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Mint Error Coins Value

The word “error” often connotes negativity and in our minds, helps us to decide against it. In regard to mint error coins, this is not the case because they still maintain value. Part of the allure of the mint error coins to collectors is that they are still so rare. Rare items are widely valuable no matter what the context. There is a very small percentage of coins that are produced annually that have errors. Mint errors come in varying shapes and sizes. Some are more noticeable than others, but no one should underestimate its value. Whether you are looking for Gold mint error coins or Currency errors, you are still buying into a valuable product that has intrinsic value.

Mint Errors

Mints all around the world have produced, and continue to produce, very unique "Mint Errors" on various strikes of coins and print currency. Mint errors can be caused by a variety of reasons including debris, planchets not set correctly, striking on top of another coin, dust falling into the die or a mis-strike. Mint errors are rare comparatively to the output of coins each year. While these errors are mint made, there is still value associated with them.

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