Our year-end sale is finally here! APMEX is extending some of our most exciting sales of the year. Shop these blowout savings until January 6, 2020. But hurry! Quantities are limited.

2019 Pride of Two Nations Two-Coin Sets
The U.S. Mint partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce this limited edition two-coin set. Get up to $120 off Certified Sets for a limited time.

Cook Islands 2 oz Predator Series
These 2 oz Silver coins come in an antique finish and feature a fierce predator. Take advantage of our lowest prices ever and enjoy up to $75 off for a limited time.

2016 Niue 6 oz Silver Shaped Volcano Coin (Vesuvius Pompeii)
This Silver coin is ornately decorated with Roman mosaic motifs. Enjoy our lowest price ever and take $100 off for a limited time.

2018 Australia 1 oz Silver Dragon Proof
This majestic coin features a Chinese dragon and a unique rectangular design. The limited mintage Dragon coin features a worldwide mintage of 3,888 coins and .9999 fine Silver. Enjoy 50% off the premium while supplies last.

2018 Australia Silver Kookaburra Proof 
This elusive Kookaburra release from The Perth Mint features a worldwide mintage of only 1,000 coins and contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver in a beautiful proof finish.

2018 Australia 1 oz Silver Koala BU (Dog Privy)
Worldwide limited mintage of 15,000 coins. Privy coins offer an opportunity to collect familiar bullion coins with a distinguishing Privy mark. Enjoy our lowest price ever on this stunning Silver coin for a limited time.

2018 St. Helena 1 oz Silver British Trade Dollar Restrike (BU)
This North America APMEXclusive® has a limited mintage of 10,000 coins. Enjoy our lowest price ever on this British Trade Dollar Restrike for a limited time.

2019 Somalia 1 oz Silver African Wildlife Leopard BU
This is the second coin depicting a leopard in the African Wildlife series. This North America APMEXclusive® has a mintage of 30,000 worldwide. Enjoy our lowest price ever on this beautiful Silver coin for a limited time.

2019 Niue 1 oz Silver Czech Lion BU
The Czech Lion Silver coin was the first bullion coin from the Czech Republic. Enjoy our lowest price of the year on this collectible Silver coin for a limited time.

2019 5 oz Silver ATB American Memorial Park, MP
This coin commemorates American Memorial Park in the Northern Mariana Islands. This is the 47th release of 56 coins. These coins are sought after by investors for their .999 fine Silver content and demanded by collectors for their artistic value. These coins are only $2.99 per oz for a limited time.

Royal Australian Mint Gold Domed Coins
These limited mintage domed coins from the Royal Australian Mint are sold out at the mint! Enjoy the lowest prices of the year on select RAM Gold Domed Coins for a limited time.

2019 Austria 1 oz Silver 825th Anniversary Robin Hood BU
This is the third and final coin in the brilliant 825th-anniversary series illustrating the founding of the Vienna Mint. Get up to 40% off while supplies last.

100 oz Silver Bar - Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey is known worldwide for its high-quality bullion products. Take 50% off the premium of these 100 oz Silver bars for a limited time.

Select Silver Biblical Series 2 oz Silver Coins
Capture the beauty and drama of these well-known stories beautifully depicted on these impressive Silver Bible coins. There are only 1,499 biblical coins minted for each story. Get over $100 off per coin for a limited time.

Select 1 oz Gold Bars
These .9999 fine Gold bars are an exceptional way to enhance your portfolio. Save for a limited time with only $19.99 per bar over spot.

2016 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen's Beasts The Lion
The Queen’s Beasts series celebrates the British Monarchy and the centuries of fascinating heraldry that has been a part of their story. Enjoy 50% off the premium of this 1 oz Gold coin for a limited time.

2019 2 oz and 5 oz Libertads
These 2 oz and 5 oz Silver Libertad coin carry on the rich tradition of the beloved Libertad series. Enjoy over 70% off the premium for a limited time.

Select Gold and Silver Swans
In 2017, The Perth Mint released its first Gold and Silver bullion coins with a unique Swan design. Each coin showcases one of the world's most distinct species in a unique design. Get special pricing on select Swan coins for a limited time.

2019 Australia 1 oz Silver Emu BU
Impressive to behold, the emu is the largest native bird in Australia. Fittingly so, it is featured on this .9999 fine Silver coin which touts a limited mintage of 30,000 coins worldwide. Get 50% off the premium of this Australian Silver coin for a limited time.

2019 Silver American Eagle MS-70 PCGS (FirstStrike®)
These coins have been graded a perfect MS-70 by PCGS, adding to their collectibility. Enjoy our lowest price ever for a limited time.

Certified 2019-W Reverse Proof Palladium Eagles
For 2019, the U.S. Mint is striking the Palladium Eagle in a Reverse Proof finish, with a mintage of 30,000. Enjoy our deepest discounts of the year on Certified Reverse Proof Palladium Eagles.

2016 Tokelau 1 oz Silver $5 Hakula Sailfish
This 2016 1 oz Silver coin from the tropical New Zealand territory of Tokelau features a stunning Sailfish. Enjoy blowout pricing on the Hakula Sailfish for a limited time.

2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof
This beautiful proof coin has a mintage of only 15,000. Get $20 off while supplies last.

Zimbabwe Currency Notes
These notes provide a fun and popular way to enjoy world currency. Enjoy special pricing on select Zimbabwe Currency Notes for a limited time.

Select 90% Silver
Prior to 1965, U.S. Silver coins such as dimes, quarters and half dollars were composed of .900 fine Silver; however, their composition changed as a result of the Coinage Act of 1965. Get select 90% at only .69¢ per ounce over spot for a limited time.

Select Pre-33 Gold
If you collect vintage Gold coins, then you will love Pre-1933 Gold coins designed by renowned artists. Get blowout pricing on select Pre-33 Gold for a limited time.

Shop our blowout deals until January 6, 2020.

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