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History of Jewelry

For as long as there have been humans, we have been wearing jewelry in some form. Starting with crude pieces of leather or reed and bead-like bits of shell and bone, humans have always worn personal adornment.

As culture developed, motivations for wearing jewelry developed along with it. Wearing a signature piece makes you memorable. Those who meet you may remember the special pendant you always wear. Jewelry sets you apart. Your personal adornments might signify your social status, as intricate and expensive pieces show that you have been fortunate or successful. People, especially women, often wear jewelry to draw attention to their best features. Earrings bring attention to the face and neck, while a dangling necklace can enhance a woman’s décolletage. Of course, one of the most important reasons people wear Silver jewelry and Gold jewelry in the contemporary era is for personal expression. It publicizes something about you and what you find attractive. It may advertise your affiliations, such as with a school ring, or your birth month if you wear a particular stone. Expressing your taste and interests with jewelry reaches back to the beginning of humankind, and it will always be part of us.

Today, a key reason we wear jewelry is to present a polished image to the world. Business people need to look put-together and successful. Attractive, high-quality cufflinks or earrings show others that you care about your appearance and have resources to invest in yourself. The same way polished shoes might broadcast your job status, a nice watch adds to others’ perception of you. They can see you as a person of taste, who has places to be, and who keeps on top of their obligations.
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