Early Dimes (1796-1837)

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Bust Dimes

APMEX offers a superb selection of Early Dimes. The Draped Bust Dime was designed by Robert Scot. It was first minted in 1796 and continued through 1807. There were two distinct reverses for the Draped Bust dime. The Small Eagle reverse was only minted during 1796 and 1797. These coins, like the half dimes, quarters, half dollars and Silver dollars of the same design were universally disliked. Production of these dimes was discontinued in 1807; no dimes dated 1808 were produced and the dime was redesigned in 1809.

The Capped Bust design was created by John Reich and had a strong production run from 1809 until 1837. This series has numerous varieties such as overdates, large and small dates and various letter positions. It would be quite a challenge to obtain a single specimen of each major variety.

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