OregonThe Pacific Northwest state of Oregon encompasses diverse landscapes, from the untamed coastline of the Pacific Ocean to the rugged Cascade mountains to dense primeval forests that give way to desert across the eastern portion of the state. Oregon’s stunning natural beauty draws tourists from all over the world each year. Oregon is home to the deepest river gorge, tallest tree, and deepest lake in the United States. It is a state of extremes. Gold is present in Oregon’s history, Gold was discovered in the Cascade Mountains in 1858.

Bullion Sales Tax in Oregon

The state of Oregon, simply put, does not have sales tax. All purchases of Precious Metal bullion, coins and currency are tax-free, regardless of the type or quantity being purchased. Oregon is therefore among the most popular states for buying Precious Metal investment products. This lack of sales tax means your investment dollar works harder for you when you buy from Oregon dealers.

Local Gold and Silver Mints in Oregon

There is a mint in Oregon, helping Oregon to build a presence in the minting world.

Monarch Precious Metals produces Gold and Silver investment items, specializing in fractional sizes and novelty forms. Founded in 2008, Monarch Precious Metals is a playful company consistently producing pieces that make interesting gifts and curiosities. MPM carries Silver rounds and bars as small as 1 gram, as well as 1/10th, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 ounce sizes. Many of their larger bars are pretty hand poured specimens, prized by some collectors for their unique appearance. They also offer natural Gold nuggets and Gold rounds as tiny as a half-gram.

Precious Metal and Coin Dealers Near Me

If you’re looking for a reputable local wholesaler near you where you might make purchases in person, allow APMEX to help. Below, we provide a list of wholesale dealers who may be able to assist you:

Local City Information

    • Portland, Oregon Local Directory

Portland is often referred to as the “City of Roses” due to the preponderance of lush and beautiful rose gardens that flourish there. Of course, the unofficial slogan of Portland, “Keep Portland Weird,” references the city’s large number of progressive, independent-minded citizens and leaders. Portland is rife with food carts, micro-distilleries and microbreweries, giving the city its unique flavor. The city is also home to several independent coin shops offering rare and unique coins that won’t be found anywhere else, besides decent selections of Precious Metal investment items and standard numismatic pieces.

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