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Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 39 mm

Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 39 mm

As low as $1.19 per item!
Air-Tite Direct Fit coin holders are made of acrylic and contain no PVC, which can be damaging to your coins. These capsules are hard, crystal clear and consist of two pieces that snap together, providing long-term protection for your entire collection.

Product Highlights:

  • Prevents scratches, dings and fingerprints from damaging product.
  • Note: Coin or round not included.
  • Fits the following products:
  • * U.S. Dollars, 1794 to 1839
    * 1 oz Silver Rounds.

Protect your coins from fingerprints by adding these cotton gloves to your order.

Securely display your Silver Dollar or Silver round. Add this Air-Tite holder to your cart today!

Safe Coin Supply Accessory for Coins up to 39 MM

Orders for Precious Metal coins required a safe storage system where it would be free from excessive handling, and shielding from the natural elements like oxidation and water. The Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit – 39 MM is the perfect option for storing Precious Metals coins up to 39 mm, including 1 oz Silver rounds and 1794-1839 U.S. Dollars. Coin supplies require a special form of storage to help maintain its value and product longevity. The Air-Tite Holders serve that purpose for any coin up to 39 mm. For many years in the early days of coin and bullion production, these coins supplies were not available. Today, they are an important part of any bullion collector's repertoire.

Coin Supply Complement to any Coin or Round up to 39 MM

Direct Fit Air-Tite Holders are the perfect coin supply complement to 1 oz Silver rounds and any coin or round up to 39 mm. These coin storage units can protect the coin from excessive fingerprints, which can cause damage and deterioration of the quality. The Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder – 39 mm also protects the coin or round from natural elements like water, dust, oxidation and scratches caused by general handling. At a low cost, you can protect your investment long term with the Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder. You can still proudly display your coin with these coin storage units.

Popular 1 oz Silver Rounds and Coins

Many 1 oz Silver rounds can fit nicely within the Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder. Popular 1 oz Silver rounds or coins that can fit are the 1 oz Silver Morgan Dollar, 1 oz Silver Buffalo and the highly popular 1 oz Silver round by APMEX. There are several coins that can fit safely and securely in the Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder – 39 mm. Part of a reason for the coin value is the quality and appearance. A Direct Fit Air-Tite Holder protects the coin and it guards the quality, while maintaining the appearance in pristine condition.

Customer Reviews of Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 39 mm
Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit - 39 mm
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don't like the ones without the gasket

By  Wes

from Arlington Texas


All the coins I put in these tarnished will not be buying these again

A great Coin Holder

By  n/a

from El Paso, Tx.


This Coin Holder was a great buy to help protect my silver coins from wear.


  • Value (low premium over spot)

Better protection than a soft flip.

By  Cadillac

from Bronx,NY


What can you say about an air tite,no pvc plastic coin holder? Good quality & worth the cost if you're going to protect your investment-although sometimes they come with the coin...that's always nice.

Did it's job!

By  John

from Wellsville, NY


I buy these often for my silver rounds and while i love the protection they offer, never really tested one out. That changed with my last purchase. i put the round in the case and sealed it no problem. but then both my wife and myself had butterfingers within a 5 minute span and dropped the new round 3 times....third time on concrete floor. It did crack the outside of the case, but there was absolutely no damage at all to the round. The case was no longer good, but the round didn't even budge. Well worth the investment of your collection.


  • Attractive Design
  • Recognized Brand

Works great.

By  Aaron

from Colorado


I put all my coins in protection of some sort, many in Air-Tite brand capsules. They work and fit great. Buy with confidence. Service was fast from APMEX, as expected.

good holder

By  M&P

from FL


thank you APMEX


  • Value (low premium over spot)
  • Attractive Design
  • Mint Condition


By  Festus

from Carrolltown, Pa.


Too costly for common holders.

Great Holder

By  Dave

from Tucson, AZ


These air-tite holders work very well protecting your rounds and coins.


  • Mint Condition


By  TC

from IN


Fit my Somalia elephant nicely.

Nice Holder protects coins well

By  DP

from Long Island, NY


Nice Holder protects coins well

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Display your Coin Collection while Protecting its Value

An important aspect of collecting and investing is displaying your purchase to your friends and family. Having possession of your own products is always the safest rout to guarantee the safety of the coin. With the Air-Tite Holder Direct Fit, you can proudly display your coin all the while protecting your investment from your family and friends. With the many intricate and beautiful designs that are available for these 1 oz Silver rounds and coins, you can display its beauty while maintaining its value over time.



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