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Early Half Dollars (1794 - 1836)

Early Half Dollars (1794 - 1836)
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Large Selection of Early Half Dollars

Numismatists can enjoy a large selection of early half dollars and own a piece of history in their hands. It is one of the earliest forms of currency, and the size and currency value was unlike anything seen or felt during the late 18th century to mid-1800's. Whether selecting from the Flowing Hair design or the Capped Bust design, there is a large selection of half dollars available at competitive prices.

Other selections include the 1821 Capped Bust Half Dollar AU and the 1825 Capped Bust Half Dollar AU-58. With several selections from which to choose, collectors will find a number of highly valued half dollar coins that will complement their numismatic collection. Early half dollar coins are one of the first large coins to be circulated and created by the United States Mint. Selections of half dollars vary but they all offer tremendous value.

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