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Silver American Eagle Coins

Silver American Eagle Coins

Investors feel American Silver Eagles are a wise Silver bullion investment

Buy American Silver Eagle coins if you are looking for Silver bullion coins that are backed by the United States Mint. Deciding to invest in Silver coins is a smart idea because the price of Silver is not generally subject to changes in the stock market. Many investors add American Silver coins to their portfolios for diversity. These U.S. Silver coins can help to hedge against inflation and uncertain economic times.

The Most Exciting U.S. Silver Coins in History

Choose Silver American Eagles when you want currency on hand that has a better chance of retaining its purchasing power no matter what state the economy is in. Purchasing Silver coins make for a wise investment because an ounce of Silver now buys just about the same amount of goods as an ounce of Silver did 30 years ago, which you cannot say about the U.S. dollar. Whether you buy American Silver coins as an investment for yourself, or you plan to hold onto the coins to pass to the next generation, you will feel more confident knowing the market for Silver bullion coins will always exist. Popular worldwide, these U.S. Silver coins will make a wonderful addition to your portfolio.

Buying A Silver American Eagle Coin

One reason American Silver Eagles are favorites among investors is because the demand for Silver remains stable for industrial uses. Buy these Silver coins, and in your portfolio you will have a Precious Metal used for everything from helping to distribute electricity to powering batteries. Coin collecting or investing in American Silver coins is also often a good choice because the global supply of Silver is ultimately a limited resource even as the demand is rising. These Silver U.S. coins and other Silver bullion also are seen as adding balance to investment portfolios because Silver often holds its value as other investments falter.

Silver American Eagle Coins FAQ

Where is the best place to buy Silver Eagles?

Because they are one of the most sought-after investment coins in the world, Silver Eagles should only be purchased from a respected bullion dealer. APMEX has a long history of buying and selling impeccable coins such as the American Eagle, with established relationships that extend from the U.S. Mint all the way to individual buyers. Because Silver Eagles are such a favorite asset, forgeries have been found in situations where authenticity cannot be guaranteed. A quality guarantee is part of every transaction made through APMEX. Many of our products, including the Silver Eagle, include additional layers of security from the manufacturers, as well.

Do banks carry Silver dollars in stock?

Some banks still carry certain types of Silver dollars in stock, along with more recent U.S. dollar coins. Because Americans still prefer the paper dollar for everyday transactions, the United States Mint does not currently strike any $1 coins meant for circulation. Commemorative Silver dollars and collectible coins are produced each year, but these are not generally available at banks. While you may find a banker that refers to older $1 currency as a “Silver dollar,” if the teller offers it to you at face value, it is unlikely that it contains any significant amount of real Precious Metal. The Silver dollars available from most banks are probably Eisenhower or Susan B. Anthony dollars made from copper and nickel.

Does American Silver Eagle mintage affect value each year?

Based on factors such as Gold and Silver spot prices, global supply and sales from the previous year, American Silver Eagles have an annual mintage that changes significantly. When they were introduced in 1986, the U.S. Mint struck 1,446,778 proof coins and 5,393,005 bullion coins. The very next year, production of the bullion Silver Eagle more than doubled. Since then, the mintage has changed with each passing year, with only 3,603,386 bullion coins produced in 1993 and recent mintage exceeding 44,000,000. In 2018, due to low spot prices for Silver, the U.S. Mint ran out of Silver Eagles following an influx of buyers taking advantage of bargain prices. The mint quickly released a statement confirming additional 2018 Silver Eagles would be produced to meet demand. Because of the .999 fine Silver used to make American Eagles and the government's reputation as a trustworthy coin producer, this bullion series is widely regarding as the most popular one in the world.
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