1/2 kilo Silver Bars (16.075 oz)

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1/2 kilo Silver Bars (16.075 oz)

These bars are also known as 500-gram silver bars, as they weigh half a kilogram or 500 grams (approximately 16.075 troy ounces). Silver bars are produced by various private mints and government mints around the world.

Silver bars typically have a high level of purity, usually ranging from .999 to .9999 fine silver. This means they contain 99.9% to 99.99% pure silver, making them a reliable and valuable investment in the silver market.

Investors and collectors primarily acquire half-kilo silver bars. Investors often buy silver bars to diversify their investment portfolio and hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties. On the other hand, collectors might seek out specific bars for their design, limited mintage, or historical significance.

While you're exploring 1/2 kilo silver bars, you might also want to consider the 1 oz APMEX brand silver bar. Or, if you're searching for something a bit larger, the 10 oz APMEX brand silver bar. They both offer a convenient size for both investment and collection purposes, with the added assurance of being from a reputable brand like APMEX.

Silver bars can be easily bought and sold through precious metals dealers, bullion exchanges, and online platforms. When selling, it is important to factor in the current spot price of silver, which fluctuates based on market demand and economic conditions.

Our Most Popular Bar: 500 gram Silver Bar - Germania Mint (Serialized)

The Germania Mint minted this 500-gram bar. It contains 13.075 ounces of .9999 fine silver. The obverse features the Germania Mint two-headed eagle with the laurel logo. Also featured are weight, purity, and a unique serial number. The Germania Mint guarantees these bars.

Looking to maximize your silver investment with the next size up? 1 kg silver bullion bars are one of the most popular sizes, offering great liquidity and ease of storage.

Why Should I Buy Half-Kilo Silver Bars?

Investment Diversification

Buying silver bars, including 1/2 kilo bars, can be a way to diversify an investment portfolio. Precious metals like silver have historically acted as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties, providing an additional layer of diversification beyond traditional assets like stocks and bonds.

Lower Premiums

Generally, larger silver bars, such as 1/2 kilo bars, come with lower premiums. Smaller bars, like 1 oz bars, often have higher premiums due to additional manufacturing costs. Investors can potentially get more silver for their money by opting for larger bars.

Ease of Storage

1/2 kilo silver bars strike a balance between size and value, making them relatively easy to store and handle. They are more compact than larger bars (e.g., 1 kilo or 100 oz), making them suitable for storage in a home safe or a secure vault.


Silver bars, especially those in standard sizes like 1/2 kilo, are highly liquid in the precious metals market. They are widely recognized and accepted, making them easier to sell or trade when needed.

Collector Appeal

Some investors also find the design and craftsmanship of certain silver bars appealing. Limited-edition or uniquely designed bars may hold added value for collectors beyond their intrinsic metal value.

Precious Metal IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Eligibility

For those looking to include silver in a self-directed precious metal Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 1/2 kilo silver bars may meet the minimum fineness requirements and are eligible for such accounts.

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