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Holy Land Mint Silver Coins & Rounds

The Holy Land Mint, established in 1961 as the Israel Coins & Medals Corp. (ICMC), holds a profound commitment to commemorating significant historic, national, social, scientific, and cultural achievements of the State of Israel. Their dedication is reflected in their specialization in commissioning, designing, minting, and distributing unique Silver coins and rounds that vividly portray the unique character of Israel's past, present, and hoped-for future. As the exclusive distributor on behalf of the Bank of Israel for all commemorative coins, the Holy Land Mint offers a collection of remarkable coins available only in limited editions. Each of their products is steeped in a uniquely historic legacy, further accentuated by their renowned reputation for producing the highest quality coins and rounds.

Silver Coins of Israel

The Holy Land Mint has been an emblem of producing exquisite Silver bullion coins that pay homage to Israel's rich history through their unique themes. These Silver coins, crafted with a seamless blend of timeless imagery and modern quality, stand among the most beautiful and cherished numismatic treasures in the world. With meticulous attention to detail and artistic finesse, the Holy Land Mint's Silver coins are not only a symbol of investment but also a tangible celebration of Israel's cultural heritage.

Views of Israel Series

The Views of Israel Series is an extraordinary coin collection that captures the essence of Israel's historical landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty. Each coin serves as a glimpse into the picturesque landscapes and historical places of immense significance found throughout Israel. These legal tender coins, officially issued by the Bank of Israel, carry not only a monetary value but also encapsulate the essence of Israel's diverse geography and cultural heritage. Whether it's the ancient city of Jerusalem, the serene shores of the Dead Sea, or the lush valleys of Galilee, each coin in the Views of Israel Series becomes a cherished keepsake for numismatists and travelers alike.

Holy Land Mint Biblical Art Series Sets

Since 1994, the Holy Land Mint has been captivating collectors and history enthusiasts with their ongoing Biblical Art Series Sets. This exceptional collection features a new design released annually, each meticulously depicting a well-known story from the Bible. From the inspiring tale of Jonah in the Whale to the iconic Noah's Ark and the legendary Tower of Babel, each coin in the series breathes life into these ancient narratives with artistic brilliance. The Biblical Art Series Sets are available in three editions: Proof Gold, Proof Silver, and Prooflike Silver. These meticulously minted coins not only serve as a testament to the rich religious and cultural heritage of Israel but also represent a tangible connection to some of humanity's most profound stories.

Holy Land Mint Biblical Art Series

The Holy Land Mint's Biblical Art Series is a testament to their commitment to preserving and honoring Israel's spiritual heritage. Since its inception in 1994, this illustrious coin series has enthralled collectors worldwide with its annual release of coins featuring well-known stories from the Bible. Whether it's the tale of Jonah in the Whale, the epic saga of Noah's Ark, or the architectural marvel of the Tower of Babel, each coin is a masterpiece, minted in both Proof Silver and Prooflike Silver. The Holy Land Mint's skilled artisans and designers pour their passion into every aspect of these coins, ensuring that the beauty of the biblical narratives is reflected in the intricate details and captivating artistry. As collectors continue to embrace these numismatic treasures, the Biblical Art Series remains a timeless testament to the enduring power of faith, history, and numismatics.

Overall, the Holy Land Mint stands as a shining beacon of artistry and commitment to commemorating Israel's rich history and cultural heritage through their exceptional Silver coins and rounds. With a legacy dating back to 1961, the Holy Land Mint's dedication to capturing the unique character of Israel's past, present, and future is evident in every meticulously minted coin.

From the stunning silver coins of Israel that blend timeless imagery with modern quality to the captivating Views of Israel Series, which immortalizes the nation's historical landmarks and natural beauty, each coin becomes a cherished keepsake of Israel's diverse geography and cultural significance.

Benefits to Purchasing Silver

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