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Palladium Prices

Price of Palladium Today & Historical Palladium Prices

APMEX’s Palladium price chart shows real-time data for Palladium prices today and the historical price of Palladium per ounce. You may view the Palladium price for any date within the last 30 years in our interactive Palladium price chart below. Simply plug in custom dates or use the scroll bar to view Palladium price movements for any date range. You can also hover your mouse over the Palladium price chart to see a specific price of Palladium for each day.

Live Metal Spot Prices (24 hours)
Palladium Spot Prices Palladium Price Today Spot Change
Palladium Price Per Ounce $1,527.50 ($17.00)
Palladium Price Per Gram $49.11 ($0.55)
Palladium Price Per Kilo $49,110.23 ($546.56)

What is Palladium?

Palladium is an extremely rare, silver-white Precious Metal with a relatively low melting point and low density when compared to the other Platinum Group Metals. As a naturally white Precious Metal, Palladium will keep its brilliant color for life. Over 50% of the Palladium supply is used in the automotive industry to create catalytic converters, which reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emitted from automobiles. Palladium is also used in electronics, dentistry, jewelry, groundwater treatment and chemical applications.

Palladium is an attractive investment because of its numerous applications, limited supply and increasing demand. Physical Palladium has a high value-to-density ratio and is an efficient way for investors to achieve exposure to the Precious Metal.

How is Palladium price determined?

Many factors influence the price of Palladium. The Palladium prices change every few seconds and there are an unlimited number of components that play a role in Palladium price. Some of the reasons for changes in Palladium price include:

  • Current events
  • Market speculation
  • Industrial demand
  • Buying power

Supply and demand determines prices for commodities and the Palladium prices are no exception. Palladium is an industrial metal and experiences the effects of market changes from commercial efforts in automotive and electronic industries. For investors who buy and sell Palladium regularly, staying current with fluctuations in the market is crucial to financial success.

How can I be alerted to changes in Palladium price?

Tell us your target Palladium price per ounce and we will send you an email or text message as soon as the market reaches your ideal Palladium price. Benefits of our Palladium Price Market Alerts include:

  • Maximizing your Palladium buying position
  • Maximizing your exit or sell strategy
  • Staying informed of Palladium market changes

To create your Palladium price alert, simply create an account to receive all the benefits open to account members. You’ll gain access to our interactive Precious Metals portfolio tool, custom Palladium price alerts, personalized product alerts, exclusive offers and more. Opening an account is free and takes just a minute.

Palladium Price Basics

What is Palladium?

A common questions asked by Precious Metal buyers and sellers is: what is Palladium? Often confused with Platinum, Palladium is a distinct metal, although it is part of the Platinum group metal, which also includes iridium, osmium, rhodium and ruthenium. Like Platinum, Palladium is used in many industrial processes, especially as a catalyst. Palladium is also used with Gold for a white Gold alloy, a key component of jewelry. Palladium is often preferred over Platinum because the Palladium price can be about half that of Platinum as you will see as you check out our price chart for each Precious Metal.

Where is Palladium mined?

More than 40 percent of Palladium is mined in South Africa, with another 44 percent coming from Russian Norilsk nickel mines. The rest comes mostly from the U.S. and Canada. Palladium tends to be more abundant than Gold, which helps ensure the price of Palladium is much lower than Gold Precious Metal prices. You can buy Palladium bars or coins such as Palladium Eagles to start or add to your Precious Metal collection.

I see the "spot price" for Palladium – what does that mean?

The price of Palladium on our price chart reflects the price per one troy ounce of Palladium in its unfabricated state. The spot price is a snapshot in time, as Precious Metal prices are constantly changing as the metals are traded almost 24/7 around the globe. The spot price is the base Palladium price and is always in U.S. dollars unless it has been converted to local currency. No one can actually buy the Precious Metal at the spot Palladium price history per ounce. All buyers pay a premium price, which reflects the spot price plus costs of fabrication, distribution, a nominal dealer fee and any numismatic or collector value. The spot Palladium bullion prices vary based on supply and demand and other geopolitical factors.

