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APMEX Ammo - Bullets

APMEX Ammo - Bullets

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Silver Bullets and Ammunition are great for Silver bullion investors and collectors alike.

While Silver bullets are a relatively new bullion offering, they conjure images of folklore and history. From hunting werewolves to the Lone Ranger defending justice, Silver bullets are growing in popularity amongst gun enthusiasts, historians, collectors and Silver investors alike. With a relatively low price over Silver spot value, Silver bullets are attractive to some as a practical way to invest in physical Silver bullion while for others they make distinctive Silver collectible pieces. Either way you look at Silver ammo, the Silver Bullet Bullion line is a great way to acquire surplus ammo made entirely of Silver.

Silver Bullets Bullion

APMEX’s exclusive line of Silver Bullet Bullion is made using .999 fine Silver and is forged in the shape of actual ammo rounds, many from historically noteworthy pieces of ammunition. Each Silver Bullet is modeled after a shotgun, rifle or semi-automatic cartridge and crafted in many of the sizes familiar to Silver investors. APMEX’s 1 oz and 2 oz Silver ammo sizes are the most popular and can be purchased individually or in boxes of 10 rounds (10 Silver bullets). Larger sizes for investing in Silver bullet bullion include 10 oz, 25 oz and even a large 100 oz pure Silver Cannon Shell. It is important to note that even though Silver bullets appear to be an actual round of ammunition, they are not meant to be fired from any form of weaponry. Regardless of size, Silver bullets are a fun and distinctive way to invest in physical Silver bullion.

Buy Silver Ammo Online

Silver bullets and Silver ammo have gained in popularity since they are priced close to spot, but carry higher premiums when compared to owning other forms of Silver bullion. Another growing trend in the Silver Bullet Bullion category is their use as gifts. Silver ammo is great for Father’s Day, hunting season, birthdays and winter seasonal holidays. Silver bullets also inspire conversations on investing in Precious Metals as well as the merits of collecting coins and bullion.

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