1 oz Silver APMEX Stackables™

When most people think of buying Silver products, they think of products that fall into one of two categories: investment pieces to store away or beautiful pieces to show off. These 1 oz Silver rounds from APMEX are indeed beautiful but they can also be tangibly enjoyed, providing investments you can, and want to, stack.

APMEX Stackables Edges

Each of these Silver rounds features a raised, textured rim to allow for easy stacking and storing. The APMEXclusive® interlocking ridges were specifically designed to allow you to create a stack of as many 1 oz Silver Rounds as you like. Whether you buy 2 rounds or 200 rounds, these APMEX Stackables™ are truly best enjoyed in multiples. This allows you to see, feel and appreciate the innovative production and stacking design.

A unique design is showcased on the reverse of each round. The background features a repeating diagonal pattern of the APMEX Stackables™ logo simulating three stacked rounds. Due to the exceptional finish, the pattern appears almost holographic. In the center of the reverse is a large, raised version of the logo. These two patterns bring depth and beauty to the exceptional .999 fine Silver content.

For many buyers, one of the most exhilarating aspects of investing in Precious Metals is getting to physically hold the product in your hands – something you cannot do with most investments. APMEX is excited to introduce these unique 1 oz Silver Rounds that allow you to stack ‘em high!

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