Where can I see a Palladium price chart?

APMEX is a great resource for those who need an up-to-the-moment Palladium price charts. We have both live spot prices and an historical Palladium price chart readily available on our simple interactive graphs, all online.

What is a spot price?

A spot price is the current price in the Precious Metals marketplace at which a given asset such as a security, commodity or currency, like Gold and Silver, can be bought and/or sold for immediate delivery. Palladium prices per ounce, gram and kilo and be seen on the chart above.

Why are Palladium spot prices important?

When you know the Palladium spot price, you can make an informed decision about investing in the Palladium price per ounce. Look at our Palladium price chart and see for yourself how Palladium trends over time. From this, you can make your decision. It is basic economics: As Palladium Precious Metals prices go up, it might be time to sell. As the price of Palladium goes down, it could be the right moment to buy. Some favorite Palladium investments include

  1. APMEX 1 oz Palladium bars
  2. Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leafs

What is the lowest price of Palladium in the past 5 years?

Looking at the Palladium price history, you will see the metal spot prices hit their lowest point in the past five years on Jan. 12, 2016 at 12:30 p.m. (CT) when the Palladium spot price was at $473.80 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Platinum, Silver and Gold, too.

What is the highest Palladium price per ounce in the past 5 years?

The price per ounce of Palladium was the highest in the past five years on Jan. 15, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. (CT), when the Precious Metal spot price was $1,132.50 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Platinum, Silver and Gold, too.

What is the lowest spot price Palladium per ounce in the past 10 years?

In the last 10 years of the Palladium price history, the Palladium price was lowest on Dec. 5, 2008 at 12:30 p.m. (CT), when the troy ounce Palladium spot price was $164.00 USD. You can check out the price trends of Platinum, Silver and Gold, too.

What is the highest troy ounce Palladium price in the past 10 years?

In the past 10 years, the ounce of Palladium price was highest on Jan. 15, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. (CT), when the Palladium Precious Metals price registered at $1,132.50 USD per troy ounce. You can check out the price trends of Platinum, Silver and Gold, too.

Does the price of Palladium vary from country to country? Can I buy Palladium at any time of day?

You can buy Palladium around the clock and around the world with the same Palladium price at any one moment in time. The price of Palladium is based on the per ounce price in U.S. dollars. Because Palladium is the same price worldwide, it prevents arbitrage – when traders simultaneously buy and sell Palladium or other Precious Metals in different markets to take advantage of differentials in prices.

When you look at the price chart, typically the number quoted is the price of Palladium per troy ounce in U.S. dollars. The price of Palladium today can be converted to local currencies, and prices quoted on some sites are by gram or kilogram. As a result, it is important to be aware of how the price of Precious Metals is being listed. Once you understand how the price of Precious Metals like Palladium is determined, you will want to check out favorite Palladium coins like Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leafs or Palladium bars like Valcambi Suisse 1 gram Palladium Bars or PAMP Suisse 1 oz Palladium Bars.

Is the Palladium spot price per ounce in U.S. currency?

Typically, Palladium spot metal prices will be quoted in U.S. dollars (USD), but the spot metal prices can be converted to local currency rates. Also, spot prices are usually per 1 troy ounce of Palladium. Again, these spot Precious Metal prices can be converted to grams or kilograms so it is important to be aware of how the metal spot prices are being quoted. No matter how the spot price is listed, the price is based on Palladium being traded in U.S. dollars.

Why is the Palladium price I pay a premium price? Why can't I pay the Palladium spot price?

The spot metal prices quoted on Palladium price charts are for unfabricated Palladium. No one can buy the Precious Metal at spot price. The premium Palladium price you pay includes costs for fabrication, distribution, a nominal dealer fee and numismatic or collector value, if applicable. Favorite Palladium selections include APMEX 1 oz Palladium bars, Valcambi Suisse 1 gram Palladium bars and Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leafs.

When I consider Palladium bullion prices, what is the difference between an ounce and a troy ounce?

