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Proof Gold Buffalos (PCGS Certified)

Proof Gold Buffalos (PCGS Certified)
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Enjoy the Historic Intrigue of Buffalo Gold Coins

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is modeled after the 1913 Buffalo Nickel. This nickel was commissioned by the Taft administration as a replacement for the Liberty Head design. Sculptor James Earle Fraser designed the coin, bringing a new depth of detail and interest to both sides of this important piece. The Buffalo Nickel was struck by the U.S. Mint from 1913 to 1938.

The obverse of both the original and the Gold Buffalo coin features a Native American profile. This bust was modeled after three American Indian chiefs, taking features from each one to create a distinctive image that is authentic yet completely unique.

The reverse of the Gold Buffalo proof features an American bison. It is believed Fraser modeled this bison after the famous Black Diamond of the Central Park Zoo. However, he once stated he viewed the model bison at the Bronx Zoo. This has led to some debate over whether he really viewed Black Diamond or saw a different American bison known as Bronx. Regardless of the true origins of the design, Black Diamond has enjoyed widespread credit for the likeness.

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is a modern tribute to a historical treasure. Whether you are expanding a coin collection featuring various Buffalo Nickel originals and tribute proofs or simply collecting pieces that capture a bit of American heritage, like the Gold American Eagle Coins, Gold Buffalo pieces will add intrigue and value to your collection.

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