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Silver is one of the world’s most widely recognized and highly prized Precious Metals, with purchasing power that resists and outlasts volatile economic cycles.

Abundant Options For Buying Silver

  • Silver coins, rounds and bars are among APMEX’s most popular products, with more than 6,500 exquisitely designed Silver options.
  • More abundant than Gold or Platinum, Silver represents an affordable gateway into Precious Metals investment.
  • When you buy Silver online, you’re making a tangible investment that you could pass down for generations.
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Silver Buying Options

Silver By Weight

Silver is produced in the form of Silver coins, Silver bars and Silver rounds from mints and Precious Metal refiners around the world. Silver is one of the world’s most important commodities and an affordable Precious Metal investment option. For thousands of years, Silver bullion has served as a primary monetary metal, but today it is most commonly used as an industrial commodity. As an investment, Silver can play an important role in a modern diversified portfolio. Silver prices generally move independent of stocks and can provide a bright spot in your investment portfolio during an economic downturn.

Find the best Silver coins to buy from APMEX today.

If you’re new to investing in Silver, you can learn more about how to buy Silver or what Silver products to buy in our Silver and Gold Education Center.

Silver By Form

Collectors in the market have several choices to make when selecting Silver bullion. In determining what type of product to buy, they have a choice between government-issued and production Silver. Each collector and investor is different in their goals and interests, and the two types of Silver each have their pros and cons. It helps to also understand the production cost of Silver and world Silver production in relation to other metals.

Getting Started With Silver

A lot of investors see Silver as an affordable alternative to Gold. But it is much more than that. Silver is also an industrial metal used in many modern products. And like Gold, the global supply is limited. This video demystifies Silver, explaining how it’s priced, purchased and stored.

Buying Silver

When you buy Silver online, you’re making an investment that you could pass down to coming generations. Silver is one of the most widely recognized and highly prized Precious Metals. It’s popular around the world and comes from a range of different producers, including governments and private entities. Understanding where to buy Silver is essential. Choose APMEX when you need a trusted source for buying Precious Metals.

If you’d like to buy Silver online, we can help. Not only are we a trusted Silver retailer, we are also one of the most popular resources for Silver information on the Internet. Whether you’d like to buy Silver coins or bars, APMEX has a vast inventory of products to choose from.

Learn How to Buy Silver

Along with Gold and Platinum, Silver is one of the most highly prized Precious Metals in the investment community. If you learn how to buy Silver, it can be an easy, clear-cut process that gives you access to tangible wealth. APMEX partners with the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Austrian Mint and several other respected world mints to provide the absolute highest quality Silver products.

Regardless of whether you’d like to learn how to buy Silver bars, rounds or coins, buying Silver doesn’t have to be complicated. When you buy Silver online from APMEX, we do our best to make sure you get the best prices and the highest quality Silver products.

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