An ounce in Precious Metal prices is not the same as what we typically think of as an ounce. When Americans refer to ounces, they generally are referring to avoirdupois ounces. The Palladium price and other Precious Metals prices are determined using troy ounces, which are equal to 1.09711 avoirdupois ounces. In addition, a pound equals 12 troy ounces when you are paying for Precious Metals like Palladium. One troy ounce, like these PAMP Suisse 1 oz Palladium bars, equals 31.1035 grams or 480 grains. It is easy to determine the Palladium current Precious Metal prices when you know these equivalences, no matter what measurement is used.

Sell my Palladium online

So you want to sell your Palladium, but don't know how or where to start? Well, you've come to the right place! APMEX offers you an easy step-by-step process on how and where to sell Palladium. APMEX also offers you the option to trade your Palladium for other Precious Metals!

What is the Bid Palladium price per ounce?

The Bid Palladium price per ounce today is the current highest market offer to sell to a dealer. Consumers can expect to receive the bid price when selling Palladium to a dealer.

What is the Ask Price of Palladium per ounce?

The Ask current Palladium price per ounce is the current minimum price for a dealer to sell in the market. Dealers will offer to sell Palladium to you for the ask price. Learn more about selling Palladium online by going to the buyback metals page.

What is the cost of Palladium per gram and per kilo?

The most common measurement is in ounces, but you can buy or sell Palladium in gram and kilo sizes. Below are sample sizes and prices for the metal.

Grams of Palladium Palladium Price Price Per Gram of Palladium
1 gram Palladium $1,000 $32.13
2 gram Palladium $1,000 $64.27
3 gram Palladium $1,000 $96.40
4 gram Palladium $1,000 $128.54
5 gram Palladium $1,000 $160.67
6 gram Palladium $1,000 $192.81
7 gram Palladium $1,000 $224.94
8 gram Palladium $1,000 $257.08
9 gram Palladium $1,000 $289.21
10 gram Palladium $1,000 $321.35


What are sample kilo Palladium prices today?

Kilo of Palladium Palladium Price Price of Palladium Per Kilo
1 kilo Palladium $1,000 $32,134.62
2 kilo Palladium $1,000 $64,269.25
3 kilo Palladium $1,000 $96,403.87
4 kilo Palladium $1,000 $128,538.50
5 kilo Palladium $1,000 $160,673.12
6 kilo Palladium $1,000 $192,807.75
7 kilo Palladium $1,000 $224,942.37
8 kilo Palladium $1,000 $257,077.00
9 kilo Palladium $1,000 $289,211.62
10 kilo Palladium $1,000 $321,346.25

What does the Spread mean for Palladium metal prices?

The Spread is the difference between the Ask price of Palladium and the Buy Palladium Precious Metal price. Also referred to as the bid-ask spread, the spread represents the dealer's profit. The dealer pays you the Ask Palladium Precious Metals prices when you resell Palladium, while you will pay the Bid Palladium Precious Metal prices when you buy from the dealer.

Investing in Palladium Prices

Why should I invest in current Precious Metal prices for Palladium?

Investing in Precious Metals prices can help balance your investment portfolio as Precious Metals often hold value when other investments, including the U.S. dollar, falter. Palladium is a versatile Precious Metal that has many industrial uses, increasing demand and Precious Metal prices for Palladium. In addition, no matter where you travel, the Palladium price and value remain the same because Palladium, like other Precious Metals, is traded in U.S. dollars, even though it may be converted into local currencies. This means Palladium has an intrinsic value based on supply and demand and is not necessarily dependent on other investments. When you buy the Palladium price per ounce, you also have a tangible asset that is an easy way to pass on wealth to future generations. They will appreciate the Palladium value, whether you pass along Palladium bars like APMEX 1 oz Palladium bars, Valcambi Suisse 1 gram Palladium bars or Palladium coins like Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leafs. So browse the Palladium price chart to decide what investments are best for your portfolio.

How do I safely invest in the Palladium price per ounce for my retirement?

