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French Gold Commemorative Coins

A list of French Gold coins is a look through the history of Europe, from Charles the Bald, one of the three heirs of Charlemagne, to Napoleon French Gold coins to Gold French Euros. The Gold French Rooster coins display the Gallic Rooster, one of the national symbols of France since the Middle Ages. Collectible Gold coins from France mark the history of wars, monarchies and achievements. The Monnaie de Paris, in operation since 1864, started as a way to bring about territorial unity and now it strikes international Gold coins for more than 40 countries.

Modern French Gold coins include bullion as well as commemorative special-edition collectible coins, but many of the old bullion coins now have numismatic value. The Gold French Rooster from 1899 to 1914, with its symbol of French Revolution, carries value for its historical significance. The Gold coins of dozens of regional French mints have special identifying marks, making them valuable and interesting to connect. However, the Monnaie de Paris has been the sole French mint since 1878 – and offers beautiful Gold Coins from France to this day.

French Gold Coins

The Monnaie de Paris or, administratively speaking, the “Direction of Coins and Medals,” is an agency of the French government charged with issuing coins as well as producing medals and other similar items. Many ancient coins are housed at the Monnaie de Paris. Created in 864, it is one of the oldest French institutions. From the franc to the euro, and numerous commemorative coins, Monnaie de Paris remains closely entwined with the history of France and its coinage.

French Gold coins include the French Gold Lucky Angel, the Napoleon III Gold 20 franc and the Napoleon I Gold 20 franc. The Gold French Rooster, a 20 franc coin from 1899-1914, is also a popular choice for lovers of international Gold coins. The Gold coins of France are packed with history, whether you are collecting coins from centuries past or enjoy commemorative series such as the Sower, depicting the most historically significant French coins.

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