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Numismatic Coins have Great Value and Quality

U.S. Numismatic coin sets hold great value because they offer a great amount of variety combined with its tie to the U.S Mint. Novice and experienced collectors alike can appreciate the value and selection from these coin sets. For every set, there is intrinsic numismatic value that is rarely found anywhere else. Every coin collector can own a piece of history in the palm of their hand.

U.S. Mint sets are known for selling the best coin sets and they combine aspects of history and culture into the mix. Some numismatic coin sets are more rare than others, but the value of it remains high. All sets are authenticated and quality assured.

U.S. Numismatic Proof Sets Through Time

Collectors can select U.S. Mint coin sets that are identified through time. These coin sets have important figures and people to scenery that defines what makes the United States great.

Proof Sets (1936 – Date)

Some of these proof sets go back to the 1930s and they include some hard-to-find coins sets. Buyers can collect coins from 1958 with the 1958 U.S Coin Sets or they can travel back into time with a Presidential Dollar Proof Set. These proof sets and more are authenticated.

Silver Proof Sets (1992 – Date)

Silver proof sets look great in any collection and they make great starting coins for coin collecting. There are many Silver proof sets for buyers including the 2013 America the Beautiful Proof Set and the 2010 U.S. Proof Set.

U.S. Mint Sets (1947 – Date)

Directly from the U.S. Mint, these coins were set apart and helped establish the United States as the largest coin dealer in the world. Selections for U.S. Mint sets include the 2015 U.S. Mint Set, 2014 U.S Mint Set and sets all the way from 1947.

Prestige Proof Sets (1983 – 1997)

These proof sets are highly sought after because the sets include but are not limited to the Kennedy half dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel and Lincoln cent. These coins are some of the most collected today.

U.S. Coin and Currency Sets

The numismatic enthusiast can find excitement with these numismatic coin and currency sets. No one outdoes the United States in the commemoratives and collectors can find great coin sets with historical significance.

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