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Palladium Bars & Rounds (By Weight)

Palladium Bars & Rounds (By Weight)

Store Palladium bullion bars at home, or add the Palladium bullion to your Precious Metals IRA.

Palladium bullion bars and rounds are smart additions to your investment portfolio, whether considering the Palladium for a Precious Metals IRA or a great way to diversify your holdings. In order to buy Palladium wisely, understand the following guidelines to make the most of your investment. From the difference between the spot price of Palladium to the premium price of Palladium to the differences between bullion bars and rounds to the qualifications for a Precious Metals IRA, there is a lot to consider. Once versed, invest in Palladium rounds and bars to balance your investment portfolio in a way that meets your goals.

Spot price of Palladium that is quoted in the marketplace is the base price of the unfabricated Precious Metal, without consideration for production costs. No one pays the spot price of Palladium for Palladium rounds and bars. Everyone pays the premium price of Palladium that includes costs of distribution, fabrication, nominal dealer markups and any numismatic or collector value. So when you buy Palladium bullion bars and rounds for investments, you want to look for the best premium price per ounce.

Palladium bullion bars are made from the Precious Metal with a design that has little to no numismatic or collector value. Unlike numismatic Palladium coins that are valued for both weight and collector value, Palladium bullion rounds and bars are priced for Palladium content. When investors buy Palladium, they are also paying per troy ounce, which is slightly heavier than a regular ounce, and the price is always based on U.S. dollars. So whether 1 oz Palladium rounds or bars, the price is the same the world over, even if it has been converted to grams or other currencies.

When using Palladium bullion bars and Palladium rounds for a Precious Metals IRA, you will want to make sure you have the IRA set up first with a designated custodian. Then you buy Palladium rounds, bars and coins that will become part of the IRA, and these are actual Palladium bullion products, not paper representations. Once Palladium rounds and bars, and other Precious Metals are a part of the IRA, you will not pay taxes on gains like with regular IRAs, but once you decide to liquidate the IRA, you will want to talk with your accountant about any tax liability. Adding 1 oz Palladium rounds and bars to an investment strategy, whether in an IRA or as part of your collection at home often is considered to be a “safe haven” investment because the prices of Precious Metals typically hold even as other investments falter.

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