Coin Collecting Supplies

Published on 11/2/2020 by APMEX

Coin collection supplies including a Monster Box along with protective tubes, capsules, and TEP packaging.

Coin collectors require specialized supplies to take care of their collection. From storage to examination to protection, each collector or numismatist has a list of items they consider essential. You may not know exactly what to buy if you’re just getting started in the hobby. What coin collecting supplies do you need to have on hand?


One of the most helpful tools for seeing fine details on a coin is a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe. If you’re going to get into the hobby of coin collecting seriously, you’re going to want to be able to examine coins on a much finer level of detail than you can with the naked eye. A magnifier is one of the best ways to do this.

A jeweler’s loupe is handy if you want to keep your hands free, and a pocket magnifier is another excellent tool for seeing the small details that could separate a coin in grade. Even a basic magnifying glass will give you a little extra help.

Gloves and Cloths

Your skin produces natural oils that will discolor coins or paper currency over time if they’re handled without something between your fingers and the coin. Soft cotton gloves or cloths are a great way to keep those oils from touching coins. For lower-grade specimens, it may not matter as much, but for your high-grade Brilliant Uncirculated or Proof coins, improper handling can degrade them over time. Keep your hands away from reactive surfaces with gloves.

Capsules, Holders and Flips

Capsules, holders and flips are crucial coin collecting supplies. Keeping a coin free of degradation requires proper storage as well as proper handling, and these storage items are designed to do that.

Capsules are explicitly designed for a single size of a coin and are airtight, so that coin isn’t exposed to the elements. They are purchasable in many different types to fit any coin. Some holders are round, while others are square and look like the “slabs” used by the major grading services like PCGS and NGC.

Currency holders are explicitly designed for currency and are usually either a sleeve or a two-piece hard plastic holder that keeps currency safe. Some are specifically designed for display, while others are more useful for archival.

A flip is a small plastic envelope that holds a coin. Often they are combined with an acid-free paper insert as well. These are often individual but sometimes come in larger sheets.

With any of these items (particularly flips), you’re going to want to check and make sure they are unplasticized if you’re going to use them for long-term storage. Some are designed for coin dealers who want to display a product for a brief period, not long-term archival. PVC holders can damage coins over the long term and cause a buildup of crud and scum on the surface, particularly for Silver or Copper coins.

Be careful using older holders or flips you have lying around, too. If you don’t know what the material is, it’s better to get new flips. It’s not worth ruining a coin when you could spend a couple of bucks and get flips that will actually protect your coins.


There are albums designed specifically for archival, often revolving around a specific time period and coin. Many people’s first experience with these sorts of albums was the 50 State Quarters put out by the U.S. Mint, which had an associated map of the U.S. with a holder for each coin. There are unique holders like this one as well as books that are more traditional in style, but either way, an album is a great way to keep an entire type collection.

The Importance of Coin Collecting Supplies

Coin collecting does not require a lot of initial investment in supplies. With these few things, you’ll be able to keep your collection safe and admire it easily. Make sure you invest in the correct items for long-term archival. APMEX offers many different products that can help you with your collection. Browse our website and take advantage of our selection.

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