Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

APMEX is proud to present the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World series. This exciting series will include seven releases featuring limited mintages of 7,777 Silver and 77 Gold rounds, respectively. Each release of Silver and Gold rounds will feature a beautiful design of a mystical wonder of the ancient world and an effigy of a historical figure relevant to the subject, along with a denomination applicable to the period.

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
1 oz Silver - 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (Colossus of Rhodes)

Stunning Silver Rounds

The first release in this thrilling series features the Colossus of Rhodes. These 1 oz Silver rounds have a limited mintage of 7,777. The .999 fine Silver content and beautiful design make these Silver rounds the perfect gift for any collector or investor. These beautiful rounds include a unique method of stamping called edge marking. This method is not often used on bullion, adding to the collectibility of these exquisite pieces. The weight and purity can be found on the edge of the round, unlike their usual location on the obverse or reverse.

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Elegant Gold Rounds

In addition to the stunning Silver rounds, this release is also available in Gold. These highly collectible 1 oz Gold rounds have a limited mintage of only 77 available worldwide. The low mintages and .999 fine Gold content, along with the premium edge marking, make these rounds ideal for collectors and investors alike. The Gold rounds also include a numbered certificate of authenticity and beautiful custom packaging.

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1 oz Gold - 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (Colossus of Rhodes)
Exclusive 7 Wonders of The World Series Packaging

Exclusive Packaging

The Gold round comes in a Seven Wonders presentation sleeve with a unique tin adorned with Gold foil inside. This custom packaging adds collectibility and visual appeal to this magnificent series. The tin can be purchased separately for those wish to display or protect their Silver round in style.

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Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes was a massive 33-meter statue erected on the Greek island of Rhodes. Depicting the sun god Helios, it was created shortly after the Siege of Rhodes' victory, where they successfully defended the island against the Macedonians. King Ptolemy I of Egypt, a close ally of the city, was a great asset in this victory. His effigy is displayed on the reverse along with a denomination accurate to the era.

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