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Silver Coins from The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is a renowned mint that produces a variety of silver coinage with exceptional craftsmanship and numismatic value. Here are some key aspects you may find interesting:

  • Britannia Series: The Royal Mint's Britannia series is one of their most iconic silver coin collections. These coins feature the image of Britannia, the personification of Britain, and often showcase different artistic interpretations of her. The Britannia series is known for its high-quality design and silver content.
  • Queen's Beasts Series: Another popular series from The Royal Mint is the Queen's Beasts. This collection pays tribute to the ten heraldic statues that stood guard during Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Each coin features a different beast, such as the lion, griffin, or dragon, and represents different branches of Queen Elizabeth II's ancestry.
  • Commemorative Coins: The Royal Mint produces various commemorative silver coins to mark significant events, anniversaries, or celebrations. These coins often have limited mintages, making them highly sought after by collectors. They may feature historical figures, landmarks, or cultural themes related to the occasion being commemorated.
  • Silver Proof Coins: The Royal Mint produces silver proof coins, which are meticulously struck with specially polished dies and multiple strikes to achieve a high level of detail and a mirrored finish. These coins are typically issued in limited quantities and come in protective cases with certificates of authenticity.
  • Silver Bullion Coins: In addition to collectible coins, The Royal Mint also produces silver bullion coins, which are primarily valued for their precious metal content based on the live price of silver. The most well-known silver bullion coin from The Royal Mint is the Silver Britannia, containing one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. These coins are often purchased as an investment or for diversifying a portfolio.

History of The Royal Mint

The history of The Royal Mint spans several centuries and is closely tied to the coinage and currency of the United Kingdom. The origins of The Royal Mint can be traced back to the reign of Alfred the Great in the late 9th century. However, it wasn't until 1279 during the reign of King Edward I that The Royal Mint was formally established in the Tower of London. The Tower remained the mint's primary location for many centuries.

In 1810, The Royal Mint moved from the Tower of London to a new purpose-built facility in Tower Hill. This move allowed for increased production capacity and improved security measures. In the 1960s, The Royal Mint once again relocated, this time to its current location in Llantrisant, South Wales, to accommodate the modernization of its facilities.

In 1971, The Royal Mint played a significant role in the decimalization of the British currency system, transitioning from the old pounds, shillings, and pence to the decimal system still in use today. This involved producing new coinage designs and denominations.

In recent decades, The Royal Mint expanded its operations beyond circulating coinage and began producing commemorative coins and bullion products. This move allowed The Royal Mint to cater to collectors and investors worldwide, showcasing their craftsmanship and expertise in the field of numismatics.

Today, The Royal Mint continues to produce circulating coins for the United Kingdom and coins for other countries, while also offering a range of commemorative and investment coins. Its legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and numismatic expertise has made it one of the world's most respected mints.

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