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Palladium Bars & Rounds

Palladium Bars & Rounds

Palladium bullion bars are made of a valuable Precious Metal only discovered in the 1800s.

Before you buy Palladium bullion bars and rounds, understand the rich history of this valuable Precious Metal. Palladium was first found by William Hyde Wollaston, who discovered the metal in 1802 while working on a process to purify Platinum. Anyone looking to buy Palladium today should know the Precious Metal is part of the Platinum group metals that also includes Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium and Osmium. When buying fractional Palladium rounds and bars, it is also fun to know that the Precious Metal name comes from the then just-discovered asteroid Pallas, a mythological giant and a nickname sometimes used for the Greek goddess Athena who slew Pallas.

In addition to demand in Palladium bars and rounds, Palladium has historically had many uses. People would buy Palladium as a treatment for tuberculosis, however it later was determined that the negative side effects from the treatment did not outweigh the positive outcomes. In addition to Palladium coins, bars and rounds, Palladium is used today for jewelry, dental fillings and its most popular use, as a material in catalytic converters used in cars to convert harmful emissions to less harmful substances. The Palladium price per ounce retains value, in part, due to its limited availability and diverse uses.

Palladium used in 1 oz Palladium coins, bars and rounds is found largely in four countries: South Africa, United States, Canada and Russia, with the most prevalent being found in South Africa. In fact, Palladium bullion bars most likely have Palladium mined from South Africa as 78 percent of the world’s Platinum-group metals comes from the region. While many people buy Palladium from these sources, another lucrative source of Palladium is from scraps of recycled catalytic converters. From Palladium coins to Palladium bullion bars, the demand for Palladium is constant.

Today, many turn to Palladium bullion bars to balance out investment portfolios. You can buy Palladium as an investment to store at home or add Palladium bullion with qualifying fineness levels to a Precious Metals IRA. In addition, collectors love Palladium coins that have beautiful numismatic designs. Consider adding 1 oz Palladium coins with stunning imagery to your world coin collection. Understanding the price of Palladium and the rich history that defines it will provide a good foundation for investing in the Precious Metal.

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