Don't believe anyone who says any investment is 100% safe. There are certainly safer investments, and many see Precious Metal prices and believe they are a good investment. From our spot prices charts, you can see how Precious Metals prices change over time and also find the current price of Precious Metals. Many see paying the Palladium price per ounce today as a way to save for tomorrow and guard against other investments faltering. Often, Palladium and other Precious Metal prices gain value as the U.S. dollar and other investments lose value. Many investors like to use dollar cost averaging when investing so they divide the total sum invested into equal parts – including investments in Palladium metal prices. This conservative method of buying at current Precious Metals prices allows for flexibility as the market shifts. You can also check out our article about the factors that affect Palladium prices.

I paid the Palladium bars and coins prices and now I am wondering how to safely store these Precious Metals.

Try our secure storage with Citadel Global Services, Inc., a wholly-owned APMEX subsidiary that provides maximum security. After paying the current price per ounce for Palladium and other Precious Metals, you will want a secure place to store your investments. Citadel is that place. It is the ideal security solution to store valuables after you pay the current Palladium metal prices. The facility is managed by security leader Brink's for the best way to protect the Palladium bar and coin value of your collection. The price to use this facility is very affordable, which is an important thing after paying Palladium bars and coins prices. Choose Palladium bars and Palladium coins and keep them safe with storage at Citadel.

Can I use Precious Metals IRAs for Palladium investments?

Many use a Precious Metals IRA to enhance their investment portfolios. As a Self-Directed IRA, your Precious Metals IRA provides tax-deferred status for any profits on your Palladium investment (the Precious Metals prices you paid when you first bought it vs. the price of Palladium today) as long as the proceeds are kept with your reinvestment custodian or transferred to another IRA account. This is the rule for regular IRAs, too. To qualify for an IRA, Palladium must be .9995 fine. Further diversify your portfolio and start or add to a Precious Metals IRA with Palladium World Coins or Palladium Bars & Rounds. Investors often see these Palladium purchases as one way to diversify portfolios and guard against economic downturn.

Do I have to pay sales taxes on top of the price of Palladium?

When you pay Precious Metals prices online, some dealers will charge sales tax. After finding the Palladium coins and Palladium bars you want to buy, check the dealer's sales tax policy. Online, you typically only pay sales tax on the Palladium Precious Metal prices if you live in the state of the seller and that state collects tax. APMEX does not collect any tax. You should consult your tax advisor for specific taxation advice in your jurisdiction. State taxes may be applicable.

If I buy over $10,000 in Palladium, does the government monitor the sale?

Unlike cash transfers, if you buy more than $10,000 worth of Palladium, the government will not track the purchases. After determining the price of Palladium, don't worry if you go over $10,000, as you won’t have to worry about any government reporting. Some favorite purchases include:

  1. APMEX 1 oz Palladium Bars
  2. Valcambi Suisse 1 gram Palladium Bars
  3. Canadian 1 oz Palladium Maple Leafs

Other Palladium Price Questions

Is the Palladium market and thus the Palladium price today manipulated?

A quick Internet search returns many theories about whether the Palladium market price and Palladium prices today are manipulated. You can draw your own conclusions after careful research. When investing, though, many consider more than just the Palladium price today. Look at historical Palladium prices in our price of Palladium chart and consider how Palladium often holds value when other investments plummet. This is why investing in Palladium, like American Palladium Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium coins or other Palladium bullion, is often considered a safe haven. Many suggest a balanced investment portfolio is the way to go, with equal percentages of investment in each area.

What is Palladium fixing in relation to the price of Palladium per ounce?

Twice each weekday, the London Palladium Fixing representatives, which include bullion-trading firms, meet via telephone to determine a benchmark for the Palladium price. Among those meeting at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. (GMT) to set the current price of Palladium include Bank of Nova Scotia-Scotia Mocatta, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank USA and Société Générale. London Palladium Fixing is intended to fix a price for settling contracts between members, but Palladium fixing also provides a recognized Gold price that is used to benchmark the majority of Palladium products and derivatives around the world.

What are the different types of Palladium bullion?

