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Australia Platinum Coins

Australia Platinum Coins

Invest in Australian Platinum coins to help balance your portfolio.

Platinum coins, with a Platinum price per ounce that often holds its value as currencies and stocks falter, are a popular choice for investing in Precious Metals. Australian Platinum coins were the first Platinum coins produced for the international market and remain one of the most widely traded investment coins. With the beauty of commemorative coins, Australian Platinum coins are legal tender. But 1 oz Platinum coins are valued based on the Platinum price per ounce, far more than the face value, making these Precious Metal coins compact ways to achieve significant physical holdings.

Rare Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are made from one of the rarest Precious Metals, valued both because of Platinum’s rarity and its uses in industry. Australian Platinum coins are an easy and convenient way to buy and hold this Precious Metal. While commemorative coins have numismatic or collector value, Platinum bullion, available at APMEX, though, has a lower premium price, making it a great choice for diversifying your investment portfolio. From 1 oz Platinum coins to 1 kg Platinum coins, there are Platinum coins that fit a variety of investment budgets.

Platinum Coin Prices

The price of Platinum coins can fluctuate because Platinum is a hot commodity, with its uses in the making of cars and electronic equipment. The worth of Australian Platinum coins can vary dramatically, and the smart investor in Platinum keeps a close eye on the Platinum price over the long haul, as well as market pressures. When buying commemorative coins available at APMEX, you will find helpful tools, including an interactive Precious Metals portfolio tool, custom Platinum price alerts and personalized product information. So you can buy 1 oz Platinum coins at the right time and then sell when it is right for your investment strategy.

Invest in Platinum

When investing in Platinum coins, you will want to make sure you are getting high-quality Platinum for your money. Australian Platinum coins are legal tender backed by the mint, which guarantees the weight and 99.95 percent firmness of these coins. When buying 1 oz Platinum coins available at APMEX, you will discover that we carefully screen all of our manufacturers so you receive what you order. Commemorative coins from the Perth Mint are some of the most sought after Platinum coins in the world.
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