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What are Englehard Silver Bars?

Engelhard silver bars are silver bullion bars produced by Engelhard Corporation, a renowned American precious metals refiner and producer. Engelhard was a significant player in the precious metals industry, known for its high-quality silver and gold products.

Engelhard silver bars are highly regarded and sought after by investors and collectors. They are typically made of .999 fine silver, containing 99.9% pure silver. These bars come in assorted sizes, ranging from small 1-ounce bars to larger 100-ounce bars.

Engelhard bars are known for their simple yet elegant design. They usually feature the Engelhard name, weight, and purity stamped on the bar's surface. The bars are often rectangular and have a polished finish. Each bar is serialized for added authenticity and traceability.

While Engelhard Corporation is now a subsidiary of the German manufacture SASF, its silver bars remain popular in the precious metals market due to their quality and historical significance. Collectors value Engelhard bars for their craftsmanship and rarity, which can contribute to their higher premium over the spot price of silver. However, before making a purchasing decision, it's worth comparing Engelhard's products to our full collection of silver bars.

Why Should I Invest in Englehard Silver Bars?

Investing in Engelhard silver bars may offer several advantages for investors. Here are some reasons why you might consider investing in Engelhard silver bars:

Trusted Brand

Engelhard Corporation has a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality precious metal products. Their silver bars are recognized and respected in the industry.

Purity and Quality

Engelhard silver bars are typically made from .999 fine silver, which means they contain 99.9% pure silver. The high purity level ensures that you are investing in a valuable and reliable asset.


Engelhard silver bars are highly liquid, meaning they can be easily bought or sold in the precious metals market. The recognizable brand name and reputation of Engelhard contribute to the liquidity of their bars.

Historical Significance

Engelhard Corporation played a significant role in the precious metals industry for many years. Owning Engelhard silver bars can have historical value and be of interest to collectors.


Silver is often considered a valuable component of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Including Engelhard silver bars in your portfolio can provide diversification by adding a tangible asset that moves independently of traditional stocks and bonds. Silver has historically hedged against inflation and economic uncertainties, making it an attractive investment option.

However, it is important to note that deciding to invest in Engelhard silver bars or any other precious metal investment should be based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. It is recommended that you consult with a financial advisor or precious metals expert to assess whether investing in Engelhard silver bars aligns with your investment objectives.

Why Should I Buy Engelhard Silver Bars for APMEX?

We are a well-known and reputable precious metals dealer. While Engelhard Corporation is no longer operating as it once was, we offer a marketplace to buy and sell Engelhard silver bars from various sources. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying Engelhard silver bars from us:

  1. Reliable Source: We have built a reputation as a trusted precious metals dealer. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and are known for our commitment to quality and customer service. Buying Engelhard silver bars from us ensures you purchase from a reliable and established source.
  1. Authenticity and Quality Assurance: We take measures to authenticate the products we sell. We carefully source our silver bars and verify their authenticity, ensuring you receive genuine Engelhard silver bars. We also guarantee quality, assuring you receive the specified purity and weight of the bars.
  1. Wide Selection: We offer a diverse range of Engelhard silver bars, allowing you to choose from assorted sizes and designs. This variety lets you select bars that suit your investment preferences and budget.
  1. Competitive Pricing: We strive to provide competitive pricing for our products. While market factors determine the price of silver, we aim to offer fair prices for Engelhard silver bars, considering factors such as market demand, rarity, and condition.
  1. Convenience and Security: Buying Engelhard silver bars from us offers convenience and security. We provide a user-friendly online platform to browse, select, and purchase Engelhard bars from the comfort of your home. We also prioritize secure packaging and shipping to ensure your investment reaches you safely.

It is worth noting that the availability and pricing of Engelhard silver bars may vary based on market conditions and the specific inventory held by us. We recommend that you conduct your own research, compare prices, and consider factors such as premiums and silver shipping costs when making a purchase decision.

For more affordable silver bar products, we encourage you to consider the APMEX branded 10 oz silver bar as well. Our silver bars offer the same trusted brand recognition in precious metals, but with a lower premium over spot.

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