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Mexican Silver Libertads

Mexican Silver Libertads

Invest in more than Silver, Buy a Mexican Libertad Coin online.

In purchasing a Silver Libertad, collectors not only are making an investment in a fine Silver coin, but they also are buying a piece of both Mexican and world coinage history. The Mexican Silver Libertad beautifully depicts two of the Mexican people’s most iconic symbols on the reverse, the Angel of Independence and the Mexican volcanoes Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, and the Mexican National Seal on the obverse. These Mexican Silver coins come in a variety of weights, providing collectors options to fit their investment budget. Silver coins depicting Mexico’s legendary history are a smart addition to any collection that includes beautiful historic coins.

Silver Libertad Coin History

Coins like the Silver Libertad are minted from Silver that has a rich history. Today’s Silver coins are part of thousands of years of using Silver in trade and as coins, with the ancient Chaldean people in the area known as Turkey today created a process known as “cupellation.” This process removed Silver from lead-Silver ores in what is widely acknowledged as the first documented method to process Silver. While these Mexican Silver Libertad coins date back to 1982, Silver coins were first documented in the eastern Mediterranean in 550 BC. Mexican Silver coins from the Mexican Mint did not surface until many years later, when, in 1535, the Mexican Mint was created on a decree from the Spanish Crown to create the first mint in the Americas.

Mexican Mint Creates Silver Coins

The Mexican Mint created Mexican Silver coins in vast quantities and, together with Peru and Bolivia, minted nearly 85 percent of the world’s Silver between 1500 and 1800. In fact, Silver coins known as the Silver 8 reales coin and Silver peso began circulating throughout the Americans and Asia, becoming the basis for many modern day currencies. Now minting Silver Libertad and other numismatic Silver coins, the Mexican Mint still remains an icon for coin minting throughout the world. Today, Silver spot prices are attributed, in part, due to the rich history and dedication to minting excellence seen in the Mexican Mint.

Purchase Silver Libertads Online

All history considered, Silver Libertad coins tell a rich story of Silver and the Mexican Mint. Understanding the Mexican Silver coins’ roll in today’s currency helps collectors grasp its significance as a valuable piece of history. With the Silver Mexican Libertad series dating back to 1982, the coins provide a relatively recent look into the history of Mexican Silver coins. However, the Silver coins carry the same lineage of Silver and dedication to craftsmanship that Mexican Silver coins have carried for decades.
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