the excellent work!

Robert F.

Hello. Just received my first order from you folks. Could not be happier. Everything went smooth and was I impressed with the packing and shipping. You guys will get all of my orders in the future.

Scott D.

I just wanted to say that I love doing business with you. You ship super fast and the quality is always spot on or better. I know I am not a big investor, but you make me feel like I am with your great service. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Tom F.

I love the APMEX bars! The others do not seem as well made. $2.50 or even $2.00 over spot is a bit expensive but no more than other sites which do not seem as professional. The shipping is discrete and pretty fast. I just really like your silver even if it means keeping it forever just to look at it! (Everyone hopes to get rich off something.) If anyone does read this, I suggest to them to look at the industrial use of silver and the rate it is used up - never again to be seen. Just keep that in mind! Thanks again!

Aaron B.

Hopefully someone reads this! Just wanted to say that you guys are the best online bullion company in the world! I can't believe how awesome you guys are. Thanks a ton!

Steve W.

I am a very small hobby/dealer. I order as frequently as my budget allows. I wanted to thank you for the superior service and beautiful, accurately graded coins you have sold to me. It is a pleasure doing business with APMEX. I feel like you treat me as well as the big guys, often exceeding my expectations. Thanks again.

Huy N.

I'm so impressed with your customer service and order processing. You're the best precious metal company out there with the greatest prices! Excellent! Fast shipping! Thank you! Keep up your good work.

This month marks my fourth year of buying and trading with APMEX. You and your group of professionals have made it a fantastic experience. You read all the bad news of how some companies in the precious metals business say one thing and do another, not APMEX!</br>Your team is always courteous, polite and will spend as much time with me as necessary when I call, instead of using the internet. APMEX delivers what it says, when it says and I commend you and your staff. All of the above is why, since December 2004, I have only done business with you. I have referred five people to your company as well. They have thanked me for telling them about APMEX, and now I thank you and your team for taking care of them. God bless you and yours. I wish for you and your company a happy and prosperous 2009! </br>P.S. Almost forgot...thanks for the popcorn!

Evan M.

Received my first order from APMEX today - just one day after it was shipped! It was very expertly packaged. I appreciate the excellent design of your web site, the web-accessible updates on order status, and the great overall service from APMEX. Clearly, customer satisfaction is a big part of the philosophy there. i've dealt with some of the others, and i'd say APMEX is the very best! I look forward to making all of my future precious metal purchases from APMEX. Thanks,

Chhotu P.

I received my package today. It was in excellent shape. Your shipping department deserves the credit for that. You should send a few of them to US Mint to train their shipping group. Thanks for a job well done.

Ed S.

I ordered some Confederate notes from APMEX. They arrived quickly and were in great condition. I just placed another order for various coins. I have to tell you that your ordering process is as close to idiot-proof as is possible. I am obviously dealing with a great team of professionals. Thanks!!

Charles M.

Placed a small order on 01/01/09. Order payment went through on 01/03/09 and an approximate shipping date on 01/10/09. To my surprise today 01/09/09, a day before the ship date, I received a package from APMEX. My order was perfect - the coins just great. That is why I deal with APMEX as your service is outstanding. Hope to place additional orders in the future. Thanks again for the fast service - even for the little guy.

Ray B.

I received Canadian Maples today and they are beautiful. Thanks.

Pax P.

In a time of economic turmoil, it is a comfort to know that there is a company that is dependable, efficient, honest and provides an elegant selection of bullion. Thank you! You have created a very loyal customer. May your 2009 be filled with peace and prosperity.

Michael W.

Excellent service - thank you!

Janet G.

I received my order today. I am certainly impressed with the promptness in which the order was handled. I received it within three days of the order. I will certainly keep you at the top of my list when I consider ordering online. Thanks for your excellent service.

John C.

I only want to send a brief message to compliment you on an extremely well run company. I sincerely appreciate your wide selection of merchandise and the very competitive pricing. You have an excellent and informative web site and your personnel at the order processing department are very accurate and never make mistakes. I hope to do business with your company for many years to come. Also, thank you for the very nice popcorn that you sent at Christmas. I hope that you all will have a happy and pleasant New Year. Thank you.

Denita C.

I received your package, and thank you for your excellent service. I am so impressed with your company.

Scotty F.

Just a note to thank you for the unexpected gift tin of popcorn which I received during the holidays and to once again let you know that I appreciate the fine service i've experienced with your firm over the preceding year. A belated Happy New Year to the staff at APMEX! Best Wishes.

Joe W.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the popcorn. Been dealing with your company for some time now and couldn't be happier! You are by far the best precious metal dealer out there. I feel fortunate to have found your company. Have a great holiday, all the best.

Jonah K.

To all at APMEX, thank you for the popcorn gift, very thoughtful and a real surprise. You really have a great company and I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.


I just want to say thank you guys for sending this to me out of your normal waiting period. I really appreciate it and hope everyone there has a great Christmas! Also, thanks for the popcorn!

Rob L.

Saw a package for me from APMEX and it seemed a little light for 100 oz. of silver, so I was very surprised and pleased to see that I got a big beautiful tin of POPCORN from you folks for Christmas. What a nice, unexpected gift. Thanks!

Bob and El

Very many thanks for the popcorn delivery and for the excellent service that you provide. We wish you many thanks for all and more success than ever before. Thanks for being there for us.

Jerry S.

Thank you for the popcorn tin. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.

Emmanuel R. SGT, US Army - APO AE

To the APMEX Team, thank you very much for the excellent and impeccable service you provide. I have placed 16 orders within the last month and every time it has been a wonderful experience. As a military service member stationed overseas in Germany it is very hard to find a trustworthy company to buy precious metals at competitive prices and you guys provide that service to us. Most companies are either not reliable or do not ship to military addresses overseas. APMEX is my only source for precious metals. In this tough economy it is a breath of fresh air to trust somebody to deliver a product in a timely manner. On behalf of my family and military service members around the world, thank you for supporting the military and for providing such an awesome service. Happy Holidays! </br>P.S. i've heard about APMEX popcorn from last year. Hopefully you guys can do that again this year. Looking forward to some popcorn.

Joe S.

Hello Everyone. Your delicious gift of popcorn, in addition to your marvelous product lines and services, was indeed a great surprise at our home. Thank you so much, and I will continue to be a loyal customer. Happy Holidays.

Robert B.

My payment received is good news, but better came today! The mail lady dropped off the dual date Maple Leaf coins I ordered, and they are better than I expected! Great job you people!

Brenda W.

