The Perth Mint 2024 Gold And Silver Swans

The Perth Mint 2024
Gold And Silver Swans

The eighth annual release of The Perth Mint’s Swan Series is out now and available in gold and silver. This new design’s reverse features a graceful swan landing on ethereal waters, along with a special ‘P125’ mint mark to commemorate The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary. The obverse features His Majesty King Charles III and denomination of the sovereign coin. The Perth Mint produced only 5,000 Swans in gold and 25,000 in silver, each minted with .9999 fineness and backed by the Australian government.

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The Perth Mint Australia

2024 Graded Swans

2024 Graded Swans

For added value to your collection, consider 2024 Swans graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). A certification from PCGS or NGC boosts confidence in the coin's condition and enhances its potential market value. These perfect, MS-70 graded coins are available in First Day of Issue, FirstStrike® & Early Release designations, and graded PCGS coins include an exclusive Swan label.

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MintDirect® Premier

MintDirect® Premier

Gold and Silver Swans are available with a MintDirect® Premier designation. The MintDirect® label guarantees these Swans to be in the same condition as we received them from The Perth Mint, sealed within protective plastic. Premier Gold and Silver Swans were received from the mint within the first 30 days of release and in partnership with PCGS, they are eligible for FirstStrike® designation if submitted for grading.

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Seventh Release:
Blissful Serenity

In 2023, The Perth Mint introduced their seventh release in the highly anticipated and wildly popular Swan Series. The updated reverse features a swan floating gracefully along the water’s surface and peering to the side, while the obverse depicts Her Late Majesty Elizabeth II’s portrait and the years of her reign: 1952-2022.

Sixth Release: Partners For Life

Sixth Release:
Partners For Life

In 2022, The Perth Mint introduced their sixth release in the wildly popular Swan Series, celebrating the iconic creature known worldwide that has stood as the mint's logo for centuries. The sixth release in this popular series features two swans gracefully floating on the surface of the water. The .9999 fine gold and silver, both bullion and proof finishes, feature extremely limited mintages worldwide.

Fifth Release: The Lone Swan

Fifth Release:
The Anniversary Swan

The fifth design featured a detailed depiction of a swan gliding across smooth water. Much like the previous releases, the fifth installment of this widely popular series included limited mintages in both gold and silver. The Perth Mint made 25,000 Silver Swans and only 5,000 Gold Swans worldwide.

Fourth Release: The Swan Takes Flight

Fourth Release:
The Swan Takes Flight

The fourth design featured a beautiful depiction of a swan with its wings outstretched. Much like the previous releases, the fourth installment of this elegant series included limited mintages available. The Perth Mint made 25,000 1 oz Silver Swans, along with only 500 5 oz Silver Swans and 188 1 oz Gold Swans.

Third Release: Graceful Swan Design

Third Release:
Graceful Swan Design

The elegant design of the third Swan release featured a swan swimming gracefully with a cygnet as a second swan lingers in the background. As with previous releases in the Swan Series, each of these third designs had limited mintages. The 2019 Proof Swans were offered in even lower numbers, with only 2,500 proof silver coins and an astonishing 188 proof gold coins being made available.

Second Release: Expanding The Swan Family

Second Release:
Expanding The Swan Family

After the immediate success of the first Silver Swan and follow-up Proof Silver and Gold releases, customers worldwide waited in anticipation for the series to continue. The second release in the stunning Swan Series exhibited a lovely design showcasing an adult swan with a cygnet, made available in silver, proof silver, and gold versions. Similar to the first release, this design featured an effect of rippling waters, giving the coin a lifelike quality.

First Release: A Lasting Impression

First Release:
A Lasting Impression

The first 1 oz Silver Swan coin launched April 3, 2017, and sold out worldwide in less than two days. The coin's .9999 fine silver content and low mintage of just 25,000 coins created the perfect combination of bullion and collectible appeal. As The Perth Mint noticed the immediate popularity, a 1 oz proof silver coin and a 1 oz gold coin followed in October 2017, with mintages of just 2,500 and 5,000, respectively. These issues gave a new look to the exceptional design, again in .9999 fine silver and for the first time in .9999 fine gold.

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Gold and Silver Swan in a Proof High Relief Finish

About The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise, offering top-notch gold, silver, and platinum products and services worldwide. As a government-owned entity, it is the world’s only government-guaranteed precious metals enterprise.

With over 120 years in the gold industry, The Perth Mint has built a solid reputation for quality and expanded markets for refined precious metal products globally.

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