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Published on 12/03/2018 by APMEX

Anne Stokes Interview

In August, we introduced the exclusive Anne Stokes Dragons Series, providing a new type of collector’s item for fans of fantasy art. Now, we at APMEX are excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Anne Stokes herself! This well-renowned artist officially shared her talent with the world in 2000. Originally from London, Anne’s work reached millions of people through the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. She has since designed album covers for multiple entertainers, as well as individual pieces for her fans.

We are excited for the continuation of this thrilling series and wanted to speak with Anne about her art and her fans.

1. Question: What inspires your art?

Answer: Many different things inspire my pictures. Sometime it could be something I have seen, like the design on a building or an animal in the woods. Often I base my pictures around a theme or sentiment and these can be inspired by something that I have experience. For example, I base the relationships between the girls and dragons on that which I have with my dogs.

2. Question: Your art often features strong and fearless women, what do you want your fans to take away from this recurring imagery?

Answer: In many aspects of life men are often the stars, and perhaps because I am myself female I like to make sure that in my art the ladies take centre stage. They are often beautiful but they are there due to their own strength of character not just to look pretty or wear revealing clothing. There is a lot of power putting a woman calmly next to a huge dragon, she must be in control of the situation and a very capable person. I hope fans of my art get some sort of positive message regarding the role women can play from the way I portray them in fantasy settings.

3. Question: What’s your ideal fantasy world?

Answer:  A beautiful forest filled with interesting creatures and of course plenty of dragons.

4. Question: Can your fans expect a new type of fantasy art soon?

Answer: Yes I am constantly painting new art. One of the great things about fantasy is that there is pretty much endless scope for different subjects and I enjoy the challenge of the variety. I am currently working on some new gothic style images at present which I hope will be out soon.

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