Thank you very much for the popcorn! It will be enjoyed at a family Christmas Eve party and is very much appreciated. Warmest regards & Happy Holidays!

Jerry B.

Thanks for the popcorn gift. Have a happy holiday.

Mike P.

Thank you for the Christmas present. Your boss is a class act person and you run a great company. Thank you for the great service. You should all be proud to work for APMEX. Thank you again and Merry Christmas to all of you.

John F.

Thanks. Great service. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Milan N.

I found your company in 2005 and have been extremely satisfied. I was just as excited today, when I got a delivery, as I was with my first. Thanks for your exceptional service and for not letting me down with the customers i've referred. They love you too. Happy Holidays guys!

Dan M.

Hey Guys/Ladies, thanks for the popcorn and card - very nice gesture. Merry Christmas to all of you as well. Been a crazy year and I hope that we have a better '09. Best to you,

Herb and Ruth P.

Thank you so very much for the lovely container of delicious popcorn you sent to our family. The perfect gift for the holidays. And thank you for helping us to secure our financial future through the purchase of gold and silver. We wish you a most blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Tim Y.

Thank you. I like the way you conduct your business. Merry Christmas.

Comet B.

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service. I just found you this summer and have experienced nothing but exceptional service dealing with your company. Then today I come home and not only has the last order I placed showed up but there was a tin of popcorn as well. I had read on your site you were sending out popcorn but had no thoughts of getting one myself as I am a relatively new customer. But once again you go above and beyond my expectations. Now if I can only get you to open a retail store near me. Thanks once again, you have more than earned my loyalty this past year.

Allen F.

Gentlemen: I thank you for the fine gift sent to me for the coming holiday season and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I am pleased with the purchases made and look forward in continuing our relationship.

Charles P.

Thank you for the tin of popcorn from the popcorn elves. I was pleasantly surprised to see the box waiting at my door as I returned home from work. I read about this just this past weekend on your web site. I never dreamed I would be on your list. Thank you and Happy Holidays to everyone at APMEX, and continued success in 2009.

Louis D.

I wish to thank you for your Christmas gift. I would also like to commend you for your excellent service. Whenever I decide to buy metals, your firm always comes to mind first. Again, thank you and Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Jeff H.

Received my orders today and really like what I have purchased! My first order! I thank you for refunding shipping charges after combining these orders, that was the right thing to do! It shows me you are not so 'automated' to check out a special situation! Yes, I will try to order everything I want at the same time! Thank you.

Rod L.

Hi guys. I just wanted to thank you very much for the awesome popcorn canister that I got in the mail from you yesterday! I will serve it to my holiday guests over the next few weeks, it really comes in handy. My holiday greetings to all of you, and thanks for your great service all year long. Now, let's hope that it becomes easier to get the physical gold and silver so you have more to offer on your site! Thanks so much.

Allen and Mary K.

What a pleasant surprise your popcorn tin was. We are only small investors/collectors and did not expect anything. The popcorn was perfect, my wife has it half gone already, it is her favorite snack. Also, enjoyed your Twelve Days of Christmas promotion. It was responsible for many nice gifts. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Pat S.

How thoughtful sending the popcorn tin, that was a really neat surprise. Just wanted to say thanks and wish all of you at APMEX a very Merry Christmas!

Earl W.

Thanks for the popcorn.

Paul V.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the popcorn tin. We have been very happy customers throughout the year and look forward to doing a lot more business with you in 2009. Best Wishes!

Bill L.

Thank you for the great Christmas popcorn! This has been my first year purchasing from you and you have always had on time delivery and fair prices. Your name keeps popping up as a trusted metals dealer, and it is a well earned reputation. Merry Christmas to all of you and a prosperous New Year too! Thanks again.

Dale M.

Thank you for the tin of popcorn. I saw the large box from APMEX on the kitchen table this evening after work, and thought there must be some mistake. I surely did not order that many coins! Thanks again, and let's hope for a better 2009!

Goetz H.

Yesterday we received a nice box of popcorn from you. What a surprise! We will have some of our grandchildren here over Christmas and they are going to enjoy this treat (we will too). Merry Christmas to you and your colleagues.

Ray M.

Just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful Christmas gift!

Kris P.

Thank you for the nice gift you all at APMEX sent me, the popcorn is great

Eloise @ ICTA

Thank you for thinking of us and sending the delicious popcorn. We really appreciate your generosity and your support of ICTA for so many years. Have a joyful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

Julian B.

Thanks for the popcorn! Nice surprise.

Bill H.

Greetings! Thank you for the gift. I hope all you guys have a wonderful holiday.

Gwen C.

To everyone at APMEX including the elves, thank you, thank you, for the popcorn! Yum! (My husband loves it!) I was trying to save it for our holiday guests. What an amazing touch that is. So many companies would be better run with all of you at the helm! Your integrity is second to none. I will be doing business with you for years to come and recommend you to everyone. Happy holidays and happy 2009!

Harold K.

Thanks for the nice surprise. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at APMEX.

Ray S.

Thank you for the popcorn. It is a nice touch. Not investing right now - money tied up with market mess.

Alvin H.

Thanks for the popcorn you kindly sent me for Christmas! Best holiday wishes, especially to Mack and Trey.

Billi and Jim S.

Merry Christmas to you all! We received our popcorn from you and what a nice surprise. Please let APMEX people responsible for this read this message. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy doing business with you.

Mark & July K. and staff @ Susquehanna Coin

Just a note to say thank you for the popcorn present received in the mail. Wishing you all a happy holiday season. It's been a pleasure doing business with you all in 2008. Looking forward to a continued prosperous business year in 2009 as well.

Allan E.

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and that I thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn. It's nice to be remembered during the holidays. i'll be doing business with APMEX for years to come.

Gabriel B.

Received my order yesterday! Thanks so much APMEX team!! A+++ I will recommend you! Thank you.

Curtis K.

Wanted to thank all the staff at APMEX for the Christmas tin (very thoughtful) and also for the always excellent service provided throughout the year. Look forward to 2009 with APMEX. Thanks again to you all.

Archie W.

Good morning! Thank you very much for the popcorn tin for Christmas. That was very nice of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Jeff M.

Hello, not sure my email went through on your system so i'm sending it through mine. Just wanted to thank you for the popcorn and to wish everyone at APMEX a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks again

Chuck W.

Thank you very much for the popcorn! All I have to do now is keep my wife out of it! Happy Holidays.

Larry D.

