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U.S. Currency - Large Type

U.S. Currency - Large Type

U.S. Currency Notes Add to Your Portfolio

By owning one of these currency types, you will own a piece of history in your hands. U.S. Currency will look good in any collection. The Treasury or Coin Notes are one of the earliest of its kind but the significance is wide ranging. These unique notes are one-of-a-kind note whose history is important to our knowledge of monetary significance. The U.S. Large Bank Notes range from 1861 to 1923, transcending major historical events such as the Civil War and World War I and the creation of a federally-backed reserve bank.

What makes these currency notes so unique is that they still maintain their legal tender status and it complements any Precious Metals collection. Every note provides a level of significance that is hard to find elsewhere. Even though these U.S. Large Bank Notes are not used as typical currency, they are great collectible items that will add to any financial portfolio. Each bank note holds a special place in history because they were all formed out of a major event that changed the course of history forever.

Large Selection of United States Currency Notes

You can buy currency notes at APMEX at competitive prices. Beside the historical significance of these notes, they all also add diversity to your collection. Large United States Currency types offers important historical lessons of our monetary system and they provide a great conversation piece to family and friends. Buy currency notes today at APMEX.

U.S Legal Tender Notes (Large Size)
These notes are one of the oldest currency notes on record. They began circulating during the Civil War to support the cost of the war. The notes became much more accepted as currency the closer the war drew to an end. Denominations can be found in $1, $2 and $50.

Gold and Silver Certificates
These notes are rather unique notes that have a Gold or Silver certificate that indicates the Precious Metal that backs the note. These unique Gold or Silver certificates will add a new dimension to your Precious Metal's portfolio.

Federal Reserve Bank Notes (Large Size)
These notes were issued by several banks throughout the United States. Collected and issued by the hometown where it originated, these Federal Reserve Bank Notes have great historical and monetary value.

Federal Reserve Notes (Large Size)
The Federal Reserve Note is the same note used for paper currency today. It is issued by Federal Reserve instead of the United States Treasury. The Federal Reserve Notes come in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $50 and $100 varieties.

What are Greenbacks? Greenbacks were the paper currency introduced in the U.S. in the 1860s as part of the effort to finance the Civil War. The bills were called Greenbacks due to the relatively bright green printing on the reverse.
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