Standing Liberty Quarters (1916-1930)

40 80 120
1930 Standing Liberty Quarter MS-64 PCGS
1930 Standing Liberty Quarter MS-64 PCGS
Any Quantity
Grade Mintage Population
MS-64 5,632,000 419

Standing Liberty Quarters

This quarter was designed during the start of the involvement of the United States in the "War to End All Wars." Designed by Hermon A. MacNeil, Liberty is shown holding a shield in a defensive posture. Her hand holds the olive branch of peace. But the design drew loud objections in many circles as Miss Liberty's bare breast was considered obscene by the standards of the day.

Design of a Standing Liberty Quarter

In 1917, the design was modified to remedy that objection by adding a coat of mail as protection. The reverse was slightly modified to raise the eagle higher. The 1916 date is undoubtedly the key date, with a tiny mintage of only 52,000 coins. Standing Liberty quarters have one of the lowest mintages of any coin struck for circulation in the Twentieth Century.

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