Silver American Eagle Coins (Special Occasions)

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Silver American Eagle Coins (Special Occasions)

Special occasion American Eagle Silver Coins are Silver Eagles in celebratory packaging for special occasions like graduations, birthdays, births, and weddings. We also offer a wide range of patriotic coin packages. Each coin is sealed in tamper evident packaging (TEP).

About the Silver American Eagle Coin

Silver American Eagle coins are .999 fine silver bullion coins issued by the United States Mint. They were first introduced in 1986 as part of the American Eagle Bullion Program. These coins are one of the most popular and recognizable silver bullion coins globally.

The obverse features a rendition of Walking Liberty, designed by Adolph A. Weinman, which originally appeared on the Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins issued from 1916 to 1947. The coin's reverse showcases an eagle and shield, designed by John Mercanti.

These coins are considered legal tender in the United States, with a face value of one dollar. However, the coin's actual value may be determined by the current value of its silver content, and they are typically worth much more than their nominal face value.

The proof versions are minted for collectors and have a mirrored background with frosted design elements, providing a more polished appearance.

Why Buy America Silver Eagle Coins?

Silver American Eagle coins are produced by the United States Mint, a reputable government entity known for producing high-quality coins. Their iconic design and global recognition make them popular among precious metal investors and collectors.

Silver American Eagle coins are thoughtful and enduring gifts for special occasions, graduations, or other significant milestones. They can also be valuable mementos to commemorate historical events or personal achievements.

Our Most Popular Special Occasion Coin: 2023 1-oz Happy Birthday Silver Eagle

This American Silver Eagle birthday coin is packaged in TEP and features a white birthday-themed card. It displays a mix of colored circles making it suitable for any recipient.

Our second most popular coin is the 2023 Silver Eagle graduation coin. This Silver Eagle is presented in a colorized graduation-themed card. This coin makes a great gift for friends and family.

What is Tamper Evident Coin Packaging?

The main goal of tamper-proof coins, tamper-evident packaging, and seals is to guard against counterfeiting, fraud, and damage. When you buy coins in TEP, you can be confident your coins are genuine, and their authenticity and condition will not be questioned during resale or appraisal. We are known for supplying our customers with some of the highest quality tamper-evident packaging and tamper-evident seals.

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