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1 oz Silver Koalas

The Perth Mint’s Silver Koala coin series began in 2007 and has increasingly gained in popularity. While other bullion coins have unlimited mintages, often into the multi-millions, the 1 oz Silver Koala coin production has averaged under 400,000 coins per year. Compare this to the popular 1 oz Silver Eagle, which saw a final mintage of 47,000,000 coins produced in 2015.

Investor Advantages:

  • Popular annual bullion releases from The Perth Mint that feature an exceptional reverse proof finish (mirrorlike designs with a frosted background).
  • Beginning in 2016, mintages are expected to be capped at 300,000 per year in the future, which translates to easy liquidation. In 2008, the final mintage was just 84,057 coins.
  • Each year features a new design, adding an incentive to build a year-by-year collection.
  • Each coin is packaged in an individual plastic capsule to protect your investment in shipping and handling.

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Silver Koalas obverse

Benefit from Long-Term Value with BU Koala Silver Coins

The Australian Silver Koala dates back to 2007, when The Perth Mint first issued this striking coin commemorating the koala. In a few short years, this bullion coin has become one of the mint's most popular coins for both investors and collectors. Though the koala design of each coin varies, there are features that carry over each year. The Silver fineness, weight and year of issue all appear near the bottom of the coin. The text "Australian Koala" appears near the top and The Perth Mint's distinctive "P" mintmark appears within the design.

On all issues in this series, the obverse depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The design of Her Majesty matches the version found on all other coinage at that time. The obverse also includes the monetary denomination near the bottom of the coin, as well as the text "Elizabeth II" and "Australia" near the top.

Since The Perth Mint issues this Silver coin, it is backed by the Australian government. The historic Perth Mint dates back to 1899, which predates Australia itself. Along with its fascinating history, this mint is renowned for the high-quality coins it produces. An Australian Silver Koala offers the ideal opportunity for both investment and collectibility from this celebrated mint.

Numerous aspects of the 1 oz Silver Koala coin make it likely to appreciate over time. Its Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) designation indicates that handling has been minimal, which means the relief and luster of the coin are excellent.


Premium Appreciation Over Time

This Premium Appreciation Over Time matrix gives you a better idea of how the 1 oz Silver Koalas are trending with approximate value increases.* The percentage of change is an indicator of increased value over time.

All premiums are dollars over the spot price.


The additional cost of a coin or bullion item, over and above the spot or metal price of the Precious Metal contained in the coin. The premium includes the costs of fabrication, distribution and a minimal dealer fee. Rare coins carry an additional premium representing numismatic value, which is based on scarcity, quality, demand and intangible factors.

Coin Premium Appreciation

Over time (usually at least 3-5 years after release), the premium of a particular coin may increase due to limited availability or other factors such as demand and quality of the coin.

Introductory Premium

APMEX’s initial premium above the spot or melt price at the time of a coin’s release.

Current Premium

The premium or additional cost of a bullion coin above and beyond the metal value of the Precious Metal it contains.

Buy Back Premium

The premium above spot or metal price that APMEX is currently paying to buy back a given item. These premiums are subject to change based on market conditions, inventory position, and quantity to be bought back.


Refers to the number of coins struck by a mint per release of a particular coin. This will vary by mint, year, design and size.


The total number of coins graded by a specific grading service for a particular coin, grade, and label combinations.


The total number of coins graded by a specific grading service for a particular coin, grade, and label combinations.

Grading and Warranties

Our company uses the numerical Mint State (MS) grading system, which rates uncirculated coins from MS-60 to MS-70.

Typically, the higher the grade, the better the quality of the coin and in turn, the higher the value. The grade assigned to a coin reflects its strike, luster, marks, scratches and overall eye appeal. Grading is a subjective art and depends on the opinion of the person grading the coin or currency. Thus, grading can and does vary from numismatic coin firm to numismatic coin firm, from grading service to grading service, and from expert to expert. A difference of one grade (e.g., MS-64 to MS-65) can result in a significant change in the valuation of a numismatic coin or currency. Grades and descriptions of numismatic coins and currency are opinions, not statements of fact or guarantees, and are based on standards and interpretations in place at the time of grading.

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Premium Appreciation

You should know that different market factors may influence the price of a specific Precious Metal or the associated premium. For example, the price of a numismatic coin may be affected by such factors as grade, scarcity and marketplace demand, while the price of a bullion coin is closely tied to the spot price for the metal content of the coin as well as year-specific mintages. Past performance and growth projections for one type of Precious Metal may not apply to other types of Precious Metals that APMEX may offer.

Holding Period

Our experience suggests coins of specific quality or scarcity that have demonstrated historical premium appreciation tend to do so at least 3 to 5 years after the coin was produced. Market conditions and other factors will always impact the future value for coins, and therefore premium appreciation should never be considered to be guaranteed.

Our Prices

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APMEX is not responsible for any changes in tax laws or other statutes which may affect any profit or salability of your coins or currency.


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What People Are Saying

I purchased this item to add some unique variety to my collection. The coin is absolutely stunning in person; easily one of my favorite coins. The work done on the Australian coins are just stunning. I love this coin and plan on collecting more. The coin came in its own case, which is very nice! The coin has no marks on the face or edges. Buy with confidence!
Aaron from Colorado
Another awesome Perth Mint product! I love the design of these coins and the detail included. I have these from the last 3 years and will be adding more of this year’s version as now the mintage is only 300,000. This is a great collectible and will be easy to flip in the future if need be.
Shinny from Iowa

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