The Goddesses Series

APMEX is excited to introduce this series from the East India Company with APMEXclusive® releases: The Goddesses Series. Joel Iskowitz designed this new collection featuring goddesses from ancient Greek and Norse mythology, spotlighting their significance in modern societies. The stories surrounding each mythological figure contain lessons and values that still resonate, which is why adaptations of these stories are still being told today.

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Third Release: Cybele and Her Chariot of Lions

Third Release:
Cybele and Her Chariot of Lions

The third release depicts Cybele and her lions in this APMEXclusive® Goddesses series with designs by Joel Iskowitz. Cybele, a deity in ancient Anatolian and Phrygian cultures, later gaining significance in the Roman Empire, was revered for her association with fertility, motherhood, and earth. Often portrayed seated on a throne with lions at her side, she symbolized dominion over nature, as portrayed in her chariot pulled by lions. This is a limited mintage issue of only 500 gold BU and 10,000 silver BU, so don't wait -- order now!

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Second Release:
Eos and Her Chariot of Horses

The newest release in this series features a stunning depiction of Eos traveling upon her golden chariot. Led by her glorious team of horses, including “Daybright” and “Firebright,” Eos is riding through the heavens to usher in the warm glow of a new dawn. These coins have varied limited mintages worldwide in both stunning gold and silver, with the gold coins secured in a display box with a numbered certificate of authentication. Don’t wait to secure your gold or silver Eos and Her Chariot of Horses coin today!

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Second Release: Eos and Her Chariot of Horses
First Release: Hera & The Peacock

First Release:
Hera & The Peacock

These radiant coins feature the same obverse and reverse on gold and silver in various sizes - including 1/4 oz gold, 1 oz gold and silver, and 5 oz silver coins. These beautiful, limited mintage coins feature the magnificent details of Joel Iskowitz’s artistry in his depiction of Hera. The goddess was known for her fury and beauty because her husband, Zeus, had many affairs, making her vengeful towards him and his mistresses. Don’t miss this chance to have the stunning goddess Hera in gold and silver!

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Joel Iskowitz:
The Famous Coin Designer

Joel Iskowitz is a prolific United States coin designer. He strives to bring the story of humanity to life through the paintings, coins, stamps and medals he designs.

Joel’s work includes the goddess Hera, the first release in this series. Hera was a Greek goddess who was the wife of Zeus, Queen of Immortals, and Queen of Heaven. She was worshipped as the goddess of lawful marriage, family and childbirth, and the protector of women and children. The cuckoo and peacock are associated with her and in Roman culture she was renamed Juno. You can own the goddess Hera on 1 oz gold and silver, 5 oz silver, and 1/4 oz gold coins.

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Joel Iskowitz: The Famous Coin Designer


APMEX and NGC have partnered to offer an exclusive label for The Goddesses Series that is signed by the coin’s designer, Joel Iskowitz. Certified 1 oz silver and 1 oz gold coins are available in perfect 70 condition and feature First Day of Issue designation. Graded coins accompanied with certificate of authenticity #1-5 are also available in the 1 oz gold size.

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The East India Company's history in bullion production started in the late 17th century when collaboration with Moses Mocatta resulted in gold being carried across the seas. In 1697, the East India Company's ships carried gold from Brazil to London, triggering the need for a Bank of England-owned vault. This was the beginning of London's rise as one of the world's leading bullion trading markets, which is still at the heart of The East India Company today. The East India Company continues to offer buyers a collection of precious metals that include rare limited-edition collector coins, investment bullion goods, and precious metal commemoratives. For centuries, The East India Company Bullion has been trusted and honored.

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