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Silver American Eagle Coins

Silver American Eagle Coins

The Most Popular Silver Coins in the World

American Silver Eagle coins have become the most popular Silver coins for investors around the world. These Silver coins have become so popular because of the credibility they hold in the marketplace, as the Silver American Eagle weight, purity and content are all backed 100% by the United States Mint. Another reason Silver Eagle coins are so popular is because they are IRA eligible. This allows investors to hold something physical in their investment account.

The U.S. Mint produces Silver Eagles in the following forms: bullion version, proof version and burnished version. Proof Silver Eagles are made at the West Point Mint and display a “W” mintmark. Burnished coins, also known as uncirculated coins, display a “W” mintmark as well. So how does one tell the difference between a proof and burnished Silver coin? A burnished Silver coin has a matte finish; whereas a proof Silver coin has a mirrorlike finish. When holding the coins side by side, the difference is obvious.

Brilliant Uncirculated Condition – What Does it Mean for These Silver Coins?

Condition is important for some investors in the market when buying Silver Eagle coins. All Silver Eagle coins are considered to be brilliant uncirculated (BU) condition because Silver American Eagles have never been in circulation as currency. When compared to older U.S. Silver dollars like the Peace or Morgan Silver Dollars, you can notice the obvious difference between circulated and uncirculated coins. The difference is the wear that is visible on the coins.

Uncirculated coins do not show wear, meaning the design of the coin will be well defined. On older Silver Dollar coins, you will notice the design has been worn down over time by being circulated in the marketplace.

Since all Silver Eagle coins are considered to be in BU condition, does that mean all Silver Eagle coins are perfect? Of course not. At APMEX, we evaluate every single coin before they are sold to our customers. Our goal is to find any coins that have excessive scratching or spotting and remove those from the BU condition offerings.

Back-dated Silver Eagle Coins

Back-dated American Silver Eagles are also very popular amongst Silver investors. These dates can apply to anything other than the current-year coins, but for Silver Eagles this typically includes coins from 1986 to 2006. Why are these older dates important? The answer is premium appreciation. When looking at the premiums of Silver American Eagle coins, one will notice a stark difference in current-year American Silver Eagles vs. older Silver Eagle dates. Not only do investors look at the dates, they also look at the mintage levels of each Silver Eagle to determine which years to invest in. Let’s compare the 1986 Silver Eagle to the 1987 Silver Eagle. Not only is the 1986 Silver Eagle the inaugural year, but the 1986 coin had half the mintage of the 1987 coin. This means there are half as many 1986 coins available on the market. These two factors continue to drive the price of 1986 Silver Eagle coins higher and higher each year.

The 1986 Silver Eagle is not the only back-dated Silver Eagle investors love to purchase. The 1996 Silver Eagle is also extremely popular for Silver Eagle collectors. Not only is the 1996 Silver Eagle the 10th anniversary of the Silver Eagle series, but the mintage that year was extremely low. The two factors combine make the 1996 Silver American Eagle a very sought after coin on the market.

Silver Eagle Mintage

This list below describes how many 1 oz bullion Silver Eagle coins were produced each year by the U.S. Mint.

1986: 5,393,005
1987: 11,442,335
1988: 5,004,646
1989: 5,203,327
1990: 5,840,110
1991: 7,191,066
1992: 5,540,068
1993: 6,763,762
1994: 4,227,319
1995: 4,672,051
1996: 3,603,386
1997: 4,295,004
1998: 4,847,549
1999: 7,408,640
2000: 9,239,132
2001: 9,001,711
2002: 10,539,026
2003: 8,495,008
2004: 8,882,754
2005: 8,891,025
2006: 10,676,522
2007: 9,028,036
2008: 20,583,000
2009: 30,459,000
2010: 34,764,500
2011: 33,121,500
2012: 33,121,500
2013: 42,675,000
2014: 44,006,000
2015: 47,000,000
2016: 37,701,500
2017: TBA
2018: TBA

What Can We Tell from These Mintage Levels?

For one thing, we can tell lower mintage levels means higher premium prices in the future. If you are an investor in back-dated Silver Eagles, this data will prove helpful to your decision making.

The other thing that sticks out is why people invest in Precious Metals. When you look at the mintage levels, 2008 seems to stick out. This was the year the stock market crashed. Some call that market crash the worst crash since the Great Depression. Gold and Silver have always been considered a safe haven for investors. When looking at mintage levels, not only do we see that trend taking place in 2008, but we also see the demand trend has continued to increase year over year to unprecedented levels.
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