APMEX, the can of popcorn was received today. Excellent, tasty! Thank you! Thank you also for your excellent service. I always know when I purchase from you all that the order will be handled with integrity. I have never regretted a single purchase from APMEX! And each has been perfect, as described, when received. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Daniel S.

Thanks for the popcorn! What a nice surprise. You are a great company! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Clive T.

Thanks to you and your elves for the popcorn!

Mike P.

I have always been impressed by your service and products. Then, the other day, I received a large package from you guys. Shaking the box I tell my girlfriend, I think they sent us the wrong order. With curiosity running wild, I open the box (I can always send it back if it's not right, right?). Behold...a huge tin filled with different popcorns and a thank you note from APMEX! I thought it was an awesome thing that you guys did that. Thank you! I hope everyone at APMEX is proud of their company and from my family to all of yours, Merry Christmas, we look forward to another great year with APMEX - our number one choice for precious metals!

Ron S.

Please keep up the good work. You are head and shoulders above the rest of the bullion dealers in inventory and reliability. My most pressing suggestion is that you please continue to keep offering a steady supply of 1000 oz. silver bars. The Penoles products are beautiful and impressive. I want to continue accumulating them as free cash becomes available. If Eagles and Maples and other high premium silver becomes unavailable please keep the 1000 oz. bars in stock so more silver can get in the hands of the people. Every American should be able to have some. A hearty thank you again.

Robert S.

Hello. Once again I received more quality than expected. i've had six orders since Sept. '08. They were all expertly packaged and delivered in a timely manner. What I ordered was as fine as possible, with prices lower than what most others ask for junk bullion. Wish you would sell some .999 silver you might melt, have a junk silver discount section. Anyway I am pleased and will certainly buy from you again soon.

Steve K.

Just to let you know, I received my order today (11-21), everything was in great shape, thank you for the speedy delivery!

Jeremiah L.

Hey guys, I just wanted to say you are by far the best online coin company I have found. Great shipping and prices. One thing I wish you could do more often is whenever you get a special product in, if you could e-mail your customers information about it. I did get an e-mail about the Austrian Lunar Series coins and that's how I knew you guys had them in stock because I don't check them all the time. That e-mail you guys sent led to about a $1,100 dollar order from me. I like the fact how you guys always have stuff in stock. It keeps me looking on your web site. Also Michelle packages the products well. Everything comes in perfect condition. Well, I just wanted to leave you guys some feedback, so you know how the customer is feeling and should help your company in the long run. Thanks.

Bob E.

Hello! The coins have arrived safely. Thank you. If this was an eBay purchase, I would give you a positive, excellent comment, and 5 stars for everything. Have a GREAT day.

Donald L.

I sure do enjoy doing business with your organization. Great products!

Doug C.

As a novice precious metals coin investor I was especially leery of doing business with an on-line company, but after seeing a great amount of positive customer feedback and your name/logo at a couple of different local coin shows, I took the plunge. Although my orders are minor compared to most you receive, I have nothing but satisfaction to report back to APMEX and its team.</br>Your web site is certainly one of the best on the web, the arrangement of the products and the checkout indicators while completing the transaction are just as they should be...easy to comprehend and logical! I especially like how you organize a (coin's) denomination with the lowest priced unit first then work down to the more rare and officially graded ones.</br>Availability and expected ship dates have met and exceeded the posted dates and the packaging is great. Keep up the good work, I will have no problem recommending you to others interested in buying precious metals and/or coins who are having problems finding physical supplies locally in their coin shops, etc.

Jack S.

Thank you for the continued service. You folks are always great to work with.

Tom G.

You guys are truly the best. I have had seven transactions, since Labor Day weekend and every one has gone as smooth as silk. Thanks again. PS: I love it when I come home from work and there is a package sitting by my computer! It's like I am a five year old and it's Christmas morning!

Tim L.

APMEX, I wanted to let you know that out of all the companies I have used in the past for my bullion purchases, your company stands well above the rest. Kudos for a job well done in these hard times of locating bullion products for the small investor at a fair price. Thank you again.

Mike and Shary S.

Hello APMEX. Our orders arrived today, and this is just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the service from APMEX! Thank you so much. Hope to do business with you again in the future.

Derek B.

Thank you very much! I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your customer service has been outstanding and is greatly appreciated.


APMEX, the shipment arrived yesterday in great shape. Thanks again for the outstanding service your company offers. I just saw the note on GIM about the upcoming Perth Mint coins and i'm looking forward to making a purchase of the same. Again, best wishes.

Paul H.

This was my first order from your company. I was very impressed with the ease of use of your web site. Sorry but I did not put the order number on my check that will be sent from the bank.

Craig H.

I wanted to email to express my amazement for the quick turnaround of the 100 oz. bars. We just received them a short time ago, and we were not expecting anything until sometime next week. I want to thank you and all your people and as well as to express that it is so refreshing to do business with APMEX. APMEX is a company that stands behind the product and its business model is one of a U.S. company. Should APMEX need a recommendation, feel free to contact me anytime.

Tom G.

Yeah! You have restored my faith in corporate America! Thanks for the fast response!

Jonathan F.

Wow! Your shipment arrived already! Thanks for the fantastically fast service. All the coins are mint and look beautiful!

Tom H.

Dear APMEX, I want to let you know I have been very happy with my orders that I have placed with you and will not hesitate to recommend your services to others. Actually I have already done that. Thanks.

Stephen W.

I received my order today. Thank you. This was my first order with APMEX and I must say I am very pleased with the service, communications, shipping, and product. You likely gained a repeat customer. I now check your site often for items that interest me. Thanks again for an excellent transaction. You measured up to my standard of results - not excuses!


As always, fast service and great communication. Thanks again!

Steve R.

I just wanted to let you all know the great service you provide, with a full line of items, fast shipping and fair pricing, I have ordered around ten different times and never been disappointed. Thanks.

Traci H.

Dear APMEX, my goodness, I never got a chance to think about tracking my order. It arrived today safe and sound. I won't get a chance to examine it until the weekend but if the coins match your delivery, I am sure I shall be quite pleased and you can expect more orders in the future. Thank you very much.

Dennis D.

I have always liked the quality of product that I have received from APMEX, and now I find the customer service is up there with the best of them also. Thank you.

Barbara A.

Hi. I received my order on Wednesday 9/10/08. Thank you. Your service is excellent. I will buy from you again!

Dan M.

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I sincerely appreciate your customer service, quality, variety (although it seems to be shrinking) and shipping. Without these you'd be 'just another.' Thanks again.

Chris V.

