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1 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
1 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
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10 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
10 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
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100 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
100 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
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Silver Bars from Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey Mint is renowned for its exceptional silver bars that have gained a reputation for their quality and purity. Established in 1817, Johnson Matthey has been a prominent player in the precious metals industry for over two centuries. The mint's silver bars are highly sought after by investors and collectors alike due to their trusted craftsmanship and long-standing legacy.

The silver bars produced by Johnson Matthey are known for their remarkable purity, typically containing .999 fine silver or higher. This level of purity ensures that each bar contains a high concentration of silver, making them valuable assets for those looking to invest in the precious metal market. Furthermore, Johnson Matthey is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, assuring customers of the authenticity and integrity of their silver bars.

The design of Johnson Matthey silver bars is often simple and elegant, emphasizing the focus on the intrinsic value of the precious metal itself. The bars typically feature the mint's name, along with important details such as weight, purity, and a unique serial number. This information provides vital authenticity and traceability, which is crucial for both investors and collectors.

Johnson Matthey's reputation for excellence extends beyond the quality of their silver bars. The mint's long-standing presence in the industry has garnered trust and reliability among customers. Their bars are recognized globally and are easily liquidated, ensuring a seamless buying and selling experience for investors.

Due to their outstanding craftsmanship, purity, and the prestige associated with the Johnson Matthey name, these silver bars often carry a premium over the silver spot price in the market. Collectors are particularly drawn to these bars due to their historical significance and the recognition of Johnson Matthey as a respected mint.

Overall, Johnson Matthey Mint is renowned for producing exceptional silver bars that offer high purity, trusted quality, and a rich legacy. Whether you are an investor seeking a valuable asset or a collector looking for a piece of history, Johnson Matthey's silver bars are widely regarded as a reliable and prestigious choice in the precious metals market.

History of the Johnson Matthey Mint

The history of the Johnson Matthey Mint is steeped in tradition and spans over two centuries. The mint's origins can be traced back to 1817 when two entrepreneurs, George Matthey and George Johnson, established a gold assaying business in London, England. Initially, their focus was on testing the purity of precious metals for other traders and businesses.

As the demand for precious metals increased, Matthey and Johnson expanded their operations and began refining and fabricating various metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. Over time, their expertise and reputation grew, establishing them as a trusted name in the precious metals industry.

Johnson Matthey gained international recognition for its commitment to excellence and quality. Its silver bars, in particular, became highly regarded among investors and collectors due to their trusted craftsmanship and high purity standards. The mint's name became synonymous with integrity and reliability in the precious metals market.

Buying Silver Bars

Silver bars help diversify platinum portfolios as an efficient hedge against inflation since the prices of silver and platinum are less connected than the prices of gold and platinum. Buying Johnson Matthey silver bars ensures that you are getting silver from one of the most trusted and dependable mints in precious metals. If you're looking to purchase from multiple brands, bars from places like Engelhard Mint can also be a great choice.

For those interested in purchasing silver but are seeking lower premiums, APMEX's one ounce silver bars or 100 oz bars are an excellent choice. You can balance investing in silver at an affordable price with purchasing from a reputable brand with this product. Or, to compare a range of options, APMEX's full silver bar collection has a wide variety of choices for every investor.

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