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Canadian 1.5 oz Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins

Canadian 1.5 oz Silver Commemorative Bullion Coins

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Diverse Selection of Highly Valued 1.5 Oz Silver Commemorative Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is known for minting and striking some of the finest Silver bullion in the world, and their commemorative collection is no exception. APMEX offers a large selection of diverse popular 1.5 oz Silver coins. These uniquely sized 1.5 oz commemoratives honor events and people that make Canada special. They also pay homage to their long list of wildlife that is a major factor in Canada's ecosystem.

Collectors and investors can also partake in a modern take on the traditional Maple Leaf design with the 2015 or 2016 Canada 1.5 oz Silver SuperLeaf. The modern design of the Maple Leaf coupled with the unique size, makes these 1.5 oz Silver coins highly popular. Buyers can collect these coins singly or they can be bought in boxes of up to 300 coins.

APMEX is proud to offer highly valued Silver bullion coins. The 1.5 oz Silver commemorative coins are rarely seen anywhere else and APMEX will extend these great products to you at a fair and competitive price.

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