APMEX Dealers First

Dealers First


Payment Released In One Day* When You Sell To APMEX

One of the most trusted names in Precious Metals is now one of the fastest payers. At APMEX, we have improved our process to give dealers like you the priority treatment you deserve. We call the program Dealers First and it moves you to the front of the line, so your payment can be released within one business day of our receipt of your merchandise. Certain conditions apply, please give us a call at 888.518.7605.



When you sell to APMEX, you’ll receive an email with an APMEX Purchase Order number and a barcoded Dealers First label. Simply place a printed copy of the email inside the box with your merchandise and affix the Dealers First logo and bar code to the outside of the box so it is visible.


The Dealers First label tells our receiving department to direct your package for priority processing. The email inside gives us the information we need to expedite it. If we receive your shipment by 1 p.m. Central time, we can release your payment by the end of the next business day.


You can sell us one item. You can sell us thousands of different items. APMEX has the size and scale to rapidly verify the contents of any size shipment. As long as the contents of your package match the purchase order in our system (and on your email), we can expedite payment.


No extra contracts to sign. No special forms to fill out.

If you have a dealer account with APMEX, you qualify for the Dealers First program.


It's Easy to Set Up Your FREE Account Today

To set up a dealer account, call 888.518.7605 to speak to a representative from our Wholesale Trading Group. We want to process your order within one business day, so we can release payment quickly. We can only do this if the following conditions are met. And you'll see nothing unreasonable here. If you help us a little bit, we can process your sale and pay for it the next business day after we receive your merchandise.


How Does It Work?

  1. Call and lock in your Purchase Order.
  2. Print a copy of the confirmation email and place it inside each package.
  3. Affix the Dealers First Outer Box Label prominently to the outside of the
    package(s) so that it is clearly visible.


Please keep in mind...

  • Our staff can’t promptly assocate incoming packages without the Purchase Order Number on email confirmation.
  • If more than one package is needed to ship a sale, note that on the outside of each package (Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, etc.) and include a copy of the confirmation email inside each box.


Please note the following situations may delay processing:

  • All items sold to APMEX myst be received as advertised. Any discrepancies (either quantity or quality) will cause a delay. Complete shipment must be accepted by APMEX by 1:00 PM Central Time. Orders requiring multiple packages that arrive at APMEX on different days will delay processing.
  • Numismatic or Semi-Numismatic items that require grading or condition verification will delay processing. Examples include: Raw Pre-1933 U.S. Gold, Currency, Silver Dollars, Chinese Gold Pandas and Premium Multi-Coin sets.
  • Any revisions to existing orders will delay processing. Examples include: changing payment type, adding or deleting items on order, changing payment address and updating Bank Wire instructions.
  • Damage packages will delay processing. APMEX will not accept damaged packages unless we receive written permission. For more information, please call us at 888.518.7605.

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