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Large Selection of Popular Coins From Around the World to Choose From

When were coins first used? Coins have been in use since approximately 600 B.C. It is believed that the first currency coins were minted by command of King Alyattes in Sardis, Lydia, Asia Minor, or present-day Turkey.

Buy coins from APMEX today. There is a large variety of popular Precious Metals coins from which to choose. Each one provides value to any Precious Metals investment or portfolio. Whether you are looking for coins from the United States or popular coins from around world, APMEX will have what you seek. APMEX's selection is perfect for any coin collector or for those seeking to advance their investment portfolio.

Popular Gold Coins

At APMEX, buyers and investors have the option from a large selection of Gold coins including popular choices like the Gold American Eagles and the Austrian Philharmonics. Many of these coins come from the most renowned mints from all around the world. Investors find popular Gold coins a must have for their collection. Many of these coins are made popular because of their mintage, quality or beauty. Collected by investors all over the world, buyers will have a large selection of popular Gold coins to choose from. Other selections include the Mexican Gold Libertad coins and the ever important Pre-1933 Gold coins. APMEX's collection of popular Gold coins will give investors a chance to buy the best coin that fits their budget and investment strategy.

Popular Silver Coins

Silver coins are popular for many reasons including beauty and Silver purity and content. For several years, investors have enjoyed collecting popular Silver coins that are wonderfully made and offer diversity to any collection or portfolio. Another reason for why some Silver coins are popular is because of the fractional sizes many of the sets come in, providing more budgetary options for investors. Fractional sizes include 1/20 oz Silver, 1/10 oz Silver, 1/4 oz Silver and 1/2 oz Silver. Some of APMEX's most popular Silver coins are the RCM Silver Maple Leafs, Silver American Eagles and the Silver Chinese Panda Coins, to name a few. These coins are sought after by numismatists all over the world. We also offer Silver coins in the form of 90% Silver, 40% Silver, 35% Silver and more! These coins will add lasting value to your Precious Metals collection and portfolio.

Popular Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are more rare than Gold and Silver coins. They are also beautiful and exquisitely made. Popular Platinum coins include the Platinum American Eagles and the Australian Platinum Platypus Coins. For many years, Platinum has gained in popularity because of its industrial uses and rarity on the planet. Platinum coins are high in value and will add to any investment portfolio. Other popular additions for Platinum coins are Platinum Canadian Commemorative Coins and Platinum Coins from the Isle of Man. Buy Platinum today from APMEX.

Popular Palladium Coins

Palladium is used in electronics and dentistry equipment today, signaling its importance to industry as a whole. It is also one of the more rarer Metals today and mined in very few parts of the world. Some popular Palladium coins are the Russia Palladium coins and Palladium Maple Leafs. These coins are sought by the casual and serious investors around the world. Palladium value is high today, making any Palladium coins a must have. The demand of this Precious Metal continues to be more important with every passing day. Palladium coins make for great investments for any collector or investor.

Popular Copper Coins and Rounds

Copper is another popular Metal. It is one that we see on a regular occurrence. APMEX carries a selection of popular Copper products at competitive prices including rare pennies and 5 oz Copper rounds. Many of these Copper coins are popular because they are hard to find or they have a historical design on them that links us back to our history. Coin designs such as the Morgan Dollar design, the bald eagle, the Mercury Dime design and the Saint-Gaudens design of Liberty walking with an Olive Branch and torch across the landscape are all available. Copper coins and rounds are popular among collectors and investors.

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