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Silver Rounds for Sale from APMEX

If you have been searching for silver rounds, APMEX has a wide selection of rounds available to purchase both online and over the phone. We carry Silver from popular mints and in many attractive weights. Each round of silver is unique and its quality is guaranteed.

Silver for Sale

silver rounds’ uniform size allows them to be easily stacked and stored. You may wonder, “Where can I buy silver rounds?” At APMEX, we stock the largest selection of popular silver rounds from popular mints and manufacturers around the world. We guarantee the quality of all our rounds.

Silver Round Sizes

You can buy silver rounds online which are typically .999 or .9999 fine. Silver round prices vary depending on the size of the round purchased. The price of a round of silver also depends on the silver spot price at the time of purchase. Silver rounds often have a lower premium over spot than silver coins. Investors frequently choose buying silver rounds when purchasing bullion. Each silver round also comes in a variety of different weights, including:

Silver Round Mints

Silver rounds typically come from private mints. APMEX maintains a close relationship with silver manufacturers around the world. Most mints make a variety of sizes for silver rounds, ranging from fractional rounds to large format rounds. We carry rounds for sale from these popular manufacturers:

  • 9Fine Mint Silver Rounds: 9Fine Mint rounds contain .999 fine silver with sizes ranging from 1 oz to 12 oz, offering a high-quality investment option for everyone. Clean, bold lines and signature 9Fine Mint ornamentation make these rounds elegant and instantly recognizable. All 9Fine Mint individual rounds come in protective packaging, and multiples of 20 come in storage tubes to offer simple and convenient protection.
  • APMEX Silver Rounds: APMEX-branded silver rounds are composed of .999 fine silver and are guaranteed by APMEX. Whether you prefer larger silver rounds such as the 10 oz rounds, or smaller fractional rounds like the 1/4 oz rounds, our APMEX-branded silver bullion rounds include something for everyone.
  • Icons of Route 66 Series Silver Highway Shields: This unique silver series is designed to be reminiscent of the instantly recognizable Route 66 road sign. The reverse of each Highway Shield reads "Route 66" and lists the weight and purity. The obverse of each issue celebrates one of the eight states Route 66 passed through, showcasing a different landmark from each.
  • Engelhard Silver Rounds - The silver Rounds in this listing include the ever-popular "Prospector" round from Engelhard, which are no longer being minted and are difficult to locate in quantity. With popular designs and sizes ranging from 1 oz to 10 oz, you are sure to find the silver round that matches your taste and budget.
  • Germania Mint Silver Rounds: The Germania Mint produces some of the most interesting modern silver bullion rounds on the market, often depicting symbols of Germanic heritage. All of these products bear the Germania Mint logo on the obverse, which displays a Bicephalous (two-headed) Eagle inside a shield adorned with a laurel wreath. These symbols have roots in Roman mythology, which was directly intertwined with that of the early Germanic peoples. Germania Mint products often come in limited mintages which makes them increasingly popular among collectors and investors.
  • Holy Land Mint Silver Rounds: The Holy Land Mint produces silver rounds to commemorate important historical events, as well as modern ceremonies and milestones. The Holy Land Mint produces silver pieces that honor Israeli art and folkart, as well as Biblical stories. Timeless imagery and modern quality make Holy Land Mint silver products among the most beautiful in the world.
  • Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds: With these Sunshine Mint silver rounds, you can be sure you will receive only .999 fine silver! All rounds are hallmark-stamped, indicating the exact purity of the silver content.

Silver Rounds by Theme

APMEX can help you celebrate a wide variety of occasions with our themed rounds. Shop from our selection of silver rounds in the following themes:

  • Sports Collegiate and Professional Silver Rounds: To cheer on your favorite athletes, buy silver bars and rounds from APMEX that are specially designed to celebrate the world of sports. Whether you're a basketball fan or an expert golf player, these silver rounds are the perfect way to demonstrate your athletic pursuits - featuring stunning designs in .999 fine silver.
  • Armed Forces Silver Rounds: Beginning in 1949, Armed Forces Day was created to honor the brave Americans that serve in the military branches of the United States: the Army, Army National Guard, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Armed Forces Day became an official holiday in 1962, under the presidential term of President Kennedy. These Armed Forces silver rounds are the perfect way to commemorate the military and the sacrifices made by many.
  • Professions Silver Rounds: To honor the people who work in professions so integral to society, APMEX carries an assortment of silver rounds that celebrate important professional institutions, such as the fire department, the police department, and the medical community. Our selection features stunning designs and are .999 fine silver.

Silver Rounds Based on Iconic Coins

If you're considering coins, but seeking an even simpler entry point into the world of precious metals investment, silver rounds might pique your interest. Unlike coins which can vary greatly in value due to factors like rarity and historical significance, silver rounds offer a straightforward and accessible option. These rounds are typically made of .999 fine silver, making them a reliable investment choice for those prioritizing the metal's intrinsic value over numismatic features. With their uniformity and purity, silver rounds provide a convenient pathway for individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

  • Morgan Silver Dollar Design Rounds: Morgan Silver Dollar Design Rounds offer collectors and investors a timeless homage to the iconic Morgan Silver Dollar coin, featuring meticulously crafted designs reminiscent of the late 19th century. These rounds encapsulate the historic charm and enduring allure of the original coinage, making them prized additions to any numismatic or bullion collection.

If you are just starting your silver portfolio, consider adding one of the top ten silver bullion coins for investments along with a few rounds for your silver stack.

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