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Icons of Route 66 Collection with Gift Box Tin

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This Route 66 set contains all eight Silver Shields in the popular Icons of Route 66 series. This limited mintage series contains iconic imagery from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. This is the first time these sought-after Shields have been made available in a complete set – making them a perfect gift for any Route 66 fan. Most releases in this iconic series sold out quickly, and this set is the only way to purchase all eight Silver Shields together. Don’t miss your chance to own the full Icons of Route 66 series!

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Eighth In Series: Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica serves as the last stop on America’s famed Route 66, the 2,448-mile highway connecting the country’s heartland to the Pacific Ocean. First connected to the historic highway in 1936, the city of Santa Monica pays homage to Route 66 with four Route 66 markers, including the End of the Trail sign located on the Santa Monica Pier. Serving as the finale of the historic highway, the Santa Monica Pier provides a beautiful end of an exciting journey along the Main Street of America. This release also marks the end of the Icons of Route 66 series. Complete your Route 66 collection with the eighth and final highway shield featuring the Santa Monica Pier.

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Route 66 California Santa Monica Pier
Route 66 Arizona Jack Rabbit

Seventh in Series: Trading Post

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post is a historic trading post located along Route 66 in Joseph City, Arizona. Founded in 1949, the shop is famous for a series of billboards that stretched from Missouri to Arizona, each bearing the silhouette of a jackrabbit and the distance from that sign to the trading post - ending with a final “HERE IT IS” billboard when travelers arrived at the souvenir shop. The Jack Rabbit Trading Post was also parodied in Disney-Pixar’s Cars in 2006. With collectible keepsakes and novelties, this trading post is a favorite travel stop for Route 66 enthusiasts.

New Mexico

Sixth in Series: Dinosaur Museum

Since the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science opened in 1986, it has been home to many impressive specimens. Western North America is famous for its dinosaur fossils and sculptures, especially along this stretch of Route 66. The museum includes exciting exhibits featuring these impressive creatures like The Bisti Beast and T. Rex Attack! Visitors of the museum are immediately greeted by Spike the Pentaceratops and Alberta the Albertosaurus, two life-size dinosaurs sculpted by Albuquerque sculptor Dave Thomas.

Route 66 New Mexico Dinosaur Museum
Route 66 Shield Texas Cadillac Ranch

Fifth in Series: Cadillac Ranch

Featured on this fifth release is Cadillac Ranch, a public art installation in Amarillo created in 1974 by members of the art group known as Ant Farm. It consists of junk Cadillacs representing evolutions of the car line from 1949 to 1963, half-buried nose-first in the ground, at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Cadillac Ranch is visible from the highway and, though located on private land, visitors are welcome. In addition, spray-painting the vehicles is now encouraged.


Fourth in Series: Round Barn

Standing in the distance on this fourth release is the Arcadia Round Barn, built in 1898. Route 66 was built alongside the barn through the then-prosperous town of Arcadia. Over time, the barn became the most photographed landmark on Route 66 and to this day survives as America's only truly round (as opposed to hexagonal or octagonal) barn. The barn, 60 feet in diameter and 45 feet in height, was designed with the notion that being round would help it withstand Oklahoma tornadoes.

Route 66 Shield Oklahoma Round Barn
Kansas Shield Stack

Third in Series: Rainbow Bridge

The third release in the Icons of Route 66 Series displays the Rainbow Arch Bridge, which crosses Brush Creek near Riverton, Kansas. This single-span concrete Marsh arch bridge is the only remaining bridge of this type along Route 66. Although just over 13 miles of Route 66 passed through Kansas, there are numerous attractions. A replacement bridge has since been built to handle road traffic, though the original Rainbow Arch can be crossed just parallel to the new segment of road.


Second in Series: Gateway Arch

The second Icons of Route 66 release showcases the Gateway Arch, which stands high above the Mississippi River celebrating the accomplishments of early pioneers. The arch symbolizes a time when St. Louis was the last city before the arduous journey through the American West. At 630 feet, the arch is the world's tallest arch and the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere. Visitors can travel to the top and gaze out over Missouri and Illinois, seen from respective sides of the arch.

Route 66 Shield Missouri Gateway Arch
Illinois Shield Stack in Capsules

First in Series: Gemini Giant

Peeking over the lush Illinois landscape, the first Icons of Route 66 release features the recognizable face of the Gemini Giant, which stands outside the Launching Pad restaurant in Wilmington, Illinois. The 30-foot-tall statue is one of many giant "Muffler Man" advertising props found throughout the United States in the 1960s, selling mufflers, hot dogs, axes and more. One of the most photographed attractions along Route 66, the Gemini Giant was named after the Gemini space program and holds a Silver rocket ship while wearing a space helmet that resembles a welding mask.

License Plate Tin of Route 66

Exclusive Route 66 Packaging

While each Icons of Route 66 Silver Highway Shield comes in a protective plastic capsule, APMEX has introduced custom gift box perfect for displaying these unique treasures. Each Route 66 tin includes a foam insert with a shield-shaped cutout, making a perfect display case or gift box for any product in this series.

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