Thank you for your quick shipment and quality coins for the price I paid. Your company is very fair on pricing and your shipments are extremely fast! The order came in very secure packaging, and the coins were protected perfectly. I have had a great time ordering and smile when receiving your products. Very fair and very honest. Keep up with the wholesale/spot deals. It's the best on the Internet! Thanks a ton!

Jeffrey S.

I have only recently begun purchasing silver and just started ordering from your company. I could not be happier with your service. Your web site is laid out very nice, your product selection is the best I have found, and your delivery time is unreal! I am completely impressed! You have won me over as a customer. I have convinced a close friend to start ordering bullion from you, and together, we've just ordered our first gold maple leaf. Thank you so much!

John F.

Just received my order and wanted to say thanks. Not only are you timely but you make it awfully easy. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again.

Keith A.

I received my coin today and wanted to send a note. Thanks for the quick and professional resolution of my problem! I will not hesitate to buy from APMEX again and will highly recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for all your help!


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what an asset Jana H. is to your team. We have completed many gold bullion transactions with your company. The last transaction we had, Jana was so very efficient, helpful and on top of the transaction at all times. We needed special attention on this order and she was there for us, as she has been in the past.</br>I own and have owned many businesses and I firmly believe that customer service is the backbone of the company, which also reflects on you as making super choices in your staff. Please give Jana the kudos she deserves. We are looking forward to a long business relationship with your company. Best Regards.

Brad A.

I thoroughly enjoy working with you folks. Thanks for the great customer service!

Mark N.

I just wanted to say thank you for being here. I am retired now and have time for my collection again. Thank you for being fast, courteous and efficient. I am able to find what I want easily and my orders are not large but you treat me like the 'big guys.' That means a lot. I wish you continued success in this business. Thank you again.

Edmond B.

Just received my coins from you. They're in excellent condition! Thank you for the smooth transaction.

Daryl G.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I received my coin in pristine condition, protected with the best packaging in the business. I am very happy with my purchase. The coin was everything I saw in those great scans of both sides. Your newest fan.

Kenneth R.

The 2008 GIM Rounds arrived this morning. Thanks again for the excellent service. i'm most pleased. Best wishes.

Everett W.

The USPS postman delivered my order today at 1:55 p.m. for which I signed. You're a very proficient company. i'm glad that I found you on the internet! i'm 92 years old and my son was amazed at my being able to sort through all the 'mumble jumble' on the coin pages to find you don't have any tricks.</br> The coins arrived in their sets in perfect shape and even in their respective boxes. I thought I had ordered those from the U.S. Mint. When my daughter was here from Wyoming for my birthday June 12th, I had her dig in my closet where I kept my disorganized mess of coins. I could not find the 50 state silver proof coins for 1999 thru 2003. I checked my coin purchases file and could not believe I never ordered those years from the U.S. Mint. You saved the day! Thanks. "

Robert K.

I received my order. I just wanted to say thank you for the great service and timely fashion in which it arrived. It's always a pleasure doing business with people like you. Thank you!

David M.

I just received my order. I just want to say that I am very happy with APMEX. All of the items I received were of higher quality than I expected. Thanks again.

Doug B.

Hello APMEX, just thought i'd drop a line to let you know how much I appreciate the rapid response on all of our dealings to date. Look to do more business in the future. Thanks again. Best Regards.

Quentin W.

Hello to everyone at APMEX, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your fast shipping times. I placed an order last Thursday, and by Monday it was here! Thanks very much.

James A.

In my experiences with your organization, your products are of the best in the industry, superbly packaged and and the most timely delivered of all the others in this business. My gratitude to your staff.

Edward H.

I just received my current order of 10 ounces of silver. The 10 Swiss of America 1 ounce rounds look great and I am glad that I purchased them from APMEX. Best regards.

Comet B.

Hello, I have always bought my PM at a local coin shop but after hearing many positive comments about APMEX I decided to try a 'test' internet order last Wednesday 6-3-08. I got notification it shipped Friday 6-5-08 and it arrived at my home Monday 6-9-08. I cannot see anyone beating your prices or service. Thank you and expect more orders from me in the future.

Doug B.

Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your quick service on my recent purchase of the 2000, 2002 and 2004 Silver Britannias. Beautiful specimens. I can hardly wait for the entire series to be completed. Completely satisfied again. Best regards.

Dave K.

APMEX has done it again. I ordered the 2008 Silver Eagle with 07 reverse on May 8th and received it today May 13th. You blow everyone out of the water with your great customer service and super fast delivery. My order was shipped on May 9th, which may not seem like much but I live in Puerto Rico. All your competitors take anywhere from two to three weeks and more to ship here. Thanks.

Milan N.

Although the economy has slowed, my last two purchases have reaffirmed the fact that your company provides the best service. Your professionalism and speed of delivery cannot be matched. Thanks again.

Mike M.

As a new customer, I would just like to say that i'm impressed with your company. i've placed two silver bullion orders and each one was processed and delivered in a very timely manner. Your pricing is very competitive compared to other sellers. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your service. As a businessman, I always hear about when things go wrong, seldom when they go right! Thanks!

Mark M.

I received my order today and i'm very happy with it. A record fast delivery! Thank you very much.

Fabian R.

I just wanted to say i'm very happy and pleased by your service, professionalism and work ethic in this business of silver and gold. I have received my silver and paper currency in a timely manner. I will continue buying silver from APMEX for a long time to come. Thank you!

Loretta R.

Dear APMEX, I just wanted to let you know that you guys are the best. Being fairly new to purchasing precious metals, I naturally had to check out a number of dealers by making purchases at five different ones. I would definitely recommend APMEX over the others for quality, value and service. Thank you for making purchasing of precious metals an extremely easy and stress-free process! Thank you! -


Received my order on 4/25. Thank you, they are absolutely beautiful, and the service was outstanding. Once again, thank you!

Dominick Z.

Recently, I received my silver order and couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for the super service on this order, as well as past ones.

Jane and Denzil W.

Dear APMEX, my son and I are very happy with the coins we bought from you and we appreciate the Red Book. Thank you for the timely dispatching of our order. We have a very high regard for the way you run your railroad. Thank you again.

Tim S.

Dear Michelle and other company employees, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service and products that you have provided for me. I have placed many orders, so please forgive me for not including all of your names. In the past, I have purchased silver American eagles and maple leafs. I have always been satisfied with your service, price and product quality. Today I received my MS64 $20 St. Guldens gold coin from you. The strike, luster, field quality and eye appeal are everything I had hoped for. You even managed to send me the year that I wanted. I am looking forward to receiving my next order from you. I really have no desire to do business with anyone else. Needless to say, I will be continuing to recommend you to all numismatists that I encounter. Thank you and have a great day!

