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United States Mint Gold

United States Mint Gold

Purchase Gold US Coins

When you collect United States Mint Gold coins, you have a chance to hold a piece of the history of American Gold coins in your hands. From Gold American Eagles and Gold American Buffalos, to First Spouse coins and U.S. Gold Commemorative coins, you are sure to discover something to add to your collection or investment portfolio. Our U.S. Gold coins, especially Pre-1933 Gold coins, are full of history, and their numismatic, or collector, value only adds to the U.S. Mint coins’ monetary value.

Old Gold U.S. Coins

If you are passionate about owning the oldest coins available from the U.S. Mint, collect United States Mint Gold like pre-1933 U.S. Gold coins. One highly collectible American Gold coin from this era is the Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, minted from 1907 to 1933. These U.S. Mint Gold coins, designed by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, feature the beautiful depiction of Lady Liberty on the obverse, which was so popular it was adapted for use on the Gold American Eagle issued in 1986. Though these original U.S. Gold coins were commonly used as currency when created, these United States Mint Gold coins are now rare coins because in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 recalling most Gold coins, Gold bullion and Gold certificates in the United States. Most of these Gold coins were then melted down and turned into American Gold bars.

Add Investment-Quality Gold Bullion to Your Collection

If you prefer modern U.S. Mint Gold coins, browse our selection of Gold American Eagles that have never been in circulation as currency. These Gold American Eagles range in size from 1/10 oz to 1 oz, making these Gold coins ideal for all budgets. You can also find these Gold coins available in sets to more quickly build your Gold coin collection. American Gold Eagle coins, with a perfect blend of old and new, feature an adaptation of the Saint-Gaudens Lady Liberty on the obverse and a fearless eagle in flight on the reverse, designed by nationally recognized sculptor Miley Busiek in 1986.

Buy U.S. Mint Gold Commemorative Coins

Finally, purchase United States Mint Gold Commemorative coins for collectible interest. We have U.S. Gold Early Commems issued between 1892 and 1954 and modern U.S. Gold Commems that include current-year issues. Whether you prefer U.S. Gold coins that focus on historic events like the Wright Brothers' first flight, or coins that feature your favorite pastime like baseball, you are sure to find U.S. Mint Gold coins available at APMEX to enhance your investment portfolio and numismatic Gold coin collection. These U.S. Gold coins are always an excellent conversation starter, with each American Gold coin offering a story about this country.

U.S. Mint Gold FAQ

Does the U.S. Mint still make Gold bars?

The U.S. Mint does not make Gold bars. While the bullion coins produced by the U.S. Mint are among the most sought-after investment coins in the world, you cannot buy a Gold bar that was struck at a government branch. You can, however, purchase valuable Gold bars in many weights that meet the same rigorous standards used by the United States government to produce bullion coins. It should also be noted that 1 oz Gold bars are incredibly popular to collectors and investors, and the 1 oz American Gold coins carry the same amount of Precious Metals. The only difference is that bullion coins are round, and look more like traditional currency.

How many Gold coins are in the U.S. Mint catalog?

The U.S. Mint catalog typically features around a dozen new Gold coins each year. The designs are almost always inspired by one of three popular motifs: Liberty, the American Eagle, and the American Buffalo. For decades, these themes have proven to be the most popular choices for Gold coin investors, offering a sense of pride, prestige, and tradition. Gold coins from the U.S. Mint catalog come in a variety of sizes, created to make investment in Precious Metals affordable to most people. On occasion, one of the mint branches will receive special authorization to produce commemorative pieces, which will add to the number of new coins available that year. APMEX is a proud partner of the U.S. Mint and is an authorized retailer of every new bullion coin produced in a given year.

What is the value of a U.S. Gold dollar coin?

The value of a U.S. Gold dollar is primarily determined by whether or not the person is referring to a bullion coin or one intended for circulation. The last two dollar coins released by the U.S. government, the Sacagawea series and the Presidential Dollars, where both golden in color, although they were not made with any Precious Metals. In the 1800s, the United States did release a dollar coin made from Gold, although it was tiny, and did not become popular with Americans since it was so easy to lose. Some Gold bullion coins made today are similar in size and shape to $1 coins, but their value is much higher. In 2018, the face value of the 1 oz Gold American Buffalo was $50, although the market price of the Precious Metals used was worth well over $1000.
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