MintDirect® + PCGS

APMEX MintDirect® Premier With PCGS FirstStrike®

APMEX has formed a strategic alliance with PCGS, one of the most respected third-party grading services in the industry, to elevate our MintDirect® Premier program. PCGS has meticulously scrutinized and validated our procedure for securing and storing coins from mints around the world. APMEX stores coins from the first 30 days of release in a separate vault location, sealed in their mint packaging. These coins are the only ones eligible for use in Mint Direct Premier with PCGS FirstStrike products.

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Exclusive APMEX + PCGS Partnership

The inception of this program was marked by the 2020 Silver Eagles, and since then, we have broadened our scope to encompass other beloved programs from reliable mints across the globe. Our alliance with PCGS enhances the value of the sought-after MintDirect® Premier products. Even long after new FirstStrike®-eligible coins typically exit the market, MintDirect® Premier products, if kept in their sealed packaging and submitted to PCGS for grading, retain eligibility for the FirstStrike® designation. Prior to this, to qualify for such a designation, coins were required to be preserved in sealed monster boxes at secure, PCGS-sanctioned storage sites before the FirstStrike® deadline. Shop this exciting collaboration now.

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MintDirect® PCGS

About PCGS FirstStrike®

The PCGS FirstStrike® program designates coins issued in the first 30 days of the Mint's release. This designation not only adds value, but takes modern coin collecting to another level with multiple mint releases each year. Being limited to these initial groups of coins puts a finite limit on the potential population of these coins, adding to their collectible appeal.

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FirstStrike® Eligibility

As the leader in third-party authentication and grading, PCGS welcomes new collectors to take advantage of APMEX-sealed monster box, mini-monster box, tube, and blister single-pack products and enjoy direct submission privileges with FirstStrike® eligibility.

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FirstStrike® Eligibility

PCGS Silver Collectors Club Membership

PCGS is offering free Silver Collectors Club Memberships, valued at $69, on all submissions of sealed APMEX MintDirect® Premier with PCGS FirstStrike® tubes and boxes, making it an ideal choice for beginner and advanced collectors alike.

MintDirect® TEP

MintDirect® Assurance

Every MintDirect® product is securely encased in protective plastic, guaranteeing that they maintain the pristine condition when APMEX receives them in mint-sealed containers, safeguarding your investment throughout its life. The only product of its type to partner with a major grading service for third party recognition, the MintDirect Premier label and PCGS First Strike eligibility stand out as the pinnacle of MintDirect® items, signifying coins that APMEX received within the initial 30 days following their mint release.

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