James C.

I had just placed my first order with your company and i've got nothing but good things to say! Although I have purchased PM bullion locally before, I was a bit leery of going through the internet. Even though the palladium bullion I ordered decreased quite a bit in value since I purchased, that's the nature of the beast, so to speak. You are a truly upstanding and outstanding business and I will continue to order more from you in future purchases! Thank you APMEX!

Jon H.

I just received my first purchase from you guys and I was very satisfied. I looked around at other sites for buying gold/silver or whatever and most require you spend thousands of dollars or large amounts. I think one of the best features you guys have is that you have a low minimum purchase so even the little guys (such as myself) who don't spend large amounts of money can take advantage of your services. I have already placed another order through you guys and hope to do more business through you. It's also cool that you take debit cards as well. Most places don't, which in my opinion costs them business just like forcing high minimum purchases. i'm glad I stumbled onto this site first. Keep up the good work.

Barry K.

I just have to say that I am impressed with 1. The speed which you have processed my order. 2. The way the purchasing process was handled. 3. The way items are displayed for viewing so the customer can have an accurate description of the items they are purchasing. 4. And even down to the details of informing me by e-mail that my order has shipped. I have not yet received the items, but I am extremely impressed already with your service and will probably be doing business again with you in the future. Keep up the high quality customer service and you will be in business for many years to come. Thank you.

Mark M.

I received my order today and i'm very happy with it. A record fast delivery! Thank you very much.

Michael N.

My first shipment was very well packaged. The items were as described. As a small investor, i'm very well pleased with your company. I will be ordering again soon. The ease of using my Visa card is great! Thank you.

Steven B.

Thank you for the quick response in the manner in how my order was processed and shipped. If this is how you respond to all orders, I plan to make more as time and funds will allow. Again, I thank you.

Mike M.

As a new customer, I would just like to say that i'm impressed with your company. i've placed two silver bullion orders and each one was processed and delivered in a very timely manner. Your pricing is very competitive compared to other sellers. Just wanted to know that I appreciate your service. As a businessman, I always hear about when things go wrong, seldom when they go right! Thanks!

John R.

I just wanted to thank you for the coins and very quick shipping! Your prices are better than fair! I have added your site to my favorites and plan to buy more. Thank you!

Jack G.

Hi! Once again, you make it a pleasure to do business with you. I have nothing to say but good things about your company. You have, in my opinion, by far the best coin store on the Internet, hands down. You run a very good business and have great communication. Your products are perfect. Thanks again.

Roland M.

Hello, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the quick shipment and a great set of coins. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and I will keep checking your web site for other coins I am looking for.

Jack G.

Hello! Thank you. I can't say enough nice things about you people. I recommend you to everybody I know. I wish everybody was as responsible and caring as you were about each order - big or small. i'm sure our orders are considered small, but they're growing and with help from people like yourselves, faster than we had even hoped. Thanks again.

Harold A.

Thank you for everything. I love the first buy I bought from you.

Stephen G.

I am very pleased with everything that I have bought from this company. Fast shipping and the best price of anyone and the quality is the best. You're the only one I will buy from. Thank you and I will be ordering more.


Thank you, I love doing business with you. Never a hitch, always very smooth and fast. Perfect. Thanks!

Evan B.

Love your company.

William A.

Dear APMEX, thank you for the delicious popcorn. I am going to enjoy it with a movie tonight. I must admit you are my favorite company to buy gold from -- reliable, timely, good communication. I hope every one at APMEX has a nice holiday!

H. Shah

Hello APMEX, just wanted to thank you very much for all the notification. I got the the box of my order today. It was packed very well. I like your web site and all kind of varieties of the products you offer. I shall definitely continue being a loyal customer of yours. Thanks again and best regards.

Varouj S.

Greetings to you all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. In the almost two years I have dealt with your establishment, you have never failed me. You had a quick response and help me any time, which is why you will be my number one choice for my gold bullion needs. Your staff, from sales to shipping and accounting, are superb personalities and great assets to me. Keep up the good work. Your Christmas gift was greatly appreciated by my family. Have a prosperous Year in 2008 and good health to you all. Regards.

Tim F.

Congratulations APMEX! You thrilled me literally (with the first order) and you now have this account! Your entire process is easy and by far the best I have seen to date online. Far, far, far better than NWT Mint! Even Monex! You have my highest recommendation. I just wanted to say thank you sincerely to all your personnel and for their great work. I can't stress this enough! Cheers.

Gregory D.

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for the unexpected gift and the exceptional service. That is very classy to send your customers a big tin of popcorn for the holidays. It actually made a good day better. I set it up on the fridge. I don't think it will last long though. Best wishes.

Crystal W.

Dear APMEX, my order came today and of course I was very pleased with my purchase. You are fast to ship and the metal is always beautiful. Thanks to everyone involved for making this such a pleasant buying experience. Merry Christmas to all.

Gary T.

I don't remember who hooked me up to APMEX a few years back, but I have since sent many people your way. APMEX is one of very few honest online bullion dealers I have found...and i've searched them all. :) Thanks for your great service and the popcorn too. Merry Christmas and God's blessings to you all.


Thank you for the Christmas gift! That was kind and brought a smile to my face. We'll enjoy it! Merry Christmas.

Wayne R.

I got my first shipment from you today (Dec. 24). I was impressed as to how well my coins were packaged. I was also impressed with the overall luster of the coins. Usually when you order from other companies, an MS-60 order turns out to be an AU-55 or so, but not this time. They were all the grade you said they were. Thank you very much. I would like to know if your company will offer the first day cover of the Presidents. I notice that you offer the quarters. If there is any plan to handle them, I will wait and order from you. Thanks again.

Jonathan M.

I would just like to thank Randy for his prompt reply and helpful message per my question about coin sizes!

John W.

Just wanted to thank you for the very nice Christmas tin of popcorn! I scarfed most of it down watching Scrooge (an annual Christmas Eve ritual of mine)! Hope everyone at APMEX had a wonderful Christmas and may you have a happy & prosperous 2008!

Spencer S.

Hey APMEX, thanks for the popcorn! My wife and I ate half of each flavor the first night received. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Peace.

Rod L.

Hi Guys. Just wanted to thank you for the awesome popcorn tin that I got in the mail yesterday. I love the carmel corn the best! You are just the best to do business with, fair prices and good quick service. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!


