PAMP Suisse Lunar Gold Bars

40 80 120

Multiple Sizes Give Several Options for Gold Bullion Investment

APMEX offers a variety of PAMP Suisse Lunar Gold bar sizes. To see the value of each size, check the gram to ounce metric conversions. The value of all Lunar Gold remains high and will offer investors a unique investment opportunity. Regardless of whether you are a novice investor or an experienced one, there is an option that is perfect for you.

Buyers can choose from the Multigram 8x 1 gram Gold bars, a unique offering of 1 gram Gold bars in a package of 8, or a 100 gram Year of the Dragon Gold bar. Sizes also include the traditional 1 oz Gold bars to add to their investment portfolio. Lunar Gold bars also come in 5 oz Gold bullion. Each uniquely sized bar will give buyers options to be as aggressive or conservative as they would like given their budget. Buy Gold bars from APMEX today, where they will protect our investment from start to finish!

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