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The precious metals industry's only loyalty program for precious metals rewarding our dedicated customers with exclusive promotions and savings. Progress through the tiers for increasingly valuable rewards.

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Bullion Club Membership Tiers

early access

SIGN UP or make your first purchase

flash sales

Complete a minimum of 10 orders or spend/sell a total of $10,000

Exclusive offers

Complete a minimum of 50 orders or spend/sell a total of $25,000

annual gifts

Spend/sell a minimum of $100,000

annual gifts

Top 1,000 customers by invitation only

Top Bullion Club Benefits

The Bullion Club is designed to show our deep appreciation for our loyal customers, with each tier offering more valuable benefits than the last. Here are a few of the most popular benefits our existing members love, which you can take advantage of.

early access

Be first in line for limited offers or popular new releases with early access. Includes promotions with limited quantities.

flash sales

Get access to exclusive flash sales only available to Bullion Club Members, which offer some of the best deals on many of our most popular products.

Exclusive offers

Get access to special discounts or pre-orders that are only available to members of the Bullion Club. Offers become more valuable at higher tiers.

annual gifts

Celebrate your loyalty with special anniversary offers dated from your very first purchase.

Unbeatable Rewards at Every Tier

select tier
premier tier
elite tier
vip tier
Timely notice of Retail Promotions
Get alerted to some of the best deals and discounts in the industry.
Access to Market & Product Alerts
Set your triggers and be alerted to new products, price changes, and availability.
Access to Precious Metals Portfolio
Create your own precious metals portfolio to monitor value, add holdings, and track investments.
No Monthly Limit on Credit Card Orders
Pending account approval.
Access to a Dedicated Specialty Account Manager
Give us a call. Our account team is devoted to your precious metals needs and will assist in any way they can.
QuickShip - Next-Day Shipping
QuickShip orders get next-day shipping if payment is received before 4pm EST (US orders only).
Early Access to Flash Sale One Hour Before
Receive notice of limited time flash sales offers one hour before non-members and Select members.
Priority on Order Fulfillment
Get your orders processed as a priority over non-members and Select members for quicker ship times.
Anniversary Gift
Receive an exclusive offer or gift each year on your Program Anniversary. We appreciate you!
First to Know for Flash Sales Two Hours Before
Receive notice of limited-time flash sales offers two hours before non-members, Select, and Premier members.
Elite Order Priority Fulfillment
Get your orders processed as a priority over other members for quicker ship times.
Exclusive Offers and Promotions
Monthly discounted offers that get exclusively better at each tier.
Early Access to Major New Product Releases
Be the first in line for some of the biggest launches of the year.
Special Volume Pricing
Exclusive discounts on select volumes of product on purchases made by phone.
Free Expedited Shipping on Orders Over $10,000
Excludes orders paid via check/eCheck due to the hold period, may not be applicable by region, and excludes orders shipping to PO boxes.
Discounted Shipping via APMEX Logistics Program when selling more than $30,000
Get discounted and insured shipping with our UPS partnership when the total transactional sale to APMEX exceeds $30,000.
Free Shipping on All Orders
Excludes orders shipped to PO boxes. Not applicable in certain regions.
Agent Queue Prioritization
VIP members will have an exclusive phone number to call and are prioritized above Select, Premier, and Elite members. Wait times may vary if a high volume of VIP and VIP+ members call in simultaneously.

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Simply provide your email address or make your first purchase and enjoy Select Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member

What is the Bullion Club?
The Bullion Club is the only loyalty program unique to the precious metals industry. It is designed to show our deep appreciation for our loyal customers through extra promotions and savings only available to club members. Each tier within the club offers more valuable rewards as you progress through the ranks.
Why did the tiers and benefits of the Bullion Club change?
As our business continues to grow, we wanted to update our loyalty program to best reward our best customers while giving everybody more opportunities to save on precious metals.
Is there a cost to join the Bullion Club?
No. Membership into the Select Tier begins either by making your first purchase or by signing up for a free APMEX account by providing your email at a minimum. Your membership level is then determined by the number of orders you make with APMEX, total dollars spent with APMEX, the number of orders you sell to APMEX, or the amount (in dollars) you sell to APMEX.

Member Tier Information

Where can I confirm my membership level?
You can view your current membership level here on your Account page. You can also see what you need to complete to move to the next level.
How do I qualify for the new tiers?
  • Select: Provide your email address or make your first purchase and enjoy Select benefits.
  • Premier: Complete a minimum of 10 orders or spend/sell a total of $10,000.
  • Elite: Complete 50+ orders or spend/sell a total of $25,000.
  • VIP: Spend/sell a total of $100,000+.
  • VIP+: Top 1,000 customers.
What is VIP+?
VIP+ is the newest tier of the Bullion Club and is only available by invitation to APMEX’s top 1,000 customers.
I used to be a VIP+ member but did not qualify this year, am I still a member of the club?
Bullion Club members who used to be VIP+ but did not qualify in a proceeding year will still retain their VIP status and benefits.
I used to be an Elite member, but after the recent changes I am now a Premier member. What happened?

Based on a review of our loyalty program and member activity, we have updated the tier structures to best represent and reward our customers. The ultimate purpose of this was to truly reward our most loyal members of the Bullion Club. As a result, your new status is now Premier.

If you would like to regain Elite status immediately, simply apply for the APMEX The Bullion Card, the industry’s first credit card. Once approved you will instantly qualify for Elite member status. Apply Now

The criteria for Elite membership criteria changed from spend or sell a total of $20,000 or complete 20+ lifetime orders TO spend or sell a total of $25,000 or 50+ lifetime orders to be upgraded to Elite status.

How can I regain my Elite status?
If you would like to automatically be promoted to Elite status, we recommend applying for The Bullion Card as all card holders are automatically entered into the Elite status. The other option is to complete 50+ lifetime orders or spend or sell a total of $25,000 to be upgraded to Elite status.
What does The Bullion Card have to do with the Bullion Club?
The Bullion Card is the industry’s first credit card, is an extension of the Bullion Club where customers can receive cash back and points to be used on purchases at APMEX. Although, you do not need the card to be recognized and rewarded in the Bullion Club.

Bullion Club Benefits

How do I keep my benefits?
We will evaluate benefits and qualifications annually to ensure the integrity of our loyalty program and reserve the right to update them when needed. The VIP+ tier is the only membership level that must be re-earned every year.
What benefits have changed?
There is not one single benefit per tier that we are taking away. Instead, we wanted to invest more in the Bullion Club and reward our members even better than before by adding some new benefits and rewards that valued customers can take advantage of.
Who do I contact if I have questions about the Bullion Club?
You can contact our Customer Service Department at or (800) 375-9006 Monday through Friday.

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