Just wanted to drop a line thanking all of you for the card and munchies! A very happy and healthy holiday season to everyone at APMEX. I wanted you all to know the short time i've been dealing with you has been a very rewarding experience. I find you all to be very courteous and professional in your practices, which is hard to find these days. I look forward to doing more business with you this coming year, and may we all prosper!

Phil H.

Dear APMEX, i've been a PM investor for many years and have been buying from you for about 18 months. Your company provides great service at very competitive prices. The ability to order over the internet 24/7, along with my complete trust in you, (which you have faithfully earned), makes buying very easy. The best of the holiday season to all of you who work so hard to make buying gold and silver so easy!

Bill L.

Hello APMEX, I got the box of silver today. Thank you! It was packed very well, just what I wanted. I will buy again!


I just wanted to say thank you for being so user friendly and accessible to investors like myself who can't afford to spend a lot at one whack. Your customer service and the fact that you offer just a $50 minimum are awesome. Please keep up the great web site and don't fix what isn't broken!

John M.

I would like to thank you for your excellent, prompt and professional service. I have ordered from you several times and I definitely will be ordering from you again. I will highly recommend your company to others. Thanks again for your excellent service.

Al D.

All of the coins I have purchased have been great. A+! Thanks.

Tomothy M.

Thanks for all the great service. Never once had a problem.

Daniel P.

I want to thank your company for the services you provide. i'm a new collector, and I know that the coins I purchase from you company are authentic and in excellent condition. And thanks for your top-notch customer service. I will only do business through your company. Thanks again.

Sophia B.

Just wanted to thank you for your great, quality, customer service. I have looked into a lot of other dealers and I think you are the best. Thanks again.

Jack O.

Received my order today 10/10/07. Everything was as ordered and in great condition. Good communication and fast shipping. Thanks to everyone, especially Randy for his help in the trade.

Farooq V.

Thank you very much for the shipment notification. I love your online store for the wide variety of products you offer and the great friendly service. I shall definitely continue being a loyal customer of yours. Thanks again and best regards.

Edward H.

I received my order today and am quite happy with my latest purchases. The Douglas MacArthur 1947-S Dollar and Half Dollar Philippines Memorial Set in the Capital Holder is a definite asset to my military coin collection. I thank you for the smooth transaction and fast delivery.

William C.

I just received my first coin order from your company, a British sovereign. It was of excellent quality and far exceeded my expectations. The careful wrapping of the coin was just out of this world. A really professional job all around. You will have me for a customer for a very long time.

Robert B.

My order arrived! i'm very happy, but wish I had started buying from you years ago! Was a smooth transaction. Thank you.

Frederick H.

Thank you for the last order. It was prompt and packaged nicely. I will definitely be shopping more with you. Your prices and service are great!

John W.

I just wanted to say thank you for your services. I make, I am sure, tiny orders compared to many clients, but buying small quantities of gold and silver every paycheck is my version of a savings account rather than speculation, not to mention probably wise wealth preservation (and I use 'wealth' tongue in cheek) considering the current economic realities. Anyway, I enjoy being a customer, and am always excited when the APMEX box arrives. I wish you continued success.

James W.

Order was just as you said. Coins look great. I am very satisfied with my order. I will be ordering more coins in the future. Thank you.

Dennis W.

Just wanted to say how happy I am with the service you provide. I am a very small customer but I feel very important when I get the same great service that you provide to your large buyers. Thank you for all the wonderful service. Will continue to deal exclusively with you. Thanks again.

Sid S.

I have bought and sold from several precious metal dealers and have researched almost all the dealers online and, without a doubt, APMEX tops the list. You can check yourself, but the buy and sell prices are the best. But more than that, their service is extraordinary. The people in customer service as well as the traders -- particularly Ms. Ladonna G. -- are always helpful and polite. My purchases from them have been top notch. And when APMEX purchased some silver and gold from me, the turnaround time was faster than I expected. Plus when I made a mistake and did not give them the proper information for a wire transfer, Ladonna immediately contacted me and the problem was corrected within minutes. You can trust APMEX -- it is the closest you will get to a honest handshake over the Internet, in my opinion. So I recommend them highly.

Wylie T.

I just wanted to say your company is the best. I ordered two coins and the turnaround time was excellent and the coins were, without a doubt, top shelf. Thank you to everyone at APMEX! i've had some odd problems in the past with other companies and had all but given up ordering online, but APMEX has renewed my faith! There's no guessing who i'll be ordering from next time. Thanks!


Hello there! First time visiting your web site and I love it. You have some great looking coins, and I hope to be doing business with you soon!

Larry H.

Just received the two rolls of dollars. Great coins. Will do business again. Thanks.

William T.

Thanks for making my first bullion buying experience easy! I like the fact that I was sent updates anytime something had taken place with my order (i.e. order confirmation, payment, shipment). I will do more business with you in the future and have recommended you to my friends. Thanks again.

Steven & Michelle V.

Fantastic! Now that is what I call great customer service. Super fast shipping. Thanks for the e-mail. Looking forward to receiving the coin.

Jay B. - Numismatics by Jay B. - A.N.A. Member

Just wanted to tell you that the service has been impeccable lately. My last two orders arrived two days after they were shipped, and the coins were excellent! I particularly liked the 2001 signature series States Quarters set in deep cameo, what a wonderful way to collect these quarters. I want to get the rest of the series. Thanks for the great service and the great prices.

Alvin M.

My order was placed on Monday morning, money order mailed Monday, shipment made on Wednesday, and order received on Friday. Great service. What more could you ask for?

Maurice L.

Just wanted to say I love the new 'Top 40' section. It is very useful!

Jack O.

Received my purchase of 2007 American Silver Eagles today. Of all the ones in my collection from over the years, every one of these are choice, high grade, beautiful coins. Thank you APMEX!

Timothy L.

Thank you again for the best service on the web.

Jack H.

I received my order of first strike gold eagles today, and I am more than satisfied with their quality, your secure shipping and packing, and the integrity of your company! Whenever I get some more spending money, you can bet i'll be shopping with you! I only wish you accepted gold scrap - I got ripped off from another company who didn't do as they advertised. Anyway, a big thanks to you again!

Lou S.

When I received my first order of a Morgan Silver Dollar a couple of months ago, I thought I got lucky in receiving such a great key date coin at a great price. Well it happened again! This time I ordered a common date Morgan in MS67 and all I can say is the same way you guys described the coin 'wow!' Thanks!

Dave C.