Palladium bullion comes in several different forms, with prices based on live Palladium prices. You can safely buy or sell Palladium in coins, rounds and bars. Palladium coins are only produced by government mints and go beyond what is the current price of Palladium because they have numismatic or collectible value. Palladium bar price quotes, on the other hand, typically have the least markup so they make great investments for someone not interested in the historical and artistic values of the mint coins. Palladium rounds are in the same class as Palladium bars and are similar to Gold bar price value. Both Palladium rounds and bars, which come in a large variety of sizes and designs, are manufactured by private mints.

How much money is a Palladium coin worth?

A Palladium coin's price is determined by its content, condition and rarity. Of course, a Palladium coin's' price is also influenced by the spot price of Palladium on a given day.

Historic Palladium Prices

In addition to the 1 ounce value of a Palladium coin, there is often a numismatic value, or collectability premium, for a higher current price of Palladium per ounce for coins and higher historical Palladium prices for collectible Palladium coins. For a Palladium buyer who is not interested in the historical and artistic values of the mint coins, APMEX offers Palladium bars and Palladium rounds that typically carry a low premium over spot price. However, coin investors and collectors tend to rely heavily on a coins history to determine its value amongst other things. APMEX offers both live spot prices and historical Palladium and Platinum prices readily available on our simple interactive graphs.

Ready to sell your Palladium bullion online?

Are you ready to sell your Palladium coins? APMEX offers you the option to sell all of your Precious Metals, easily and fast, all online! Get a step-by-step process of how to sell your Palladium bars, coins, and rounds to APMEX. We also offer the "Trade" option! Use the money you receive from the Palladium metal you sell, and apply it to a new Precious Metal purchase. APMEX makes both buying and selling your Palladium and Platinum bullion easier than ever.

When I try to look at what is the price of Palladium and Platinum day-to-day, they seem to constantly be changing. Is there any way to lock in today's Palladium price or Platinum price?

Today's Palladium prices and Platinum prices are locked in at specific prices by dealers, who develop their own protocols for Platinum and Palladium prices. This price is based on the spot price of Palladium and Silver, as well as costs for fabrication, distribution, a nominal dealer markup and any numismatic value. With a reputable dealer, buyers are able to lock today's Palladium price and Platinum price at checkout for a prescribed length of time to protect the dealer from any sudden changes in the current price of Palladium per ounce or Platinum per ounce.

Are Palladium rates the same in the U.S. as they are around the world?

Yes, the Palladium rates remain the same everywhere. If it was different in one country, that would lead to people buying at a lower Palladium rate in one country and trading it at a higher Palladium rate elsewhere.

Wouldn't a local coin shop offer better Palladium scrap values for my dollar?

Precious Metal spot prices like Palladium and Silver prices are very competitive and it is likely your local shop won't be able to provide the same value as APMEX. That is because we have lower overhead – no physical store – and buy in greater quantity so you are sure to get the best Palladium and Silver prices. As a result, we don't have to charge as high of a premium on our Silver and Palladium prices, including our Silver American Eagles and Gold American Eagles. Check out our collection of Palladium and Silver and determine what is the current price of Palladium and Silver that is the best deal for you.

What is the spot price of Palladium and Platinum ratio?

When determining what is the price of Palladium or Platinum, why would people care about the ratio? Palladium-Platinum prices are often looked at together to analyze the relative value of the two Precious Metals. If the ratio swings one way or the other, one of the Precious Metals is usually considered overpriced and the other underpriced when compared with the historical price of Palladium and Platinum . One of the reasons for a shift in the ratio of the price of Palladium and Platinum could be that demand is up for one and not the other. The Palladium-Platinum prices ratio could also be off because supply for one has become scarcer due to mining issues or production.

Where can I see Palladium and Platinum prices today?

APMEX is a great resource for those who need up-to-the-moment Palladium and Platinum prices. We have both live spot prices and historical Palladium and Platinum prices readily available on our simple interactive graphs. See today's current spot price, as well as historical spot prices on the interactive graphs provided online at APMEX.

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