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Gold Bars & Rounds

Gold Bars & Rounds

Gold bars and rounds are an easy way to invest in Gold

Buying Gold bars offers an advantage over buying Gold coins in that buying bars allows you to pay the absolute minimum over spot price. Buying bars of Gold also allows for ease of storage.

What is the advantage of buying Gold bars?

Investing in Gold bars and rounds can help round out your portfolio. Gold bullion bars and rounds are considered a good investment because typically Gold Bullion is a natural hedge to the equities market. A 1 oz Gold bar also offers the best price when compared with Gold coins, which typically have a higher premium due to having a numismatic or collector value. Gold bullion bars and rounds are also easy to collect incrementally because you can choose a 1 oz Gold bar, a 10 oz Gold bar or several Gold rounds at once. Spread your investment over several months, or invest in Gold bar sizes less than 1 oz to steadily add to your portfolio.

Investing in Gold Bars & Gold Rounds

When investing in Gold Bars and Rounds, you want to know how the prices are determined. All 1 oz Gold bar and round prices are based on what is known as the Gold spot price, which is the rate for Gold in its unfabricated state. No one can buy Gold Bars or Rounds at the Gold spot price. When buying 1 oz of Gold, you will also pay a premium price, which accounts for fabrication, distribution and a minimal dealer fee, plus any numismatic or collector value. Gold coins that are highly desirable and rare have the highest Gold prices because of their numismatic value and collectability.

Gold Bullion Bar Sales

Whether a 1 gram Gold bar or a 10 oz Gold bar is purchased in the U.S. or across the globe, the spot price is always the same. That is because a 1 oz Gold bar is based on the spot price of 1 troy ounce of Gold in U.S. dollars. The Gold may come in 1 gram Gold bar increments or a full kilogram of Gold, but the price is still based on the troy ounce measurement. A troy ounce of Gold is not the same as everyday ounces we are accustomed to. One troy ounce of Gold equals 1.09711 avoirdupois ounces the ounces we are most familiar with. The price of Gold bullion bars and rounds may also be sold in the local currency but is always converted from the U.S. dollar price.

Long Term Gold Investments

Many find Gold bars and rounds are some of the best choices if you are looking to add to your short-term or long-term investments. Whether you choose from our 1 oz Gold bars, 1 gram bars or other Gold bullion collections, you will have an investment many consider a safe-haven. In addition to buying Gold bullion bars and rounds, you can also invest in other valuable Gold coins and Silver coins like junk Silver, which are U.S. coins that used to be in circulation but now are worth much more than their face value because of high Silver content.

What is a Gold Ingot?

A Gold ingot is simply another term for a Gold bar. The Gold ingot is the stereotypical large Gold bar one thinks of as being stored in Fort Knox. APMEX stocks a variety of kilo Gold bars, a Gold ingot that is available for very low premium over cost.

Gold Bars and Rounds FAQ

How do you test real Gold bars?

You can test the authenticity of Gold bars at home, examining each piece for size, sound, or using a magnet. To see if you have real Gold bars utilizing a size test, compare the dimensions and weight of your bar to charts available online. A Gold bar can also be tested using sound since Gold will make a pinging sound when struck. Real Gold bars do not have any magnetic properties, so if your bar is drawn to a strong magnet, it has been filled with a base metal.

Do banks buy Gold bars?

Most banks to do not buy Gold bars at the consumer level. While most central banks and government treasuries do keep Gold bars in reserve, they do not trade them with individuals. While it is unlikely that you could go into your local bank branch and deposit or withdraw Gold bars through the friendly bank teller, you can easily invest in Gold through a Precious Metals dealer.

Why are Gold bars different prices

The primary reason that you will see Gold bars at different prices is due to the size and weight of the bar. Typical weights for newly manufactured Gold bars can range from 0.5 grams up to a full kilo. Variations in Gold bar prices can also occur based on the quality of the finish and the reputation of the mint where the bar was struck.
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