I received my shipment today and wanted to thank you so much. I realize it is probably one of your smaller orders, but this is my first and I am quite excited about it. I hope to be placing another order soon. Thanks for making my day.

Craig J.

Dear APMEX, I received the 4 PCGS certified Liberties over the weekend and I just wanted to thank you for quick and amicable resolution of this matter. Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with APMEX's level of customer service. I was a bit wary of dealing with an online broker when I first started buying from APMEX, but those fears have been completely put to rest over the past couple of years. In this day and age of Internet scam artists and shadowy sellers, I heartily recommend APMEX to anyone looking for the best price, best service and complete peace-of-mind when it comes to purchasing precious metals. Thanks again!

John C.

I am new to the coin collecting hobby. Before I bought my first coin I did about two months shopping, comparing prices and reading many articles about coins. I have now bought several coins from APMEX and have not yet been disappointed. APMEX has the broadest array of coins to choose from and prices are just about the lowest anybody will find. I will continue to use APMEX as my primary source of silver coins.

Mike S.

Thank you and your company. My order arrived in beautiful shape, nice bag, plenty sturdy. I will use you again for my next purchase. Thank you.

Wayne D.

You did a very nice job of handling my sale of 500 oz. of silver bullion. Thank you. Well done! And I got the check several days before I expected. If you want a testimony or survey filled out, i'd be glad to do that and it would be favorable.

Lou S.

Received my ef40 Morgan 1889cc and am very pleased. I can honestly tell you that I spent weeks seeking out this coin through Internet dealers, magazines, etc. and APMEX met my need. In fact, I had to return one unslabbed coin from another dealer because it wasn't as advertised. This PCGS coin was the absolute best certified coin available at this price and you had it. This is such a difficult coin to find at affordable prices. Someday I hope to upgrade to a higher grade of this coin and I will seek you out first. Thank you for such a great experience. Continued success!

Rick M.

Just wanted to make a comment about your business. i've spent numerous hours searching the web for the various sites where I can purchase gold and silver products. Yours takes top honors by far. Keep up the good work!

Rick D.

I'm new to precious metals investment, and I took a long time to research where to purchase my silver. After all my research, I chose APMEX, especially due to the fact that you take orders completely online (I work at night and i'm not generally awake to receive a call from a sales rep). You also take credit card orders and sell relatively small amounts of your products for very competitive prices. Prices that certainly rival the other guys demanding much larger ($2,500 or so!) minimum orders! My order went through your system, I received confirmation e-mails the whole way through the order/payment processing/delivery process, and I received my order in much less time than you stated. In short, i'm very pleased with your product and service, and you can count on my future business. I will be recommending you to others! Thanks!

Milan N.

I want to thank you for the Christmas gift. My wife, myself, and friends were impressed with the thoughtfulness of your company. i'm sure 2007 will allow plenty of opportunities for us to do more business. Thanks again to your entire staff! Merry Christmas. Happy New Year!

Daniel A.

I just wanted to thank you for the super fast shipping and to let you know how pleased I was to receive my first order. i'm sure many more will follow (with your outstanding selection and amazing prices)! I have found an online site that is a pleasure to browse and purchase the very high quality products you offer. Thank you for the wonderful items and I will place my next order A.S.A.P.

Terry F.

You guys are great! You have some of the best prices around. I have a great deal of buyers remorse, for I bought through another company before finding you. Thank you for keeping your prices reasonable!

Ron K.

Hello, I appreciate your professional demeanor. Everything happened as promised. It arrived today. Look forward to doing business again.

Kevin J.

I ordered on the 6th of Nov. Received it today Nov. 10th. Excellent! Super satisfied. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Thomas B.

Just a word of thanks for your prompt service and quality coins. Your site is one of the best that I have had the pleasure of navigating and your prices are very reasonable.

Bruce B.

Hello from Arizona. I had to write to you to let you know just how very satisfied I am with your company. I have purchased from you in the past and just recently ordered a fairly large quantity of the graded Buffalo coins. I am so happy to purchase them at such a fair price. i'm anxiously looking forward to receiving them. Thank you very much for offering this opportunity to your customers. More people should discover your company (for their own good). I am telling all of my family and friends about you and wish much success on this wonderful company. Thanks again and be assured that i'll be back.

J.K. J.

Just a note to let you know i've been very happy with the products and service i've had from APMEX. i've ordered seven or eight items over the past few months and they have arrived as predicted from the ship date on my account.The one time there was a problem, APMEX shipped my coin by FedEx at my request and I wasn't charged extra. Great service. Thanks.

Keith C.

My order arrived today and very timely I might add. I tried another source just once to test competitiveness and it was a disaster. You will have 100% of my orders in the future as you are one of the finest merchants that I have ever dealt with. Thank you very much.

Zackery G.

I've placed several orders with you guys and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service! Look forward to the next time. Thanks again.

Marsh T.

Received my APMEX coin order today, 10/28/06. Thanks for the fast and secure shipment. Hope to do more business with you soon.

Robert H.

Out of all the precious metals dealers I have found on the Internet, you stand out for the following reasons: 1. Most products list buy and sell prices clearly. This makes it easier for me to calculate the spread involved on an item. 2. Wide variety of product. 3. Easy to navigate around your web site. 4. Professional appearance of the web site inspires confidence. 5. Prompt, clear communication during the order process and quick delivery. 6. When I called with a question, my call was returned very quickly and courteously handled. Thank you for a positive, confidence-building experience.

Thomas J.

Just thought i'd let you know that even small buyers like me are well taken care of. Just a great service. I know APMEX is the only place i'll buy. No where else does the small buyer receive the same great service and price as the big buyer. Thank you so much.

Denis H.

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the product received and the super quick safe shipping. You have just won a long-time customer with service like that. Thanks.

Brad W.

Dear APMEX, I want you to know that I received my first order from you and i'm very impressed! The silver was better than I expected and the packing was excellent. I will order from you again. Thank you for a quality product and service.

Mike C.

Hello, I just received my order yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how easy you make it to purchase from you. I was worried at first making purchase online where you pay cash before I receive my order and about someone tampering with my order, but not any more. You were fast and secure. Will do business again.

Benton J.

Great service and products at a reasonable price. I will be back.

James B.

Received items today in good order. Best buy and great price for this Buff. Was worth the wait. Thank you for this opportunity.

Mike J.

This is my first time buying precious metals online. I looked at many sites before choosing yours. You have lots to chose from and have smaller selections for us with smaller wallets. Can't wait to receive my order. Thanks.

Keith C.

