Icons of Route 66 Series Silver Highway Shields

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Icons of Route 66 Series

Route 66 was quite literally the framework of America, spurring economic growth and helping isolated communities become bustling roadside stops with flourishing mom-and-pop restaurants and individually owned hotels. The Icons of Route 66 Series from APMEX celebrates this iconic highway and some of its most unique landmarks in a truly memorable way.

Route 66 Landmarks

From Illinois to California, Route 66 passed through eight states. Along its entire 2,448 miles, travelers could find numerous, one-of-a-kind sights, from quirky gas stations and teepee motels to oddities such as a giant blue whale or the world’s largest ketchup bottle. Many of the landmarks still exist today and attract visitors each year.

This unique Silver series is designed to be reminiscent of the instantly recognizable Route 66 road sign. The reverse of each Highway Shield reads "Route 66" and lists the Silver weight and purity. The obverse of each issue celebrates one of the eight states Route 66 passed through, showcasing a different landmark from each. There will be limited production of each issue, giving further collectible appeal to the one-of-a-kind shape, unique designs and .999 fine Silver content.

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