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Silver Coins

Silver Coins

Silver Coins Add Lasting Value to Precious Metals Investment

These popular coins add value to any Precious Metals investment. With a large selection from which to choose, buyers can hold a piece of history in their hands. Silver coin values remain high and these coins come in a variety of sizes and designs. Silver coins appeal to everyone from the new Precious Metals collector to the history lover. All of these coins play an important role in the history of their nation and history. One popular Silver coin is the Mexican Silver Libertad. These coins pay homage to a country that has been an integral part to western civilization for thousands of years. The Libertads features the Mexican National Seal and iconic Angel of Independence. Perth Mint Kookaburra coins are also a popular selection with buyers. The designs on the coins change annually and feature the kookaburra, a bird known for its innocence and beauty. The Silver American Eagles are considered the only investment-grade Silver bullion by many, and the Silver Britannias remain a popular choice among collectors.

Buy Silver Coins Online

The vast selection of Silver coins not only takes you through history, but they add lasting value to your Precious Metals investment. Their popularity has become more apparent because of their quality. You can buy Silver coins from APMEX that have come from all corners of the globe. The various sizes give unique options for buyers and best of all they have quality that cannot be duplicated. Many Silver coins get more popular with time. Some coins are low mintage, some feature the MintDirect® label, while others are meant to be collectible coins and rare coins. Enjoy these time-honored classics at competitive prices so you can grow your investment portfolio and collection.

Popular Silver Coins For Sale

There are several Silver coins from which to choose, but there is no shortage of highly valuable coins that will add value to your collection. Many of these Silver coins come in standard BU issues but you can also find them in Proof condition as well as certified and graded varieties. Find coins from all over the world and see the multitude of options at your fingertips.

American Silver Eagle Coins

American Silver Eagle coins are the most popular Silver coins in the world today. They were first released in 1986 to great success. The Silver Eagle is one of the most highly traded Silver bullion coins in the world today and it comes with a rich history. With backdated and current years available, you will have a plethora of options on hand.

Silver Koala Coins

Silver Koalas coins are relatively newer on the market, first released in 2007. Both collectors and investors gravitate toward these coins because they are produced by the renowned Perth Mint and they are beautifully designed and crafted. Each year the design changes, which makes it appealing to collectors. Both high in quality and value, you will own a popular limited mintage coin with any release you choose.

Silver Dollar Coins

From a historical perspective, you can find a number of Silver coins that literally have stood the test of time. From the ever-popular Morgan Dollars to Peace Dollars, these coins have been through history. They are popular with both beginning collectors and experienced collectors and have tremendous historical and intrinsic value. You can find a large selection of Silver Dollars in many grades and conditions.

Silver Britannia Coins

The Silver Britannias were created on the heels of the success of the Gold Britannias. First produced as limited-mintage Proof coins, these Silver coins have evolved into highly sought-after collectors’ items. These coins depict the personification of the British Islands, Boudica, commonly known as Britannia. With each passing year, their popularity gains more steam. Offered in current and backdated issues, you can buy Silver Britannias at competitive prices.

Silver Archangel Michael Coins

These popular coins depict the iconic archangel Michael as he prepares himself for battle. These limited mintage coins are highly popular with collectors because of its depiction and beauty. It is considered one of the most beautiful coins to come out of the Ukraine, and its legacy is one to behold. You can own of these Silver Archangel coins at competitive prices.

Silver Philharmonic Coins

The Silver Phils are the first Silver bullion coin to be denominated in Euros. They all contain .999 fine Silver and considered one of Europe's leading bullion Silver coin. The depiction on these coins are one of the most pristine and beautiful. These Philharmonic Silver coins will add value to any collection.

Silver Mexican Libertad

The Mexican Silver Libertads are .999-fine Silver and are some of the most beautiful Silver coins in the world. All history considered, Silver Libertad coins tell a rich story of Silver and the Mexican Mint. Understanding the Mexican Silver coins’ roll in today’s currency helps collectors grasp its significance as a valuable piece of history.

Silver Coins FAQ

Are old Silver coins valuable?

Old Silver coins are valuable for a variety of reason, including rarity, aesthetic value, and composition. Some Silver coins are expensive due to their limited availability and historical significance, with collectors willing to pay a premium price for specific pieces. Other coins bring higher prices because they were struck with an appealing design or have a visual condition that is near mint quality. Some very old coins were made entirely out of Silver, which gives them a high melt value for the bullion contained within.

How rare are Silver nickels?

Silver nickels are considered rare because they were only minted in the United States for a few short years. Sometimes known as Silver War Nickels, these coins were struck in the years in 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945. Unlike the U.S. five cent coins manufactured before and after this period, these rare Silver Nickels were made with 35% Silver, making them highly desirable among investors.

What foreign coins are Silver?

Many foreign coins are Silver based, especially series with mintmarks dating back to the early 20th Century or before. Foreign coins made in Mexico included some Silver through 1943. Australia used small amounts of Silver in coins into the early 1960s. Egypt struck its 25 Piastres coin with 72% Silver until 1970.
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