I received my order in excellent condition. Very satisfied. Tried another supplier just to test their level of service. They don't hold a candle to your service and attention to a little bitty customer like me. Thank you very much. Future orders coming as my sole supplier.

Mike F.

By the way, you guys have been the best web site/store I have ever had to deal with! Thanks a bunch.

Mike C.

Thanks for the fast shipping and great service.

Robert R.

Thank you so much for the bag of 1000 dimes. I got way more in quality than expected. Also it seemed like it was an unsearched bag that I used to try to get on eBay until I learned there was no such thing on eBay as unsearched coins. You are my primary source for coins and supplies, both for my collecting and my coin store. Once again, thank you. You have always made me happy with my purchases.

Dave R.

Dear APMEX: I have made four large--and diverse--purchases from you, including bars, rounds and coins. I have been so delighted with your service, packaging and prices, that you can certainly count on seeing much more of my business. Keep up the great work!

Bruce B.

Hello from Arizona. I had to write to you to let you know just how very satisfied I am with your company. I have purchased from you in the past and just recently ordered a fairly large quantity of the graded Buffalo coins. I am so happy to purchase them at such a fair price. i'm anxiously looking forward to receiving them. Thank you very much for offering this opportunity to your customers. More people should discover your company, (for their own good). I am telling all of my family and friends about you and wish much success on this wonderful company. Thanks again and be assured that i'll be back


I have received the Buffalo coin. Thanks. You've provided excellent service and are a pleasure to do business with.

John N.

I just wanted to say thanks for the coins. I bought 20 of the 2006 Silver China Pandas and was so happy with the fast turnaround and look of the coins. I will be buying more and only from you guys in the future. You are the only company out there that keeps changing the prices to fit the market real time. The other guys just stay the same. I like that about you guys and will pass the word along. See you soon on the ordering of coins side.

Mark W.

I have purchased coins from you a few times throughout the past year, and I have always been 110% satisfied with the selection, prices, and service. I will continue to buy from you as long as you will continue to sell. Thanks for a great buying experience.

Charles Z.

I recently submitted two orders for the new Buffalo Gold Coin and wanted to express my satisfaction. Having never used your service before I was a bit cautious especially since your price was so far below all of the other Home Shopping Show sites. Having learned of the coin on HSN (since I was a small child on the Atlantic City Boardwalk i've loved to watch hucksters ply their wares), I searched the Web using Google and waded through the replies until I came upon your site. Not only is your price excellent (my first order is now worth more than I paid minus shipping and insurance), but delivery to my door was only one day after your site said it was shipped. Thanks for your service. i'm sure i'll be back for more.


I received my order and am very happy to do business with you. They are beautiful coins. Thank you.

Terry R.

Greetings. I just received my 1991 1 oz. Gold American Eagles - (PCGS MS-69) - Scarce Date - and am very pleased with the quality and beauty of this coin. Thank you very much. All the best.

Jason G.

I just wanted to say thank you for sending my Buffalo coin out so fast. I could not believe how fast you were with my order and how perfect my coin is. It was a pleasure to do business with you, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Jack R.

I just received my order today and was extremely pleased at the short shipping time and quality packaging. I've always been hesitant about ordering precious metals site-unseen, but now I know for certain that is a quality distributor and a company I will use again.

Kristine B.

Thank you so much for your excellent service! I was really pleased with every aspect of my order, from start to finish. Very fine work. Best wishes.

Dana A.

I love the diversity of product offered as well as the excellent prices and flexibility of paying. Keep up the great work and fantastic web site.

Jon R.

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful trading experience with APMEX. As you might imagine, I was more than a bit nervous about sending over $10,000 worth of gold and silver to a complete stranger, and clear across the country from my home. Well, Ed at your office allayed my fears, and you guys handled this transaction quickly and efficiently. I got my check without any delays, and I'm one happy camper! Please feel free to allow others to view this message, and I will continue to refer you to anyone I may come across who is interested in trading precious metals and coins.

Roy G.

You have the most proficient and dependable shipping department that I have seen on the web. Keep up the good work.

John N.

I recently made a silver purchase with you and would just like to say thanks for being a professional company that actually follows through and does what you say you're going to do. I paid by bank check, was able to clearly track the status of my order on your site, and received the package a little earlier than I expected. It was a pleasure dealing with APMEX. You have earned my business for all my future precious metal deals. Thanks again.

Ronald R.

Thank you for your fast service on all my orders, especially the last one which arrived at least two days before expected after shipping. I will be placing more orders in the near future. Thanks again.

Teresa M.

You guys are the best. 5 Star business. Your people are professional, your system is state-of-the-art, amazing customer service, extremely high customer satisfaction. Keep up the great work. Can't help but recommend you to everyone I meet. A true touch of class.

Eric F.

Just placed my second order. I've now finished my date-set of 1/4 oz. Eagles with the last date I needed. Two weeks ago I found a coin I've wanted for two years at the best possible price with APMEX. Your orders and service are fast and record-keeping excellent! As a serious collector, I look for those things in a dealer, but find few. You've earned my business.

Robert T.

Dear sirs, I just wanted to state that I was very pleased with the order that I recently received. The order was packaged very neatly and securely, and my purchase price was the best I could find online. I look forward to continuing transactions with your fine company in the future. Thank you.

Jane M.

I just wanted to let you know that both of my orders arrived as promised and I am thrilled by your service! You made investing in precious metals easy for this newbie. I'm just sorry I waited so long to place my first order. Thanks for your help!

Dennis G.

I placed an order last Sunday, March 5, and paid by credit card. I received the order yesterday March 11. I truly appreciate the outstanding service and will be making many more purchases in the future!


This is my third order from you guys in one week. Your service, speed and quality are terrific. Thank you so much. This is for my family, so you know how important it is. You do a good thing for people you serve, which is something you can genuinely feel good about.

Randy W.

Thank you for the timely shipping and excellent packing of your product. Everything I ordered arrived in perfect condition. I have to say, it always seems like a risk when ordering over the internet, however, you delivered. I will not hesitate to order from you guys again. By the way, I checked other precious metal dealers, some nearby, right in LA and they wanted $100.00+ per ounce over the daily spot market for palladium coins and they wouldn't even tell me what their (sell) price for gold was. They just wanted a check from me! These guys advertise on LA radio everyday and say they have the best investment packages, until you ask exactly what you are getting and for what price.

Mike J.

Gentlemen, I received my shipment this morning on time and exactly as ordered. As a first time buyer, your excellent shipping notices and order status updates gave me confidence in placing this order with you, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. Thanks!

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