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Many archeologists and coin experts believe that the Chinese were the inventors of metal coinage, sometime before 900 B.C. The People’s Bank of China, the official mint of the People’s Republic of China, issues beautiful Gold coins, including Chinese Gold Panda coins, Chinese Lunar coins and Chinese Olympic coins. These Golden coins feature stunning designs and various price points to suit a multitude of budgets.

Buy Chinese Gold at APMEX

The most renowned and recognizable Gold coin from China is undoubtedly the Gold Chinese Panda. Many factors combine to make these Asian coins some of the most prized coins in the world. They are incredibly beautiful, featuring a new design annually. Each year showcases the giant panda in a new spectacle, depicting the beloved symbol of China in various attitudes and natural settings. This ever-changing artwork builds in collector as well as investor value, as many coin enthusiasts are eager to build a complete set of Gold Panda coins. These Gold pieces are backed by the Chinese government, and indeed are technically legal tender in China. These alluring Gold coins offer both beauty and security for American buyers. This Gold coin for sale is available at APMEX in a range of sizes, but the among the most popular is the Gold Panda's 1 oz version.

Although Chinese Gold Coins offer a distinct historical and cultural appeal, exploring the full range of our gold bullion coin options allows for broader diversification and potential investment opportunities. By considering various options beyond Chinese coins, you can assess factors such as rarity, purity, and global market demand to make a more informed decision aligned with your investment goals.
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