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90% Silver by Type

90% Silver by Type

Diversify your Silver Collection

Buying 90% Silver coins struck before the Coinage Act of 1965 is a good way to add to your Silver holdings. Focusing on junk Silver coins bought for their high Silver content from later mintages (for example, 1960-1964) allows you to get better prices, as you are not competing with collectors interested in Silver coins for their numismatic value. When collectors seek American Silver coins, they look for rarity and history, driving prices up based on demand. If you are seeking these so-called junk Silver coins from strictly an investment perspective, your only concern is Silver content, not the story behind the Silver coins.

Invest in Old Silver Coins

Some investors believe 90% Silver coins continued to be struck after 1965, so they widen their search for Silver coins up to and including 1966. This misconception about American Silver coins stems from a provision in the Coinage Act of 1965 that states that the Secretary of the Treasury was allowed to continue to strike 90% Silver coins for up to five years. This authority to strike Silver coins with 90% Silver was indeed exercised through 1966, but the Silver coins were stamped with a 1964 date. So which junk Silver coins should you be looking for and how?

Junk Silver Coins Online

When buying 90% Silver coins, the most efficient way of acquiring enough for your investment is to buy from a trusted dealer, like APMEX. We deal in Silver coins in bulk so we can offer the best deals on rolls or bags of Silver coins perfect for your portfolio. For example, American Silver coins like Mercury dimes, dated 1916-1945, can be purchased in a roll of 50, or you can buy a bag of 90% Silver coins that are our choice of dimes, quarters or half dollars with a face value of $1,000. When junk Silver coins can be bought in bulk. It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to buy Silver.

Buying 90% Silver

When purchasing 90% Silver coins, you can find a variety of bags of American Silver coins available APMEX. For example, junk Silver coins like the Washington quarter are available in a drawstring bag of 400 coins, with a face value of $100, with coins dated from 1932-1964. Pre-1965 Silver coins that were minted in the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s are still readily available and their collector value is low so the premium over spot price is very affordable. When adding to your American Silver coin holdings, unremarkable coins minted mid-century and bought in bulk are often the way to go.
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