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Gold Buffalos (PCGS Certified)

Gold Buffalos (PCGS Certified)

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Available March 01, 2019

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PCGS Certified Gold Buffalos Ensures Quality and Value

Owning a PCGS certified Gold Buffalo coin ensures that you buy it at the condition at which it left the mint. These Golden Buffalo coins are certified by the PCGS, who to date have rated over 32 million coins. The certification process for each coin undergoes a rigorous set of criteria to determine the final Sheldon grade for quality, which includes condition and wear. The Gold Buffalos offered at APMEX are all graded at a MS-69 or MS-70. The quality and grading of these coins ensures the quality is maintained in the coin, providing it long lasting value to the buyer. When you buy Buffalo Gold coins certified by the PCGS, you are owning a piece of history, but most importantly, you are owning a coin with a design and designer that changed the course of history for American coinage. The Buffalo is one of the most iconic animals in the west. It is an important animal that was a symbol of strength and determination. The Buffalo has played an important role in the shaping of our country.

The Buffalo as a National Mammal

The contributions of the buffalo to our country is significant. The Buffalo has now become the first national mammal of the United States. President Barack Obama signed the decree making the Buffalo on par with the Bald Eagle as a national symbol. The Buffalo is a great depiction on the Gold Buffalo coins, paying homage to an iconic animal. When you buy Gold Buffalo coins, you are buying a coin with significance that will be felt for years to come. Buy Buffalo Gold coins from APMEX today.

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